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Avatar f tn AFI of 9cm is within the normal range but at the lower end of normal. Measuring AFI is a bit subjective meaning you can get 9cm and remeasure moments later and get something like 7cm or even 11cm, for example. Out of precaution, in my opinion, it warrants increased surveillance. Again, just my opinion.
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1088217 tn?1301925756 hi im 32weeks pregnant and my afi is 31.5, trying to find out how high it is and what it should be and anything anyone can tell me really.
Avatar f tn I got my doppler ultrasound done on wednesday and everything was fine except by AFI i.e. amniotic fluid was borderline high which was 18. M6 glucose test 2 weeks back was normal and within limits. Is it something to worry abt?
Avatar f tn Doc suggested me to be on bed whole day. Mine AFI is 6.1 in 30th week. Any idea what shud be the normal AFI at this point of time?
8355018 tn?1410790463 Actually, the range is 5cm to 25cm. 24cm would be considered "high normal". It is variable though. Meaning one moment it could be 24cm, measure again minutes later get 26cm, and measure again minutes later and get 23cm. It's a semi quantitative assessment of fluid volume. At least your not over 30cm.
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11513017 tn?1425723993 Okay so just an update, my AFI was at 8 last week and now at 5. They told me to swim / sit in water for 30mins to increase blood flow and hopefully increase the fluid then come to the hospital on wednesday because my doctor is on call and will decide if she wants to induce me at that point. I'm still so nervous and scared that I'll drop below 2.
Avatar f tn How low is it? That would be called the AFI, amniotic fluid index. Assuming it was evaluated correctly, you need weekly biophysical profile, BPP. That is a scan that checks fetal well-being and AFI. How is the baby's growth?
2562986 tn?1358192701 So I'm 5 days past my due date if this little boy doesn't decide to come on his own I'm being induced Wednesday the 6th. Monday I'm scheduled for a stress test and a afi. I've had a stress test before but what is a afi?
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I am 35 week 1 day pregnant. Last week my doctor said to me that i have a very low AFI of 6.2, for that she gave me L-Arginine & Proanthocyanidin granules and MA-DHA to have daily once. I have continued with the above medicine and on my 35 week visit my AFI was found to be 6.5. She told me that i will be having a 90 % chance of C-Section delivery. My delivery date is on Jan 25 2011. Please suggest me what should i do to increase the fluid level.
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Avatar f tn I have been on a course of Levaquin 2 weeks ago and am still sick. Prior to this cold I had another cold and was on a Z pac, can't seem to get any better... Never had a fever, just productive cough raising green phlegm.. Should I be working about my immune system at this point?
Avatar f tn hoping for something good and trying not to think much and convince myself that I should not worry and keep faith in almighty that every thing will be fine...
Avatar f tn I did and it just may make for a bigger baby my son is measuring 7 pounds 4 ounces at 35 weeks and estimated to be a 9 to 10 pound baby when born
Avatar n tn Friends, I'm currently 32 weeks.. AFI is Dr advised me to take corticosteroid Decadron.. Is it safe... Any idea pls pls..
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Avatar f tn I have been told that it increases my chance of needing a csection, im more likely to go into preterm labor, and my water may break way too early. Im 27 weeks today and this is baby #3 so im getting super nervous that i could go into labor in the near future and im soooo not ready yet. Any of you ladies been through a pregnancy with excessive amniotic fluid? Or even currently going through one that your dr has actually answered your questions?
Avatar f tn i phoned to ask about my afi levels and normal levels are between 5 and 25. my last baby weighed 8lb 9 oz at birth so they have said im looking at about 9/10 lb this time if he carries on growing at the same pace. im hoping he slows down.
Avatar f tn I dobt have GD, baby is swallowing fine and tummy and bladder have fluid in them. My baby is also measuring pretty large, her head and belly are in the 90th percentile but she couldn't give me a reason for that. She looks healthy. The perinatologist said she will weigh about 9.5-10.5 lbs when she is born. I am 30 weeks and huge. I am 21 with a small frame, besides my ever growing belly. I eat healthy, I am a super health conscious vegan. Anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn The sonographer said my baby had short limbs which could likely be an abnormality and he even indicated Downs. EFW improved to 2016 grams and AFI to 10.8 cm. I don’t know what to make of these observations. For now, doctor has advised me to increase calorie intake and observe in 2 weeks again. I want to have a second opinion. Please help.
Avatar f tn How far along are you and did the check the AFI (amniotic fluid index)? Hydration may help a bit. Need to know the AFI for me to comment further.