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Aids in the philippines

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Avatar m tn Had roughly 20 secs of unprotected sex with a sex worker in the philippines. I was drunk and stopped after I realized the severity of the situation. The next morning I was very scared and freaking out. I went to a nearby clinic and told the doctor that a condom broke during sex with a local sex worker. He mentioned a prophylaxis and antibiotics. I was worried about HIV and thought that this prophylaxis was for aids. He gave me a shot and a 10 day supply of doxicycline (antibiotic).
Avatar n tn i had unprotected sex 15 times with a female partner in manila , philippines . About 3 days later i started having diarrhea intermittently for the past 5 days . I was wondering what are my odds that i may have aids?
Avatar n tn But can find no source for it in the Philippines. Not in Cebu, not in Manila. I have a pharmacy in Canada that can provide it, but it has to be shipped in ice and can take 5 days to arrive. Fed Ex won't take it. Neither will UPS. Have to use Canada Post which "promises" 4 days. But if it gets stalled in customs, it will lose its potency. Can't find in Hong Kong or Singapore either. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Avatar m tn You should look at all the past threads in Tagalog and English, which I noticed are the two predominant languages in this forum. Many carriers in the Philippines are rejected for jobs both in the Philippines and especially the ones trying to go abroad to work in other countries. China also discriminates against its own population trying to get jobs. Some multinational companies who have set up shop (e.g. IBM) doesn't test for hbv.
Avatar f tn Would anyone know a dysautonomia specialist in the Philippines or in Asia? I've been confined twice and have had 6 doctors ordering tests for me (cardio, neuro, endo, gastro, pulmo and obgyne) but no one can give me any conclusive diagnosis as to why I've been feeling extremely weak and out of breath with episodes of elevated BP and tachycardia for the last 3 months.
Avatar m tn Good morning! My sister Maruja was diagnosed to have a scar on the brain caused by an EGG of an SCHISTOSOMIASIS bacteria as per MRI result of the DIVINE WORD HOSPITAL in Tacloban City, Philippines. Maruja is 35 years old, and had a seizure for the first time two months ago. She is now in Hongkong working as a domestic helper to find a living for her family. She is taking anti- seizure medicine 3 times a day so that she could escape from seizure attack.
Avatar m tn Of course, you can. The Chinese government used to ban people with Hepatitis B working in the food industry. It has since been lifted, no scientific evidence and plain wrong.
Avatar m tn You not answer my question, the test happens in philippines not in japan. It just so happen the person is bound to work in japan but got tested in philippines for pre-departure medical test.
Avatar m tn Sorry Your risk of HIV from a single exposure to a sex partner, even is she had HIV (which is very unlikely, even in the Philippines) is less than 1 infection per 1000 exposures. The symptoms you have noted are non-specific and do not suggest HIV. At 41 days your HIV test would have detected over 95% of HIV infections acquired 41 days earlier, adding confidence that you do not have HIV, As for your specific questions: 1. Yes they would..
Avatar m tn The answer is exactly the same as it was when you asked about blood in your food back in November. You do not have an HIV concern but you are clearly in need of mental help so I suggest you find one to talk with about your irrational phobias.
Avatar f tn Hi there is a Hepatitis B Philippines page (see link below), someone there should be able to help you. Also look into getting TAF from India or Bangladesh. https://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn He said that the antibiotic eye drops that I was given by the doctor in the philippines was overkill and not necessary. So he gives me fluorometholone drops (steroid eye drops to heal inflammation and damage) and some "mafin" eye drops that I can't find anywhere online. He said that my eye infection was a simple one but prolonged cause I keep rubbing them with my fingers and keep looking at the computer. So I used those drops three times a day as he instructed.
Avatar m tn I am Canadian guy in Philippines . I met a 18 year old girl today at the mall . We went back to my hotel room . Well , we were hanging out just watching TV and she start grabbing my penis . Then she got naked and grab it and put in her mouth with no condom . Then she lay on her back and I finish by " Titty *******" but put my sperm in her mouth at the last second . Honestly this last about 5 min as she was 9.8 on a scale of 1 to 10 , and I cant hold back .
Avatar m tn pls help me coz here in the philippines the consultations are expensive and also the meds. i need to find an accurate solution to this problem. thnx a lot for helping me. i really need ur opinion.
361311 tn?1372012402 I have explained my ongoing problem since I had sex with a sex worker in the Philippines (On November 12/13 2010) on the with Doctor Frascino. He is clear on his stance that I am not infected with HIV. My first posts to him (make sure you read all the way to the bottom as he answers these posts twice) are under this link My latest post to him was located at this link