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Avatar n tn Current tests will detect HIV within 3 months, often sooner. I don't know about any specific cases in Kenya, but 5 years is not true at all today, if ever. Let's not panic needlessly.
649848 tn?1534633700 When Obama first visited Kenya in 1988, Auma picked him up at the airport in a sputtering baby-blue Volkswagen Beetle that was missing a muffler. Tonight, it was a much different scene as the president treated Auma to a ride in the presidential motorcade on his fourth visit to Kenya. Due to logistical constraints, Obama will not travel to Kogelo, the village where his father was born and buried, during this trip, officials said.
Avatar n tn Tinnitus occurs with disorders affecting the external, the middle or the inner ear. In the outer ears cerumen impaction or external otitis, in the middle ear fluid collection or disease of the tympanic membrane and in the inner ear damage to the nerve endings can cause tinnitus. As a result of these disorders the external sounds are masked leading to awareness of normal body sounds. Treatment lies in treating the underlying cause.
973741 tn?1342342773 AIROBI, Kenya — President Obama is leaving a lasting legacy in this East African country: a bumper crop of babies bearing his name. Many families have been naming boys born during the president’s visit after Obama, said Eunice Omolo, the maternity ward direct at Avenue Group hospital, one of the biggest in Nairobi.
Avatar f tn My doctor has been in Africa for the last 2 months she's been in Nigeria and Kenya should I be concerned about her continuing being my doctor?
1310633 tn?1430224091 Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) -- A fuel pipeline exploded in a densely populated Nairobi slum Monday morning, flattening homes, reducing some bodies to dust and forcing a massive evacuation of the area amid fears that big pools of leaked fuel could ignite, police and Kenya Red Cross officials said. SOURCE:
432073 tn?1204144768 I Volunteered in Kenya for three months in 2005. While I was there, I contracted a bladder infection from swimming in an overcrowded pool. I didn't realize it at the time, but the symptoms started while I was there and continued for several months afterwards until it progressed into a kidney infection. I took antibiotics for the kidney infection and was fine. Ever since I have had recurring bladder infections/UTIs at least twice a month. The symptoms are minimal.
Avatar m tn My niece takes NovoLog / Novo Rapid by pump and coming to visit me in Kenya but her plane was cancelled and her insulin supply has reached room temperature. I live in Kenya and cannot find any supply of NovoLog there is only Humulin R. I need help to know if this is accceptable please!!!
Avatar f tn Sent from Nairobi Kenya to California. Results expected any day now. Been exactly a week since the test was done. In Nairobi Kenya; it costs USD. 900.00 More than Down Syndrome, Trisome 13 & 18 is a much bigger concern Praying for all to be well.
Avatar n tn I am a male and i had oral sex given to me by a prostitute in kenya where the infection rate is so high. it was done without a condom. i could not see any presence of blood when i was given the blow job. we also had intercourse this time protected with a latex condom.. 2 weeks after the incident, i started experiencing hypersilvation. is this a sign of HIV infection? i have no other signs like flu headache... it 4 weeks since the incident. what are the chances that i am infected.
5727104 tn?1377401271 I've gotten 4 of them on my legs 3 on the one leg, and 1 on the other. They look like boils, and they are hard and when u squeeze them puss comes out. How come I keep getting so many??? I went to Kenya in the summer, and that's when it all started... Heres a picture of what it looks like (the lighting is kind of bad)
Avatar m tn You are from Kenya and the most common genotype is 4. Currently, they are treating that genotype with interferon and ribavirin as well as genotype 2 & 3. If you are genotype 1, the standard of care is triple therarpy using a protease inhibitor, either Victrelis or Incivek in conjunction with interferon and ribavirin. The drug companies offer patient assistance programs but I do not know if this extends to Kenya. Here are the phone numbers to contact the drug companies directly.
Avatar m tn reliable and conclusive :)
Avatar f tn My 7 year old has a shunt and I noticed he has Aspergers markers. I am in Kenya and he has been home home schooling and he was doing well but past year he does not want to read or write and has some behavioral problems ... what can I do as he is to join school in May. We do not have many specialists here and when you do find one they are expensive and or not offering advanced therapies. I want to help my son using natural methods not medications.
Avatar f tn Thumbs was on the news this morning 5 people in Kenya named there babies Obama 4 boys and the girl was Michelle Obama.
535822 tn?1443976780 I was listening to the radio yesterday on a particularly tedious drive back home form the Beach, it was a beautiful sunny californian Day, Oh Sorry guys I digress, anyway the chat show host was saying he had a guy called Bird on the phone and that OBama was not a natural born Americam citizen, that he was born in Kenya and his mother took him to Hawaii and had him registered there, there was a lot more to it and apparently the guy said he was not able to run for the Presidency, has anyone else h