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Avatar m tn I have been reading through the posts here where the standard response given is that there is NO RISK from oral sex and that there has not been any confirmed case of transmission this way. This is contrary to some well respected sites such as CDC and Avert where they claim there ARE DPCUMENTED cases. "At the 4th International Oral AIDS Conference held in South Africa, the risk of transmission through oral sex was estimated to be approximately 0.
Avatar m tn Bob had chosen his words very carefully when answering a question on HIV risk and statistics, for everyone to understand, but sadly it is evident that this subject is still causing confusion and angst. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Bob, who has a considerable amount of experience and expertise, with his whole life devoted to the subject. I for one would not even attempt to challenge his views or have any reason to do so.
475555 tn?1469307939 Does anyone know where I can get some statistics on how many people with hepatitis progress to end-stage liver disease, particularly with reference to genotype, age, ALT/AST, etc.? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if the info is out there anywhere and if so where to find it? I want to find out what percentage of all hiv/aids cases are from males who have sex with women.
Avatar n tn People want facts. They don't want "odds and statistics form a WW that doesn't know anything about HIV or AIDS. People don't like to be baffled with inconsistencies and numbers that are worthless to people that have a risk or worried that they are infected. You have nothing to offer the people here. You have no experience with dealing with anyone with HIV or AIDS. You would like for these people to leave because they don't agree with you?
Avatar n tn Before you put yourself in a tailspin, read the facts. Not symptoms, nothing about ARS, just facts. Basicly, 89% of men infected are through Male to male and/or IV drug use. Of the other 11%, many are on the "down low" or have other forms of contact like transfusions, etc. For example, In Dallas, TX, the # of new cases is 15.7 per 100,000 or basicly 942 new cases for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
480448 tn?1426952138 What people fail to understand is HOW we came to that conclusion. You have to look at the SCIENTIFIC facts, along with the statistics. I'm going to try to explain them to you... **Before I even go into the reasons why oral sex is not a risk (and to appease the people who will argue that other experts say it's a theoretical or negligible risk)...consider for a moment the other FACTS that would further decrease the chances of infection: ONE..most people don't even HAVE HIV.
Avatar f tn Statistics from HIV Aids council Australia,''of the 25,000+ people living in Australia with HIV 82% are men who have sex with men,10% hetro sexual community,8% iv drug users''.How is my statement incorrect??
Avatar m tn I refuse to believe D.A.R.E. and such statistics. But you've been in the field a bunch, I'm sure, and have probably run across something like this, I take it...
Avatar n tn All we can do is provide facts, statistics, and our professional judgment based on them and our clinical experience. If your life is ruled by irrational, non-analytic forces that make you fearful of things that are statistically improbable, this forum can't help. Feel free to post your test result if and when you do it. Until then, I won't have any further comments or advice.
Avatar n tn This is a forum for facts and support, NOT odds and statistics. Odds and Statistics in relation to HIV are only good in connection with populations and geographical areas for governmental funding, nothing more. Odds and Statistics can not give anyone their HIV status, only testing can provide that.
Avatar m tn I have just recently joined MedHelp and find it aninteresting and informative site. I am somewhat curious about the distinction between comments from the physicians and those from the forum members / moderators (ie: Lizzie and Teak).
Avatar n tn i am a 33y caucasian male, circumcised and have been tested frequently before this exposure. having read many posts about the risk statistics etc on this site i have not been really worried. then i started to develop light dandruff (white, very little grains) and seem not to manage to get it under control with normal dandruff shampoos etc. while googling dandruff i read that dandruff (but i assume heavy) can be a sign of hiv infection.
Avatar m tn i am writing this to understand better how transmission works i was reading the stats and it says a man can have sex with an infected woman for 1000 and not get aids not just female to male other forms of sex have relativly low stats too why is that? does he get exposed to the virus and his immune system is somehow able to fight it off? is it that he doesnt get exposed at all cause the body fluid doesnt have much viral density on it?
Avatar m tn Since you are only having sex with just prostitutes, then you cannot apply those statistics. The statistics you mention are most likely based on total population and HIV infection. Most likely, the prevalence and incidence of HIV infection among CSW's is going to be different when compared against general population data. You are not having sex at random, but seeking out a certain subgroup/sample of the population.
Avatar m tn too hard????? i think it is more like who gives a rat's @ss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do statistics were lucky or unlucky????
Avatar f tn STATISTICS show that most people live very normal, happy lives while on medication for mental disorders! Don't lump everyone in to one category, there are many types of mental disorders, and medications. We're all dfferent, and for every one person not doing well on medication, there are a 1,000 who are! I don't get my info from a cartoon fantasy world, I get it from facts and working for many years in the medical field!!!!!
Avatar n tn I often wonder if he got it by unprotected anal sex but simply can't admit to this because he was involved in AIDS awareness at the time wasn't he? so, how could he admit to something like that right? What are the odds? Next: Teak - Gay male _Infected in 1985?/? - exposure - laceration (could have been unprotected anal sex but leans toward the laceration. How was this recorded in the "stats"?
Avatar n tn I may be criticized for this but I am getting a feeling that the transmission rates and statistics being used here are more on lines of Subtype B. This raises a very good point of discussion as subtype B is major contributor to infections within USA and is seen most amongst homosexuals.
Avatar f tn My cousin works in AIDs care and prevention in NYC. The largest population with HIV/AIDs there is not gay men, its poor black women.
Avatar n tn ) Finally, the questions: Q1: I'm trying to evaluate my chances of getting infected. Are there any means to rate it? Q2: There are some free 4th generation tests for p24 occuernce done twice a week in local clinic. Are 2-3 weeks enough time for geeting tested? I'm freaking out. I shoul be working on my master's degree, but I can't focus anymore on it. Damn it.
Avatar m tn Odds are for the betting shop. We just do the facts here....... You've had unprotected sex. You should get a single HIV antibody test three months post this exposure for a conclusive result. In the interim I would suggest a full STI screening panel to rule out any STI infections that you may have cbeen infected with.
Avatar n tn // Clinic 275 275 North Terrace (1st Floor) ADELAIDE 5000 It may take 3 months for antibodies to develop after HIV first enters the body. Before 3 months, the test may give a negative result, even though HIV is present. This 3 month period is sometimes called the window period. This means that if you want to know if you were infected from a particular incident, you should have a test at least 3 months later.
Avatar n tn Hey Check out the website (HIV/AIDS specific site) for loads of facts on HIV. Anyway since you were not actively bleeding, I do not think your risk was that large.
Avatar m tn Even if we were to make the assumption that 1% had blood and 1 in 10,000 kisses with blood resulted in HIV(very conservative like oral statistics). We would have about 500-1000 cases of HIV from kisses per year. The reality is that it does not happen. Also if you are from the USA or another developed country or just one with a lower amount of HIV then you are at a lower risk even though the risk is pretty much zero. Please note that some of my numbers were either estimated or rounded.
Avatar m tn Although a small percentage of prostitutes may be HIV positive, William Darrow, CDC AIDS epidemiology official, cites no proven cases of HIV transmission from prostitutes to clients.(8)" Sounds a little optimistic to me.
Avatar m tn One thing that will be central to your medical training is that simply repeating facts and statistics almost never resolves patients' irrational anxieties (which of course are many -- if not HIV related, you'll run into such patients daily throughout your professional life). You will also learn, if you don't know already, that anxieties are multifactorial.
Avatar n tn You won't find much in the way of death statistics from herpes like you would AIDS (25 million people have dies from AIDS since 1981) How were you tested? HSV1 or HSV2? Have you ever had any oral or genital symptoms? If you have HSV1, statistically it's more likely to be oral. About 70% of the adult population has oral herpes; it's incredibly common.
Avatar n tn Most of the posters didn't have a risk like you. They just come here thinking they had a risk and have know knowledge of the facts of hiv transmission.