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148588 tn?1465778809 GUID=26295196 In a series of letters to be sent to state Medicaid directors starting today, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) President Michael Weinstein will ask the state directors to block Gilead Sciences’ new $1,000-per-pill Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) from inclusion on their respective state Medicaid and other drug formularies. The drug was approved by the F.D.A.
Avatar m tn WASHINGTON -- A report released on the eve of the first presidential debate paints a stark contrast between President Obama's and Mitt Romney's healthcare policies and their potential impact on the uninsured and health spending. The Commonwealth Fund said Tuesday 45 million more people would be uninsured under the proposed policies of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney compared with President Obama.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who is a healthcare provider and caters to patients with HIV and other infectious diseases. As blood was extracted they were accidentally pricked with the needle of a patient who has the aids virus. PEP was used minutes after and the friend has confided in me. I dont know what to say as they are so loving and caring to patients now they are fearful. I dont work in that field and dont know what to say while they await results.
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612876 tn?1355514495 As far as what to *start* with, The Fainting Phenomenon by Dr. Blair Grubb is written to be accessible to laypersons. None of the actual medical textbooks are easy reads without some foundation in biology/physiology/anatomy/etc. ... keeping a basic "intro to neuroscience" textbook handy for reference (can be gotten cheaply at used book stores) is helpful.
Avatar m tn Hi guys I was talking to a friend he told me that southern Arizona aids foundation does HIV testing do you think next time I actually need to test this would be a good place to get testing done? Iam thinking there probably a little more knowledge on the subject then most clinics.
Avatar m tn you are putting the horse before the cart here. for is highly unlikely that she has hiv...most ppl dont. the odds are definitely on your is much harder for a man to contract hiv from a woman. the deed is done. you need to get off the computer and stop reading about hiv...all you are doing is adding fire to your anxiety. so far, you have over 60 posts / comments regarding this. test at the appropriate time to know your status.
Avatar f tn My partner and i are having a girl and im 28wks pregnant… We have decided to call our baby girl Blair… Our parents hate this name to the point they making rude comments like, "Its the blair witch project"and whats the middle name going to be, tony?? meaning Tony Blair is uk exs prime minister!
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572651 tn?1530999357 If you saw my email inbox you might be surprised at some of the mail I receive. I have signed up on distribution lists for many medical sites, including Nursing Times from the UK. I received an announcement today about an upcoming convention in LONDON, that may be of interest to some of you. This convention/conference is September 29-30 and the registration is FREE. I wish I could go, but its a bit far to commute. Some of you who live in the UK may be interested, though.
Avatar n tn The patient, that this may have occurred with, was very sick and looked like they could have had full blown AIDS. After looking at the health history, no HIV/AIDS diagnosis was found; only myelodysplastic syndrome. No history of HAART treatment was noted; only antineoplastic agents. I have been really worried about this ever since. What is my level of risk if the patient was HIV positive (with full blown AIDS), indicating a high viral load, and if a tiny fleck of blood hit my cracked lip?
Avatar n tn There might be a risk (page 12 in the document below) and HIV post-exposure prophylaxis should be followed: HIV post-exposure prophylaxis Guidance from the UK Chief Medical Officers’ Expert Advisory Group on AIDS
Avatar f tn If you are going to be studying for a career in the healthcare field, you will be taught all of this in your classes. As a retired healthcare professional myself, I can appreciate your concern, but I can also reassure you that the risks are extremely minimal. I wish you the best in your career.
Avatar m tn no risk for both being 17yo even if you get hbv you will clear it with no symptoms unless you use drugs, remember aids is not a consequence of hiv but of drug use of any type.
Avatar m tn wow. I very upset I attacked the very foundation. It was called " wake up" it was a dicussion on the healthcare system. N meds for meds is not the way to go. I stated that measuring ceratonin n dopeamien was a theory. They have no way to measure ur levels.
Avatar f tn re after I think Grace makes a better middle name than Blair. To me Blair seems like a stronger name that should be a first not a middle.. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi doc I had unprotected vagina sex with sex worker on 8th of March , after 2 weeks had HIV fast test at New Zealand aids foundation the result showing negative ( they told me the fast test test ag and ab) and after another 2 weeks which is 7th of Apr I had full blood test also my doc told me test are ag and ab showing negative result , but she still recommend I do 12 weeks test, I was wondering what chance after 4weeks the result will change ?
Avatar m tn Once I was told that an HIV test would be involved with my medical I developed an irrational fear regarding my dental experience after reading in the news about healthcare providers that are being sanctioned for using unsterile equipment. I guess my question is - Am I being irrational even worrying about this? Is it even possible to be infected by HIV in a healthcare setting? I think I am just looking for some reassurance.
Avatar m tn I was a victim of a aids drug adict jap me with dirty needle and later went to hospital they told me that is is 0.2 percent according to them it might dispere either will be get aids within 3 months is possible i cant get aids if my body fight back what should i do to avoid.
Avatar f tn Went from Urgent Care > ER > ENT > Neurologist > NUCCA to Blair Chiropractor. Dealing with what they first diagnosed as vertigo about a year and a half ago now until the NUCCA diagnosed it as spinal misalignment about a year ago and a Blair Chiropractor diagnosed the same 6 months ago - C1/C2 Misalignment with Lumbar Misalignment right leg. I am thinking when my back and neck hurt is when I feel the most dizzy and off balance.
Avatar n tn i had sex wit a guy and i knew him for a few months and i had unprotected sex once with him and i took da test for stds n it came out negative but my doc said it was too soon for aids test and im scared of it so if i didnt get any diease wut are my chances of getin aids or hiv???????