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Avatar f tn Danie i agree with you!! I don't like Tylenol. It doesn't work for me at all. Advil does the job.
1394601 tn?1328035908 I began taking my Rebif shots without taking Advil in advance. Am I playing with fire?
Avatar n tn Earlier I Was In Extreme Pain Due To A Tooth Ache I Took Advil Because I Tried Tylenol Earlier In The Day && It Did Nothing Could Me Taking Advil Hurt My Baby I'm 28 Weeks Already!
Avatar f tn That isn't something you want to do. Address the anxiety with a professional. And STOP taking all of that advil. Follow the recommended dosages listed if you need to take it. Personally, I think for now, you should stop taking it all together, take Tylenol if you need something (again, follow the instructions listed on the package). Get to your doctor abd tell him what is going on, be honest how much advil you've been taking....and the level of your anxiety.
Avatar f tn Can I take Tylenol and Advil together for arthritis ( Especially painful neck and hands), and if so, how much of each how often
Avatar m tn I have been on all sorts of meds in the past, including vicodin and percocet. My orthopedic Dr. told me before I could mix tylenol with advil and it would equal a pain pill without the narcotic effect. I don't remember how many of each to take and how many hours apart to take each of them. Is this safe? I would rather take these then go back on pain meds! Thanks!
Avatar n tn In your opinion as a Doctor or Patient what dod you think is a better medication to cure back paine Advil or Tylenol ? What do you think is better for head ackes Advil or Tylenol? Have you experienced any side effects with these both medecines?
Avatar m tn told me before I could mix tylenol with advil and it would equal a pain pill without the narcotic effect. I don't remember how many of each to take and how many hours apart to take each of them. Is this safe? I would rather take these then go back on pain meds! Thanks!
Avatar f tn No Advil or anything with ibuprofen. Tylenol if necessary. My Dr says ibuprofen and Aspirin can cause miscarriages and some birth defects.
7510956 tn?1411675017 I was told by my Doctor to take Tylenol (no more than 2000 mg per day) instead of Advil while on treatment for headaches since advil damages the kidneys. I have always heard to avoid Tylenol since its bad for the liver or have things changed?.
Avatar n tn i was told by my doctor tylenol while on treatment. advil when not on tx. the reason i was given was because of the blood clotting factor. i am allowed 4 xstrength (1000 mgs) tylenol a day, if needed.
Avatar f tn Do you have an actual tooth problem, like cavities? Or are they just generally aching? I would recommend seeing a dentist. It's pretty bad for your body to have untreated dental problems, because of infection getting into your bloodstream. Pregnancy is a particularly bad time for that because the baby is getting things that are in your blood.
Avatar f tn I agree with Portann. I was told to take Tylenol prior to my shot so I did that for the first 8 weeks or so and then I decided to try it without taking Tylenol. No difference at all. Maybe consider trying a shot without the Tylenol to see how you do without it. You can always take it if you start to feel like you need it after the shot.
Avatar n tn I cant take Advil because of gastric bypass and it causes ulcers. i've tried anti-inflamatories....but the tylenol is what I am taking. am i ok? Is it ok to take that much? Let me know your thoughts.
Avatar f tn he has your chart, and knows things about you that no one here ever will. With that said, Tylenol (acetaminophen) is probably the most commonly used OTC analgesic for HCV patients; it’s even used by cirrhotic patients for pain. There’s no evidence that it has any *cumulative* properties; so taken in mfgrs recommended doses, it’s usually considered safe unless cirrhosis is present; then a doctor might restrict the daily amount somewhat.
Avatar n tn same here, my hepatologist stated no Ibuprofen or NSAIDs, only Tylenol, but I told her that Tylenol was crappy medicine and did not work for me. she reluctantly said ok to advil, plus I trust tylenol less as far as damage to liver goes.
163305 tn?1333672171 Everyone says to take Tylenol or advil with the shot but I thought those were bad for my liver. What about zanax?
746512 tn?1388811180 Is it safe to take advil and tylenol at the same time? I am in the middle of a horrible flare-up of TMD (basically spastic jaw muscles and horrible pain in jaw/head/face down into neck/shoulders and back). I have an appointment next thursday but I'm in 4th year university and I have midterms in a year. I can't study through the pain so I need something that can help.
4528412 tn?1357073433 I don't think you can take Advil, because that is ibuprofen. Tylenol PM should be ok though.
Avatar f tn I recently took advil today and yesterday thinking it was Tylenol. I just realised it was advil. I read a bunch online after finding out. They said small does are okay and as long as its before 32 weeks. Has anyone else had this happen or have any information they can help me with? I'm freaked out something is going to happen to my baby.
Avatar f tn The only safe pain reliever you can take is acetomenophen (sp - Tylenol). For now you should take some antihistamine and Tylenol if you are in pain. Cold compresses may be comforting and help reduce some of the swelling. Feel better and document your allergy with your health care providers.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 44 years old I took 2 advil gelcaps for cramps as I always do this time of the month and my throat swelled up. I don't know what tablets i can take for even a headace now. I think it must be the Ibuprofin i have an allergy to.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear Taking coke with advil is not the best suited option,as advil is known to cause gastric irritation.However.there are no documented adverse effects of the same so coke with advil should be avoided.
2202729 tn?1377554805 I took Tylenol 325 mg 1-2 tabs when I took my injection and then again the following morning. It worked well. Most people, even if they have liver disease, can take up to 2000 mg of Tylenol per 24 hours (in divided doses).
Avatar f tn I would try using tylenol, same as with advil by taking it the day before. And also use a heating pad the morning you start your period. That might be able to help and would be safer if you are TTC.
Avatar f tn What's the difference between Advil vs tylenol vs aleve? I've been having brutal pain (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being dying it's like an 8-9) I have a 4mm muscle tear on my side stomach muscle from a car accident. I was told ab muscles can take months n months to heal so I'm really worried, it's affecting my work, my child (it's hard to pick her up) sneezing, coughing hurts etc Anyways, I've been taking Advil 2 every 4 hrs. Today I bought some aleve n my gosh it's amazing.
310089 tn?1232485023 If your RE said it's ok to you imitrex, I should probably be ok with one Advil. I'm even starting to think whether Follistim is causing the headaches in the first place. You're actually ahead of me by almost 2 weeks. I only got AF on Friday, so I'm thinking that IUI will be next wed. I'm going for an u/s and b/w tomorrow then i'll probably have to go back on Sat and Mon. On Mon they'll tell me to take Ovidrell and IUI Wednesday. These are just my predictions.