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757137 tn?1347200053 I developed serious side effects (severe bronchitis and choking) using Advair 250/50. (I had been using Advair for several years.) I started skipping the occasional dosage, then I skipped a couple of days. I tried taking it one more time and had a serious choking episode. So I stopped using it altogether. Will I suffer withdrawal, and what form will it take?
Avatar f tn I also am taking hudrocodine to help me sleep at night once in awhile. My last visit was a few weeks ago and my dr gave me advair to use everyday, an inhaler for emergencys, and more antibiotics. I got done with the antibiotics like a week ago and coughing again. I'm so sick of coughing everyday. I felt better for at least a week or two and then I cough more. I don't understand. My dr said it is chronic bronchitis.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have been diagnosed with mild Chronic Bronchitis. Now I have seen that it says that you have a persistent cough. I do not cough at all. I just feel like I have to clear my chest or throat quite a bit. My Fev1 was 82% pre and 88% post. My FEV1/FVC was 66.7%. I have had another Respo say it is asthma. All I know is that sometimes I feel like I have something stuck in my throat lower down or some pressure in my chest. I am 36 and my blood pressure is excellent.
Avatar f tn Over the last 2 months, I've been dealing with what my asthma specialist thinks may be atypical bronchitis. The symptoms are a non-productive cough and chest tightness. I'm currently on clarithromycin (for almost 30 days now) and he switched me to a new asthma inhaler Symbicort. I was previously on Advair. When my symptoms first began, my internist thought I had a ulcer that was causing the chest pain and cough. I was scoped, found to have gastritis and was given Prilosec.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed just about every inhaler known to man, including Advair and those do not help. I have recently been put on a Mucomyst treatment twice daily and that has helped some, but not much. It seems like I can breathe in deeply, but get no benefit from the breath. The best way to describe it is that my lungs feel like they weigh 100 pounds. They just always feel very heavy. I was hoping someone might have similar symptoms and had a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I am an asthmatic. Recently, I had a bad virus and got bronchitis, its haning around pretty good (since October 2008). I take Serevent (it works for me) but due to the virus I have developed several nodules throughout my lungs and having difficulty breathing. My doctor gave me Advair. I am concerned. I take Azor for high blood pressure, I also have been exposed to TB (1987 took INH and B6 six months) I also have lactose intolerance, I take enzyme for. Should I take this medicine?
757137 tn?1347200053 Advair has a steroid in it, which can cause hair growth, etc. I took Advair for my COPD briefly. I simply did not like the side effects that it seem to give me.
Avatar n tn Forgot to mention that that Advair also gave a case of severe bronchitis (which I falsely assumed was a worsening of my condition) which kept me coughing all day and all night. The FDA issued a warning last February about salmeterol (one of the components of Advair), but I found the same problem when I tried an inhaled steroid that did not contain it.
1425157 tn?1311655279 )I recently developed a mild asthma thing from a bad cold and doc put me on advair but sometimes when i take it i feel my heart beating really forcefully a little fast and feel anxious--i read advair can cause this but i dunno---anyone else know anything about this???
Avatar f tn 07 with moderate COPD. Was put on Advair, Spiriva and ProAir as my rescue inhaler. After being on the Advair and Spiriva for several months, I began to become ill. Spent the sickest winter of my life, while on these inhalers. Bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy that was so painful for 3 months. I was doing okay before the inhalers. At least not sick all the time. Then, I went off the inhalers. Personally, I said heck with them. And knock on wood, I have been doing pretty good without them.
Avatar f tn I first had bronchitis and they gave me Albuterol and the Zpac of antibiotics. I didn't get any better so then they put me on steroids for 5 days, then that didn't help now I'm on Advair and antibiotics again. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right to them and what kind of side effects have you had on the Advair. I've only been on it for 2 days now and I still have some tightness in my chest. I'm a runner and this is frustrating to me since I can't get out and exercise!!
Avatar f tn It sounds like you might have an upper respiratory infection (? bronchitis). Advair also contains a bronchodilator .... It's not unusual that you would be experiencing symptoms; the medication had a purpose and now you have the same respiratory problem that you had before it was prescribed. I agree 100% with the previous poster. See you physician and also get back on your med.NOW. DO NOT risk a severe asthma attack .... they can kill !!
Avatar n tn The manufacturer does not lay much emphasis on deaths caused by Advair, a rather spectacular side effect. I stopped using it because it caused severe bronchitis (which I thought mistakenly was part of a worsening illness). I stopped cold turkey after almost choking to death. And, guess what, I have mild chronic bronchitis.
Avatar m tn She has developed chronic bronchitis, asthma and the beginnings of emphysema. Her doctor has her on Advair, Accolate, Spiriva and Albuterol. She has had a chronic cough for 2 months. She is hoarse, has flu-like symptoms and her vocal chords are irritated. She has been given several anti-biotics and nothing has worked to clear up her chest congestion and mainly the hoarse and irritated vocal chords. Do you think one of the meds. can be causing this? Is she on too many meds?
Avatar f tn I'm 5weeks pregnant with my fourth child and about a year ago I developed severe asthma and bronchitis I'm currently taking albuterol in my men treatment advair and spiriva is it harmful to my baby
Avatar m tn It has taken both my hubby and my one son quite a long time to find the right combinations that work for them. Hubby now takes Advair and Spiriva. Son takes additional nose sprays for allergies + singulair + advair. If the combination you are on is not working for you then you need to change it. It has been 5 months for you...time to change/update your meds. Give your doctor a call and tell him that it just isn't working for you.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I had chronic bronchitis and I now take medication (Advair) for it but I want to know if chronic bronchitis is contagious. I know that acute bronchitis is contagious but I didn't think chronic bronchitis was. I'm asking because my boyfriend says that everyday after he sees me his throat feels sore and he starts coughing a lot with a lot of mucus. I smoke and he doesn't.
Avatar n tn ' Once the attack passes I seem to be ok, but it continues on all day and night (worse at night) The first year this happened I went to the doctor after about a month of this and he told me it was tracheal bronchitis, gave me steroids and a z-pack. It cleared up after I finished those up and didn't come back. The next year it came I went to the doc and he checked my blood and said there was no bacterial infection so it was most likely not bronchitis, and that it could be allergies.
Avatar m tn I've had asthma for years and am currently undergoing allergy shots for the second time. My providers always concentrate on the allergies but it is actually colds that are my biggest triggers. I get a cold and it settles in my chest. This past winter I had multiple colds (which often occurs thanks to my small children). The last of three "acute bronchitis" this winter was late January with a minor cold in March.
Avatar n tn I do not have chronic bronchitis but I've had bronchitis and only took prednisone for a small amount of time. The best treatment for me turned out to be switching from Flovent 110, my normal dosage, to 220 whenever I felt a cold coming on. If it did progress to get worse, then I would take Foradil (which really helped improve my night time lung function but typically isn't for a short-term treatment) in addition to whatever bronch medication they gave me and lot's of heavy duty cough syrup.
Avatar n tn Currently the last few years I've been having an issue where I normally get sick, then get bronchitis afterwards. After I get over most of it, I still have it lingering through out almost the rest of the year it seems. I have seen my doctor about it but she doesn't believe it is chronic bronchitis, though I'm not really sure what to think. The problem is that when I wake up in the morning, I can't really get a good breath of full air, and I have to reach for my inhaler everytime.
Avatar m tn Two regimens of antibiotics have proven to be ineffective. I am using daily the generic equivalent of Flonase, am also taking an antihistamine, Advair, and doing nasal irrigation with a neti pot. I have also had a chest XRay, which my physician said was clear. An ENT doctor examined my nose and throat using a camera probe and indicated that my vocal cords were slightly infamed -- but that was about it. Even with all that, I can't seem to shake this condition loose.
Avatar m tn When i started coughing up mucus and losing my voice i decided to go. My dr said that it was most likely bronchitis. He took chest x-ray and also an ekg because he was concerned with the fact that my pulse was high. He put me on antibiotic. Zithromax I think. After a week there wasn't much change. I went back and he put me on another antibiotic(can't remember the name but was a blue capsule) and also advair powder inhaler.
Avatar m tn When i started coughing up mucus and losing my voice i decided to go. My dr said that it was most likely bronchitis. He took chest x-ray and also an ekg because he was concerned with the fact that my pulse was high. He put me on antibiotic. Zithromax I think. After a week there wasn't much change. I went back and he put me on another antibiotic(can't remember the name but was a blue capsule) and also advair powder inhaler.
Avatar n tn Bronchitis can last for many weeks and it can cause you to have specks of blood in your sputum. It can also be associated with wheezing and chest tightening. Advair is a good choice to treat this problem. However, if the oral steroids did not work, it is possible that Advair will not work either. I would continue to discuss this with your pulmonologist.
5037123 tn?1362666606 Last week I was diagnosed with Asthma (through a breathing test) after two bouts with Bronchitis and lots of coughing. My doctor gave me Advair. After 3 doses I began getting back pain between my shoulder blades. Not sure if it was from the Advair I took another dose and the pain got worse. I contacted my doctor and he changed me to Symbicort. I had no problem for 3 days, but after today's dose the back pain is back. Is this typical or am I doing something wrong when inhaling.
975514 tn?1325001538 Then, through a fluke, I started missing some of my Advair doses I noticed I was feeling better and that made me think! I tried stopping Advair altogether and then going back on it. Culprit identified! The bronchitis subsided; the choking episodes disappeared. I added natural anti-inflammatories to my regimen. Went back to the HMO guy and he said it was probably the salmeterol in Advair that caused the problem. He prescribed a weak dose of an inhaled steroid. Same result.
Avatar n tn If one is using Advair 50/250 twice a day, and goes for a pulmonary function test, are they likely to find any breathing problems? Also, if they give you a bronchodialator medication are you likely to see any improvement on the test? My thoughts are that the test isn't very useful if you are already being medicated.
Avatar m tn Neither of which lasted long. Now, I have to take my Albuterol regularly along with my advair as I only take advair every other day. I'm also looking for answers.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 yr old female who suffers from chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, and gerd (but infrequent heartburn). In the past 2 years I have had frequent nausea, bloating, diarrhea following a trip to YUcatan. 6 months after trip i became very ill for 3 days with bad nausea and vomiting, diarrhea coincident with e. Coli in town water. I required hopitalization, rehydration and anti-nausea medicine. Following this, eating 1/4 cup of Ice-cream caused 4 hrs of severe vomiting.