After having sex my stomach hurts

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Avatar f tn Whenever I have sex.. my lower stomach always hurts. One time after having intercourse the pain was soo unbearable that my boyfriend had to take me to the hospital and that resulted in the removal of my appendix. The pain isn't bad all the time.. but I can definitly feel some discomfort afterwards. Could this just be because of the moving around of everything inside?? Help!!
Avatar m tn So me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday and after we did it my stomach been hurting like crazy .everything I eat makes my stomach an the lower part of my back hurts when I lay doe ! I really don't know what's going on ...
Avatar n tn I giggled while reading this lol me and my husband were fairly rough while I was pregnant with our first mostly because we didn't find out we were with baby until I was about 16 weeks he was born perfectly fine and healthy. We weren't so rough after we found out though especially since I was so much further along than we thought I'd be he got freaked out that he could poke the baby's eye out hahaha I'd say take it easier as baby gets bigger but I'm sure your fine for now enjoy it while you can!
Avatar n tn In the last year I've had yeast infections on a clockwise basis and its horrible. I especially get it after my partner and I have had sex. After sex I always try to wipe everything out just in case and put on a new pair of underwear. The day after I also usually shower and I'm a pretty clean groomed person. I don't understand why this is happening to me.
Avatar f tn Happens to me too currently 33 weeks!! My stomach feels tight afterwards!!
Avatar f tn Lately when me n my husband have sex I've been on top but the last two,Times my stomach and lower stomach like where the bAby is hurts a lot n cramps a lol for like 30 min n goes away I'm 27,weeks,anyone else experience this is the baby ok
4111382 tn?1356211428 / i don't like sex anymore it hurts so it just doesn't happen..
6778631 tn?1396410723 I have pain in my lower stomach and lower back after sex. Like pain that has me bent over because it hurts my stomach to bad to stand straight up. Is this normal or should I talk to doctor? I'm scared baby could be getting hurt.
Avatar f tn It's important for both of you to understand that you guys are pregnant and that both of you need to be very cautious during sex. Also try different positions that don't put pressure on your stomach. My partner is always very scared to have sex with me because now my belly is huge and he doesn't want to hurt the baby. So whenever we do have sex we are extremely careful and very gentle.
Avatar f tn Same here. Im 36 weeks and was planning on having as much sex as possible to facilitate labor but after a few attempts I lost interest. Im miserable. Many nights I sleep in a recliner chair because laying down is so uncomfortable. I'm over being pregnant.
933846 tn?1353456048 After a while I just was so over it and my stomach started to hurt. I honestly cant remember feeling this way with my daughter. In fact I think we did it a day before she was born. We are both hoping this will change. Anyone else having this issue?
6918915 tn?1395936471 My hubby walks around in my favorite jockeys of his and my mind is like yes but my stomach is like go ahead and gamble. Lol. With my 1st we didn't have sex for about 6 months or more and when we did I did it because I felt bad for him. I was quite content chilling. But I dont want him to go through that again.
Avatar f tn I wish my sex life was good but me and my bd We don't have sex that much.
Avatar f tn It hurts me too. My lower abdomen hurts afterwards. Plus he's such a jerk to me lately that I have no desire at all to touch him or even be in the same room with him.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever just hurt after sex like I feel like I'm having Braxton hicks but just alittle more painful. My back kinda hurts and the lower part of my stomach then I get dizzy and got really hot anyone have this before?
Avatar f tn This my 3 baby and I have never been into having sex!!! I'm 4 months and have not had sex!!! Maybe I work to much I'm full time and could think of plenty of things to do!! But I wasn't that into it before either .
Avatar f tn I feel absolutely terrible for not having any interest. The first time we had sex after we found out, I almost fainted afterwards. I felt dizzy and nauseous. It was not a good feeling.
Avatar f tn At 28 weeks Cuz of issues I was told I'm not allowed to have sex til after baby comes by my dr. And of course after u have the baby u can't have sex right away. So he has to go like months with none.
Avatar f tn then i will have sex again and i start bleeding then my side hurts and my stomach start hurting! im worried should i go get tested for STD ect...? should i go too the OB/GYN??
9138366 tn?1410257233 I'm 36w+1 n I had sex today. My lower back hurts n kinda stomach.
Avatar n tn Yesss my stomach tightens && it hurts but it goes away after a few minutes for me
Avatar f tn My doctor said I have the go ahead at 4 weeks post partum to have sex. I'm 3 weeks and 2 days now and the thought freaks me out.
Avatar f tn My girlfriend and myself have had sex a few times. We were each others firsts, so no STDs and I used a a condom every time. The first time everything went well but the 2nd time she said it hurt and she started bleeding.
Avatar n tn After having sex the other night for the first time i got bad pain in my lower abdomen. I stood up to go to the bathroom like i always do when this crazy pressure/ Pain came over my lower stomach right in the middle and between my belly button and vagina. on the deep inside! the pain was like really hard to decribe.. When i sat on the toilet to pee i couldnt sit for more than a second. it was sharp like i was being stabed on the inside and it was trying to come out of my bottome!
Avatar m tn The first time I had sex, it bleed but never this much. I am about to get my period soon, so I guess I am just asking if someone could tell me the difference between my period or if it is something serious that is going on! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Hey, so I recently lost my virginity to my one year boyfriend and it hurt like hell but I discovered a less painful way, but when I was having sex I had major pains in my stomach area most of the time, and after 3 hours of sex I use the bathroom right away and it just started to burn me when I start peeing towards the end the pain goes away and when I per again it hurts again and also I feels like I have to be every 5 minutes is that normal??
347377 tn?1196517337 I too started spotting one month about a week before my period was due. I also started spotting after sex once, then started my period 2 days later. It's just because your cervix is opening and ready for a period. Pushing on your cervix could make the blood come out. It's happened many times. You body may just be changing. It was probably just your period. I have NEVER heard of an infection that gives you period symptoms. It was just your normal cycle.
Avatar n tn 20-30 sit- ups I felt this painful knot in my lower abdomin someone rolling my intestine inside my stomach, it was so painful that I can't breath nor can't move, and now it seems that every time I do 5 sit-ups and and exercise that related to's startst to trigger this pain even having sex ...especially when i am on top like set up position. Anyone help!!!!!!from MD....
Avatar n tn The third time we had sex he went in all the way. After, I bled alot. We used a condom and having sex wasnt really that painfull after he was in. Is it normal to bleed after about your third time having sex? Will I always bleed after sex or is there somthing seriously wrong with me?