Aids drugs tested on foster kids

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Avatar f tn Yes it will show a false positive it did on me when i tested for a job and I don't take drugs but did take dayquil because I was sick.When the test was sent off it came back negative. I'm glad you had faith in your foster child because some of these folks in these comments would've just went ahead and convicted him. I'm here to tell you Dayquil will most def show a falso positive.
5624774 tn?1374284525 Her doctor was my doctor and she was upset with me about it. I dont do drugs nor did I know she did them. I had no idea that they tested for drugs while your pregnant.. Well, they didnt have a reason to tell me. So, to.answer your question..
4545793 tn?1394592544 I grew up around foster kids back home in Alaska. My mom was going to foster but we ended up moving too much. What kind of questions do you have?
6337597 tn?1396556014 I can relate to you love. I'm 16 24weeks pregnant & my parents are both recovering addicts. I live with my mom & little sister & my mom is always sleeping around with men & I found out she is on drugs again. Honestly I've learned not to care. That's your mother & your always gonna love her (trust me I've tried not to) but you have a family of your own to worry about. Don't let her addiction take over your life.
Avatar f tn They reported u so u are probably gonna have random test done . once they see that ur levels aren't still the same or rising I don't think they would take your kids . its millions of people who do drugs and its not like u knew u was pregnant .
Avatar n tn if you are going to help them in the future, do it in a way that you are sure it goes to the kids. Buy her food, get her a gift card for a grocery store, etc...and pretty much plan on you not seeing that money again. I'm glad those kids have you to look out for them. Maybe if you get tough with your friend and tell her flat out honestly how you feel....she will do the right thing. Like, if she starts saying she is worried about CPS taking her kids...
Avatar f tn The Child we have tested positive for 3 different drugs when born. It all has been such a sad situation. If anyone else has any info on if it stays in the babies system for extended period of time please let me know.
Avatar f tn I obviously don't know everything about you but here are some suggestions. They might work for you, they might not- depending on where you live and how much help you're willing to take. 1) see if you can opt in to extended foster care by calling your old case manager or if she's not there anymore, ask to speak to someone else.
Avatar f tn The only reason I really worry is because one of them I had unprotected sex with (just twice ) there was rumors he had aids. Not HIV, aids. But you know about hear say in a small town. What do you think? Am I doomed? I feel they way honestly.
Avatar f tn But he also has two kids in foster care. that proves if he doesn't get them back he shouldn't be around this kid.
Avatar n tn I don't know the answer to this. I just wanted to state she should quit anyway and do what is right for her baby. Possibly if she can prove she stopped and went clean they may not take the baby.
18818716 tn?1482716075 A friend of mine did this with a sibling pair, an infant and a little boy, after she lost her child at birth. She worked with the state's foster agency. It wasn't easy (the parents of the kids were flakes) but it worked.
Avatar f tn My cousin just brought up that us living in a 2 bedroom maybe an issue because there is a law in Texas on opposite sex siblings sharing a bedroom. Well the plan was to put the kids 2 year old son and new baby will be a girl. Has anyone ever heard of this???
214607 tn?1287677559 as we know now what its like to be dependent on a chemical substance, like our parents were.. doesnt mean we dont love the kids, BUT we know we need to break the chain and pattern now.. dont let our kids turn out like us.. i feel the same as you, i now forgive my father.. he had a very bad car accident, got on pain meds, and it escalated from there until he left my mom so he could have his drugs...
724811 tn?1291430786 Just something to think about. I think all we hear about on the news and on TV are the bad stories about foster care, but there's a lot of good out there too. It can definitely be an emotional roller coaster ride, but so can infertility, miscarriages, etc. Thank you for your feed back! It's appreciated!
Avatar f tn i do need to get her tested for the fact that she is a drug baby.... unfortunatley drugs that didnt show on tests...
Avatar f tn re UK or not but there was a case here a couple of years back where services took away a mums kids for being on drugs and she got pregnant again they were outside the delivery room waiting to hand the baby over to the foster mum who looks after her other kids. The junkie was warned she wouldn't be allowed to keep another child. Foster mum had to wean the poor baby off heroin! Its awful what some women put their children through...
Avatar f tn she put her ( well all 4 of her kids) in foster care. Then out of the blue when my mom got married and got pregnant her mother wanted in her life. My mom did let her in and forgave her but never really trusted her. Not sure if this really helped...
1763947 tn?1334055319 You are right, I am not really old enough to have remembered all of the AIDS stuff that went on a while back, but it is a very good comparison. Thank you:) I have a friend that is in med school right now and even after she has seen everything that I have been going through, she would still look me straight in the face and tell me the same thing that any other "regular" doctor would tell me.
Avatar f tn Okay, so my boyfriend was fingering me, on January 13, 2017 and now I have a really bad stomach ache i don't know if it's a virus or I'm pregnant but I'm really paranoid we are just kids and my foster mom will kill me If I'm pregnant. I have had lower pains for about 3 days now and I had to miss school because elf it and I think I'm pergnat please help me I'm scared to death I'm just a kid I can't have a kid. And I haven't had my period for like 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn Like everyone else, I am so sorry you're dealing with this! You sound like a great kid. I wouldn't want to go back to foster care either. Is there a family member you could stay with until your dad gets to a better place? A friend? You can't live on the streets!!! That's out of the question. It's not safe. What about your uncle in Florida? Could you stay with him? I am sure your dad loves you very much and is proud of you.
Avatar m tn Well, it seems like there is no other cause than genes to this (probably), but since I really dont like being this underweight, are there any drugs that could help me gain weight (in other words eat more/ slow metabolism). Like some steroids or something? Again, I have tried the "eat more" thing, but it doesnt seem to work very well. At first I do gain weight, but I get pretty bad diarrhea ETC. from eating too much.
1895979 tn?1321326324 When the hospital test the baby, does the hospital then test me? ( I want to be tested as well). The society said I have a 90% chance of keeping my baby and bringing her home but the society wants to see the test results first, I'm not an addict just a recreational user.
12627171 tn?1426339878 s I guess been that party/gang related mom and with 2-3 of her kids she was on meth. She was around 14-19 yr old when she had them. But it's a miracle they came out okay. Those kids are now one 15 and the other 10ish. But when when I heard she was pregnant again and she had and party around her 1st trimester and she was drinking hard liquor I just don't know what to say.she my husbands excoworkers gf.i do know the first 3 of her kids are her guardianship of the grandma.
Avatar f tn Yes, it would be wise for your daughters to get tested but, unless you shared needles with them, the odds are on their side for being clear. I gave birth to 3 sons and raised them to adulthood all while unknowingly having Hep C and none of them got it from me...and neither did my husband or my ex-husband. They all got tested.
Avatar m tn Is she in mental health counseling? It has been my experience that foster and adopted kids usually have a lot of emotional issues typically brought on by their previous family situation and the inability to cope with their new family life. They usually have significant separation/loss issues. It is around the age of 11 when these kids tend to grasp the dynamics of their situation and begin to respond negatively. Genetic factors could also be at play.