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Avatar f tn I had a beef burger tonight from a nice restaurant. Home 5 hours later and feeling very sick vomiting lots. Feeling terrible. Dunno of it pregnancy related or burger related. It was vsry slightly pink in thd middle so I left that part.
Avatar m tn I really need some help on how to cure the Burger Disease. I was told that stopping smoking is the only way to stop the spread but not curing the disease. So what is the cure? What about the pain? It is very bad and no pills are effective, so what is the solution? Are there any cases that didn’t recover when stopped smoking at an early stage?
Avatar f tn Today i ate pizza, it was so hot so my mouth skin from inside got remove or peeled and after 15 minutes i ate burger, i have a question can hiv tramsmited through burger if the burger maker have any blood on it, and my mouth skin already remove lil bit, please tell me can hiv transmited through food !!
Avatar n tn I finished the majority of da burger and started to think, what if they put semen on my burger. Is it possible to catch hiv this way.?
1710194 tn?1308931794 I've been avoiding meat basically since I was about 5 weeks pregnant. At that time I had some meat and it did not agree with me AT ALL, I ended up in the bathroom the entire rest of the day! So since then I've been avoiding meat altogether and it's been fine but now I'm CRAVING a burger. Not just a burger but a bacon cheese burger!?! I'm SOOOO nervous to have even a turkey burger because what happened the last time I ate meat.
8305112 tn?1402009678 I know I shouldn't consume raw or "undercooked" meat, but what exactly constitutes undercooked? Do I HAVE to order a well done burger if I'm out, or is medium and above okay? I'm not sure if this is a dumb question, ha ha, I'm just having a hardcore craving for a burger and I normally order them medium rare, which I will not be doing, but if I can avoid well done, I would prefer it to have some pink.
Avatar f tn Omg i want a big burger wit the works n sum fries wit a lemonade... what r yall craving today??
9030182 tn?1405387562 I have the same problem, I want some Burger King but my boyfriend is being lazy in not trying get up. What are you in the mood to eat?
Avatar n tn I had a burger from a new Burger joint about 2 weeks ago, It had mayonnaise on it and normally I take the mayonnaise off due to my paranoia about things of this nature, however I didn't know the burger came with mayo on it. I also found a hair on my sandwhich, it was small so it could have been a pubic hair or maybe a mustache hair. I don't remember if the burger was cold/warm. Now 2 weeks later I have 2 painful lymph nodes in my neck area/shoulder region.
Avatar f tn slurping my super extra large fruit punch and eating my frosty (lovely combo right) then....i get to my burger. i HATE HATE HATE mustard. knowing wendy's NEVER puts mustard on anything i'm all happy. YAY!!! tillllll i check my burger. *sigh* what's the FIRST thing i see...mustard. i start crying. greg (the df) is omg what's wrong what's wrong!!!!! i tell him...he WOULD NOT!!! go get me a new burger...
748902 tn?1286034758 I will post the Answers Tomorrow My Answers are 1. Wings /drumsticks 2. 3,4,2,1, 3. Fettucini alfredo 4. True 5. Hardees oat bran raisin muffin 6. Wendy's Fish Sandwich 7. Tuna Salad 8. One fourth 9. 5 grams 10. True 11. Veal leg Untrimmed 12. 3,2,4,5,1 13. Dairy Queen Chicken Breast Fillet 14. Olive Garden's GARDEN FARE Shrimp Primavera 15. 1,2,3,4 16. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup 17. Taco Bell Taco Salad w/ salsa 18. Healthy Choice Beef Franks 19. Sour Cream 20.
3763041 tn?1354906251 I ordered a double cheese burger with ONLY ketchup and mayo, and drive away. I opened it up and had to pull over and puke because of the over whelming smell of mustard and pickles that they put on my burger. I couldn't even take one bite and went home still crying. My mom called right after I pulled out of traffic and puked, and brought me a new burger from dq, made the RIGHT way, and when she explained the situation to them (she thought it was funny) they have her my meal for free.
599170 tn?1300973893 Bleurgh! I don't like any of them! Here in Australia we have McDonald's, KFC and Red Rooster (you USA people wouldn't know them) plus a myriad of your other American pizza stores. You know what annoys me about them all? Not one do a gluten free meal! I have asked and they all say the same thing....'Oh yes, we get asked that alot....but we aren't going to implement it.....' .GRRRRRRR!
Avatar m tn ), i will either wake up in the middle of the night really sick and walk around till the urge to throw up goes away and then have to prop myself up with pillows to sleep, or the urge will be too great and i will throw up. And if i eat something unhealthy like a burger any later than 2 or 3 same thing.
Avatar f tn Give me ALL THE HAMBURGERS! I could finish a perfectly delicious burger and still crave another one. It's never ending!
2863077 tn?1436670789 We had Burger King.. I had the Swiss and Avocado Whopper meal with Dr. Pepper. I know it wasn't the healthiest but it was so good! What about you guys?
Avatar f tn D They say indulge in your cravings before you don't have the excuse that you're pregnant anymore and I definitely am just not overboard lol.
Avatar f tn I bought KFC chicken popcorn and burger for my toddler.i tasted a chicken popcorn and it had an unusual taste. the chicken in burger too was sticky. How does spoiled chicken it sour or bitter? I don't know what is meant by funny or funky taste.
4114400 tn?1349923931 For dinner I made turkey burger sloppy joes and applewood smoked bacon scalloped potatos with a peach sparkling water.. YUM.. I have been having cravings for turkey burger..