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Avatar n tn I am by no means a doctor, nor do I have a problem with excedrin but this in my opinion may be a viable option to discuss with your doctor for treatment of getting off the excedrin rebound cycle. With any non migraine headaches you may have an over the counter NSAID (motrin, advil, ibuprofen, aleve, etc) should help with those headaches. I will also mention that believe it or not my local chiropractor could get rid of a migraine instantly for me with a neck adjustment.
1742269 tn?1315385233 I had to revert back to taking excedrin because i have not had much success with this product, except for when my jaw, TMJ, is acting up.
Avatar n tn Excedrin PM does not have caffeine. It is Tylenol with diphenhydramine (benadryl). The regular Excedrin has the caffeine which helps with many headaches.
Avatar n tn As a non-Doctor.... Advil for back pain- it has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with the pain- does not cure back pain. For headaches, I like Excedrin Maximum, which is Tylenol+Aspirin+Caffeine. No side effects if used as recommended and not abused.
Avatar f tn gov/pmc/articles/PMC2861975/ NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (some) Aspirin (Anacin, Ascriptin, Bayer, Bufferin, Ecotrin, Excedrin) Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Motrin IB, Nuprin) Magnesium salicylate (Arthritab, Bayer Select, Doan's Pills, Magan, Mobidin, Mobogesic) Naproxen sodium (Aleve, Anaprox) Celecoxib (Celebrex) Rofecoxib (Vioxx) Salsalate (Amigesic, Anaflex 750, Disalcid, Marthritic, Mono-Gesic, Salflex, Salsitab) Sodium salicylate (various generics) Cheers!
1419416 tn?1283023618 Slight head pain pretty much all day. Above right eyebrow bone. Controlled with Excedrin Migraine and Advil.
Avatar m tn Walking around hurts after a little bit but GREATLY reduces the pain when I lie back down. I swap between Advil and Excedrin migraine relief (which helps better than most other over the counter pain meds). I was hoping for help/advice on two things. 1) Pain relief for when I'm walking. I can't go to the mall with my friends, can't play basketball, and just getting around the house is painful sometimes. 2) Pain relief for the morning.
Avatar m tn I take Suboxone for pain due to too many past problems with addiction. I'm wondering If I could take Trammadol at night, long after I have taken my last dose of Suboxone? Since Trammadol is NOT an opiate, would there be any adverse effects? I've read some questions and answers in this forum and people are talking about Trammadol as it is a Opioid, which it IS NOT! Anyone who is in the know on this question know any answers to this?
1419416 tn?1283023618 Woke up with slight headache, escalated to probably around a 7 on pain scale. Took two Excedrin Migraine and One Advil and layed down for an hour, pain subsided.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I have been drugging since I've been 14 years old... Then I started my "career" and got whacked with a migraine. Over 20 years later and finally I'm ready to stop. I've been off them now for 12 days and it's been the hardest thing ever!!! So many inspirational posts on here... Thank you all... And I hope I can do this! I have a Drs appt Friday and will no doubt get a new scrip... How do you stop the craziness??? The RLS??? ahhhhhhh!!!!! I just want to be ME again.
Avatar n tn Thanks, i was wondering about the Tylonal PM's. good to know.
Avatar n tn Had a few drinks... (never had a problem with drinking)... took some advil with me and 1 2mg xanax.... came home with all of my advil and 2mg of xanax.... The only time I thought about the devil pills was when I didn't have the energy to walk the strip...but I powered through it. I am not sure about the "intense" desire to relapse...that was suppposed to come in week three.... well... week three is up for me tomorrow and I have had no desire.... If you like HipHop....
Avatar n tn I was the same way. I always took Advil or Motrin but during withdrawal, with all of the "rebound" pain, they just didn't help. But the Aleve has been amazing, and the Excedrin is a lot stronger than most OTC pain meds and it worked SO well for me on particularly tough days. And that's great that you have a good relationship with your Dr. That will help A LOT! Good luck to you and stay strong!
Avatar m tn there are some stuff that can help you now, rallen. i will copy a list so that you can start with, ok ? immodium ( diarrhea ) advil a good vitamin complex and a good B's ( best sublingual )... some magnesium chelated+calcium supplements... to help you with muscle cramps and aches potassium rich food... apple/orange juice , bananas, spinach, raisins, nutcrackers.. a good chicken soup, tomato soup, eat as healthy as possible ...some protein shakes. this is very important, .....
537974 tn?1213748515 The first time this happened (about a week ago) the headache stayed with me for a full 24 hours and both Excedrin and Aleve did nothing to dissipate the headache. The second just occurred this afternoon and my head is still throbbing as I type this. Scary stuff. Has anyone been able to figure out what is going on? I'm going to make an appointment to see my doctor, but it would be good if I could help point her in the right direction.
Avatar f tn U could try excedrin@1st when u quit or better yet otc med with no caffiene(the caffiene w/d causes wicked headaches and there is a ton n the fiorcet as u know)u could take otc&drink coffee or soda for a little while until u r feeling better and getting less rebound headaches.I went from taking my whole script of90every month or getting awful headaches because they do cause them to taking excedrin only.Now I have only had2take my prescribed meds3-4times n the last5-6+months.Thats awesome.
Avatar m tn Also, many times I have a headache with a pain in my eyes also. I mean to say that every day I have a headache along with a headache in some other part of my face(It can be nose, eyes or mandibles) which is really tough to handle. I have noticed a trend that if my headache starts in morning then it continues for around a week and then it automatically stops for next week, and then it restarts but now I may face a continuous headache in evenings.
Avatar n tn i would opt for something else but the only thing that seems to work is Excedrin. I've tried Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Bayer, Mortin, and of course the mentioned Excedrin, but it's the only thing that helps. I've even taken pills that were just the Acetaminophen, thinking maybe it would help, but apparently it's the mixture of the Acetaminophen and the Aspirin that do it for me.
Avatar n tn Also, I do not take any other prescription meds, though occasionally Advil/Excedrin for headaches, which I know do not interfere. Some feedback would be quite appreciated. Oh, and this is around the time I would normally (if not on BCP) be ovulating (about 1/2 way through.) Thanks!
Avatar n tn As far as relief goes, it's gotten to the point that I carry around a bottle of Excedrin migraine with me. It's the only thing that helps at all.
Avatar m tn I took a drug test and it came back with a small amount of THC but I had not been using drugs. I took excedrin extra strength and cold remedies before taking test. Could this have affected my drug test and gave me a false positive? If so what proof is there to show this could have happen?
Avatar f tn Excedrin is a combination of aspirin & acetominifen.
Avatar n tn If tea is your only vice than God Bless. Does Aleve work for you? I have also heard Excedrin is friend gets migraines and sometimes they work for that. I hope I can say that I am three weeks clean. Only day 2 and I pray I have it in me.
177663 tn?1213570387 5 weeks pregnant and having horrible headaches. She has always had them and lived on advil,excedrin,etc. Her doc said tylenol was ok to take but she takes it with no help. Her next appt is in 2 weeks and she will not call him like I suggest because she feels she is just going to bother him. Any suggestions on anything else that would help?
1930941 tn?1400111122 I take Advil for joint pain and if the headache is bad I take Excedrin. Does anyone know when this might subside? Is excederin safe for me to take? Any help is greatly appreciate. I am female and 41. ...
Avatar f tn I couldnt go to school but my parents keeped yelling at me to get up even after i took 4 advil and laid down for 44min.s I felt so weak. they didnt understand what was going on i was crying and my mom keepede saying " Oh, come on it cant hurt that bad" but it did. I went back to bed and they left me alone but my mom keeps saying i cant miss school.
579258 tn?1250652943 Migraine - evening - Was one step lower in intensity and used tylenol with codeine Migraine - continued evening - One step lower yet in intensity and chose Advil. Hoping that going to sleep with Advil will help it go away .. hate to use prescription meds unless I have to .. it's always a gamble at this point.
Avatar f tn No over the counter pain relief halps anymore, I have tired aleve, tylenol, excedrin and advil. I also have daily headaches, which are extremely harsh, I have started taking excedrin migraine, because nothing else helps anymore. Please let me know if you are getting anywhere with a diagnosis. I am in serious need of help.
Avatar n tn Usually i will get about 4 a months they always last for 2-3 days. I can control them with advil,aleve,excedrin migraine etc.. So i know the extremities of migraine pain (seriously), But for about the past month they have been alot more frequent and i get a regular mild headache in between. For the past 3 weeks..every 3 days or so..
Avatar f tn For me, when I get a headache, nothing works better than Advil. You could try some Excedrin. You might want to stay away from anything containing Tylenol since you've been abusing Vicoden. Take care, hope you feel better soon!