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Avatar f tn Here's a bit of height weight chart, that pertains to your height, but only if you are an adult female. If you're not an adult, the figures would be different. Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 5'5" 117-130 127-141 137-155 You can pretty much determine your frame size by looking at your hands, feet and shoulder width.
Avatar f tn I just got back from my growth ultrasound and he's a whopping 2 lbs 3oz! I looked up a chart for average fetal weight and it says the average at 26 weeks is 1.68lbs!
118074 tn?1228332603 Doll-I have the same issue. DD is not small for her age but she gained no weight from 9-10 months (she's very active, all over the place and doesn't really eat well). Trial-I'll try giving DD avocado. I hope she eats it.
Avatar f tn Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 5'3" 111-124 121-135 131-147 If you have a small frame, 115 pounds would be toward the bottom of the range and bordering on underweight. For a medium or large frame, it would definitely be underweight. Your current weight (126.7 lbs) is actually just about perfect for you.
Avatar n tn Technically, I'm only partially overweight, according to the BMI chart. Anyway, I've had friends your height who weighed 90 pounds, and they get sick very easily, and when they get sick, it's bad. Your body will start to shut down because it cannot support itself. The average weight for your height is at least 110. At the very least. Remember that you are wonderfully made, and that you are beautiful! 90 pounds is sick, not healthy, and healthy is beautiful.
Avatar f tn My 14 month old is not gaining enough weight; she is only 21 pounds now. She was at 50th percentile two months ago but she is at 25th percentile now, her weight when she born was 7 lbs and 2 ounces. She still nursing 2x per day but I think she does get enough but she doesn't like eat I offer her different healthy food but she only eat a little bite and prefer baby jar she doesn’t like cow milk.
Avatar f tn You are measured on the growth chart due to being consisted a child (under 20 years old). The fluctuation of weight maybe caused due to the time of day. We weight less in the morning then at night. You may have been more active and lost weight even though you seemed to eat more. A 17 year old needs 2200 calories per day.
1162258 tn?1306919807 in the end i gained about 59 pounds while pregnant. however, i was underweight (105) at that age (22) and later in life was a healthier (125-135) weight. everyone is different, so as long as physically you and baby are okay, BUT if you have concerns please speak to your doctor.
Avatar n tn and once I have completed the antibiotics is there a chance of losing the weight? or at least stopping the weight gain. Aside from the vanity point of losing the weight I am sure it makes the arthritis and numbness worse to be carrying around 40 - 50 extra pounds. I simply don't know how to fix this problem, as crazy as that sounds.
Avatar n tn She is in the upper levels of her height and slightly above weight for her age. If you are worried about her weight, it is recommended to increase children's physical activities to loss weight, and not lower calorie intake due to the need of calories for growth. Have your child go and play outdoors, run, walk, and dance. Limit time in front of the TV or non-active-video games.
Avatar n tn Her weight is on the 10th percentile and her height is just above the 10th percentile for her age. She is on the growth chart which is good. She was born early so she is alittle on the smaller side but as long as she is growing steadily, no matter how slow, she will be fine. Suggest giving her Pediasure in place of milk or milkshakes (milk, ice cream and fruit blended together) or yogurt smoothies (yougurt, milk, and frozen fruit blended together) for extra calories and protein.
Avatar f tn Feeling low about not being able to lose weight can influence weight loss (believe me, I'm going through that right now and have battled with weight my entire life!). It's possible you need to vary your diet a bit more - I've just said the same thing to someone else who had a similar problem. When you start a diet the weight drops off over the first couple of weeks because your body is readjusting to a new 'way of life', less calories, less saturated fat, more exercise.
Avatar m tn General Chart: Height and Weights for Teen Girls Age Range Height Weight Percentile 12-13 years 60 – 63 inches 95 – 105 lbs 50% 14-15 years 63 – 64 inches 105 – 115 lbs 50% 16-17 years 64 inches 115 – 120 lbs 50% 18-20 years 64 inches 125 – 130 lbs 50% Everyone is different, if you have a small frame, then your weight should be lower, if a medium frame, a little higher, and for a larger frame higher yet.
Avatar m tn Hi, my daughter is almost 3 1/2 years. My daughter is small. We went to wic the other day and they are concerned cause she hasn't really gained any weight. Now I am 4'11" and weigh 103 lbs. She is tiny just like me. They freaked me out and made me feel like I am a terrible mother. She is a very picky eater and she has many food allergies so I am limited two ways on stuff to feed her. She doesn't eat much snacks. She loves fruit and veggies.
1311499 tn?1273679555 one day i might do it again but at my age 144 is not to bad, dont stress it, your healthy and not over weight by my drs chart at 5 we should weight 125
Avatar n tn Hey how are you doing? I'm 30 years old, and exercising helps me with my weight, but I have also been blessed with some good information due to my refusal to accept things that do not make sense even after doing my due diligence. The reason you may not be losing weight is because you may need some info on fat burning foods such as cabbages, tomatoes and radishes. Definitely take in an abundance of raw fruits. The main thing I can tell you to focus on, is your mineral intake.
Avatar f tn You don't give your height, age or activity level, so we don't know if you are at a normal weight or not. It seems that you might have "double cause" here, between the Zoloft and the drastic change in your diet. If you feel that you are losing too much weight, too quickly, you should talk to your doctor about having your medication adjusted.
172826 tn?1423426556 My daughter is 5 mos and is 17lbs and I think that is huge but she is proportionate with her height and weight. Whee is Cameron on the growth chart? Is the height and weight consistent?
Avatar f tn Your health-care provider might have a booklet or flyer about the topic also. I would check his weight and keep track on a chart, if he is really losing weight, contact his doctor.
Avatar n tn ) but now I find even if I eat a lot less, I am gaining a great deal of weight (10 pounds in the past 6 months) That's a great deal of weight for me. Is there something I can do? I do not want to add the extra weight, but really don't feel I can cut back any more on my food intake. I also take synthoid...but tests come back normal. Help! Thanks.
Avatar n tn I steadily started losing weight and as of today have lost almost 26 pounds. It's harder to lose weight while battling Thyroid issues, but thank goodness they've come out with things like I've mentioned to help us.
Avatar f tn It seemed to progress with age with me as well. Diagnosed firmly at age 38. I just went downhill like **** on a hot tin roof! One day I seemed to have it together and then the next BOOM - fallin' apart. That isn't really the case - I fell apart slowly and progressively- but still - all the books I've read talk about the disorder getting worse as we age or if it has been left untreated due to something called "kindling". Look it up - research it.
Avatar f tn I'm having a girl. She weights 1 pounds. ( I think 1.7). She's 19 cm which is like 7 inches. I red that a fetus at this age should be 13 inches & my baby girl is just 7 inches. I asked the tech & she said "The baby is petite" but I don't understand what she means by that. Im just focus on my baby being tiny. My husband & I are average size. I'm not petite at all. Is she gonna stay small?
367974 tn?1286554758 Way to go on the exercising and losing weight....I know it's hard....I waiver around 155-165 pounds (70-75kg) and am constantly trying to lose weight......I doubt the miscarriage had anything to do with weight though......I know alot of heavier people who have had NO problems throughout their pregnancies.....If your not ready to conceive quite yet......your husband should never may change your mind next week! Best of luck with everything...
Avatar n tn My doc has put me on Topamax for migraine headaches, and I think the weight-loss thing would be a big bonus. I have about 50-60 pounds to drop, and think it would be nice to have an appetite suppressant to help me a long. I am also on Paxil currently, but am switching over to Lexapro. It will be interesting to see how all this works out for me. I hope to see lots more information on Topamax in the future, but apparently it does a fair job of warding off the migraines, so that's good.
Avatar n tn It has helped considerably for my migraines. Thank God!! As for weight loss, yes I have have lost weight also. I lost 6 pounds just in the first month. I take 75mg a day. I don't have any of side effects either. If you're nervous about taking Topamax start out on a low doseage like 25 mg a day. I started out 25mg one in the morning and one at night. Now I take one in the morning and 2 at night. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn When my husband and I were married just over two years, trying to get pregnant that whole time, we sought the help of infertility specialists. At the time I was about 165 lb at 5'3. I started to gain weight at about age 25 and at age 31 I was very overweight even with diet and exercise. My cycles were all over the place as well. My husband is Air Force and infertility is not exactly first on their list of things to help people with.
Avatar n tn You might also want to get checked for type II diabetes/insulin resistance, which can also cause weight gain. I don't know your age or if you are male or female; however, if female, you might also want to get checked for PCOS. Provided that you have no medical issues, please bear in mind that your weight can fluctuate depending on whether or not you are retaining fluids, etc. Again, if you are female and still having menstrual cycles, that could have a bearing.
Avatar f tn My son had one year check up. His height is 29 3/4 & weight is 19.7 pounds.. His height at 9 months was 29 inches & weight was 19.10 ounces. He eats pretty much everything . He is not big eater. He hates milk. so I give him cheese & yogurt. He gets veggies , rice & lentils for lunch .. & meats & fruits at dinner. he eats cheerios , crackers through out the day..( but limited amount) He will eat 2-4 tablespoon at one feeding & then will not open his mouth.