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Avatar m tn I am so far a healthy 43 year old/m in pa. I am trying to decide which health insurance plan will be good for my situation and I am looking for some opinions here. This Month my group plan ends and I can take cobra but there is no financial benefit to taking my same PPO plan which gives me to price break for being unemployed. So I am trying to look at this at a meaningful way. Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have individual health insurance (not with an employer) that covers ANY part of infertility? I mean meds, IUI or IVF. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi all! I am a little over 6 months pregnant and changing jobs (and therefore insurance). In any case, I have two selections available for me upon my hire: a PPO and an HMO. Does anyone have any idea which would be easier for out of pocket cost to continue my prenatal care? My doctor is covered under both. Thanks for your help!
7552771 tn?1469929649 How come your pregnancy isn't covered by united health care? That's what my insurance is and it is amazing!.. I apologize if this is too personal.
419309 tn?1326503291 (1) Has anyone had to change health coverage/insurance carriers during treatment? Due to misinformation from my pharmacy and current HMO as well a low prescription maximum, my husband may have to change insurance carriers during treatment. Besides making sure all his doctors are still "in-network", is there anything I should be checking on before changing policies? (Thankfully, pre-existing conditions are not at issue, so we're ok there.
Avatar f tn It depends if you have health insurance and whether that insurance covers breastpumps or not. If you have health insurance. Call the customer service line printed on your insurance card. Talk to a represenatitve and ask them if they cover breast pumps and to what extent. Mine covers a 100% with no co-pay. After you have verified that they cover it, ask them what their process is. Every insurance is different. With my first pregnancy, I had Aetna.
745313 tn?1323142298 Does anyone have any experience with Aetna insurance and treatment? My company just switched from Anthem to Aetna. I was worried about the Anthem benefits with treatment, but I know nothing about Aetna. Anyone? I'm in California if that makes a difference.
Avatar n tn We have an Aetna PPO. We visited the ER. On the bill states the final amount of charges from the hospital is $418. Then there is an "Aetna Billed Charge" for $560. After checking with Aetna they told us that their negotiated rate or cap that the hospital can charge for an ER visit is $979.
9663463 tn?1407525554 Try united health group, Aetna etc. I work from home as a telephonic nurse but they have non clinical jobs posted too. They are so huge their jobs are all over the US.
201379 tn?1319991331 I need to switch health insurance for 2015 and I'm looking at maybe switching to Kaiser. When I was being screened for a transplant at Univ of Colorado several years back, I remember one woman in the group was referred by Kaiser because they didn't have a transplant center of their own. Is anyone currently being seen at UCH and on the transplant waiting list that has Kaiser for their insurance?
Avatar f tn It's not just you paying to make those people's, who struggle just as much if not more, it's all of us. I understand it isn't easy but maybe you should blame it on the already greedy insurance companies that are making it harder in you an not the people, like myself, who can't afford insurance period. Yes, I work, my husband is a full time student and he works we are having our 3rd child next month. We are no means lazy we work for every thing we have.
Avatar f tn I just wanna share this information... you can get a free breastpump through your health insurance. Breatpumps are really expensive so I hope this helps.I got mine's so fast. Just go to full out the application. Then call you doctor's office to fax over a prescription. https://www.edgepark.comĀ  Good luck ladies... hope this helps!!
572651 tn?1530999357 Hi all, I was looking for the ICD9 code for MS for some forms (#340 I believe) and came across this excellent Aetna insurance "Clinical Policy Bulletin: Multiple Sclerosis" - in clear language it explains what they consider routine coverage for MS. If you know of other insurers that post a similar document please feel free to add it here.
Avatar m tn Is your insurance through Aetna handled through your or spouses employer, an insurance broker or a local insurance agent? If so, use them. I have Aetna which used Aetna specialty phamacies for the med, so I guess each state and type of plan my differ with how this is handled. I wouldn't give up trying to call Aetna to speak with a supervisor. Be polite, but persistant. In my opinion, getting an attorney at this point will delay things even further and be very costly with little outcome.
11294269 tn?1422402907 Something has got to give. Its just too much. The one job i cannot stand is the one that offers health insurance. I am planning to leave this job. As a single woman(i plan on getting married in the coming months), what are my options for health insurance? Im nervous and so unbelievably stressed. This whole "Affordable Healthcare Act" isn't very affordable. I went to the website and for about $400/month I have to pay a $3000 deductible and get 50% coverage.
790496 tn?1315615657 NO, you don't have to tell them unless of course your disability is obvious and you need accomodations up front. If will go the ADA pages, they will provide a more complete answer. I didn't qualify for health insurance due to another medical condition and it did not affect my employment status. My employer knows because of the extended absences needed an explanation.
Avatar n tn Hopefully your insurance will cover it. Aetna is listed as an In-Network insurance plan on the Afirma website (but I know how that goes - my in-network hospital for my in-network thyroid surgery somehow had out-of-network pathology department that I then had to get them to approve). If your insurance doesn't pay and you don't qualify for Veracyte Access Program, it looks like it costs around $4800 now. But, I think it is likely that your insurance will pay for the test.
745313 tn?1323142298 Just found out that my Aetna insurance is requiring me to go to the office each week for my injection. I'm a nurse! Any suggestions on how to fight Utilization Review and get the right to do my own injections? I'm thrilled that they are paying for the cost - but that is a real inconvenience. I will have to leave work early each week for the 72 weeks!
Avatar m tn My personal opinion is and always has been that our employment should not be connected to our health insurance. That never did make any sense to me and will be the factor that sends us more and more to single payor.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how to get a new baby insurance? I know I'll need some but no idea how to even start that process!
464076 tn?1371537417 My insurance covered it ( they have to if you have comprehensive insurance) AND, Vertex is covering any co-pay. I will not be paying anything for the INCIVEK! Don't know anything about Medicare coverage. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have Aetna and was prescribed to be on treatment 24 weeks more than 'standard'. Insurance plans can differ, even within the same insurance company. One of the main objective of insurance is to limit pay-outs for coverage as much as possible. However, you and the docs can work with insurance company. If extended treatment is warranted, you might want to get your doc on the case with the insurance company.
Avatar f tn I have Empire BC/BS, we just got in January. Before Empire I had Aetna through my employer and United Health Care through his which also had infertily coverage. We decided to drop Aetna and just stay with his coverage this year because his deductible was only $450, mine was $1,800. The coverage we have now has a lifetime max of 25K for infertilty and we have only met 6K on this 1st cycle.
Avatar f tn You are not going to find a list for which Pharmacy Benefit Manager each insurance provider ie, Aetna, United, BCBS, etc has because it is dependent upon each individual plan. For example....I have insurance through my hubby's employer. We have medical insurance with Aetna. Last year our Pharmacy Benefit Manager was Catamaran but they changed this year and we have CVS/CareMark. The Speciality Pharmacy with Catamaran was Briova and with Caremark they of course have CVS.
Avatar m tn I noticed your other post in that other thread. I will put my answer here so your info is all in one place. My insurance company is United Health. There are other people on the forum with Aetna. They treated. I don't know the details of co-pays for them, but I am sure they would have posted if the co-pays had been $9,000 a month. One thing I do recall is that some people had a lot of trouble with Aetna, with approvals. But I don't know the details. I think Aetna is one of those ins.