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Avatar n tn I didn't get the anxiety though. I was switched to Qvar and Foradil which is basically the same mechanism only with different medicines. Might ask your doc if that would work for you.
Avatar n tn I take singular once a day and it has helped tremendously with my asthma, cut my attacks by nearly a third. I've been doing great on singular, can't sing its praises enough!!! My brother was on symbicort, but it didn't work well for him. We saw no results after two months so we switched his meds and he's been doing absolutely amazing on singular. P.S. After nearly a month of being on advair I had one of the worst attacks of my life. I ended up in the Emergency Room.
Avatar n tn My question is - what is a reasonable length of time I can expect to wait before Advair begins to work and I start to feel better? Is a month and a half reasonable? My doctor put me on it over 6 weeks ago, and I don't feel any better now than I did at the beginning, and this is using the highest dose available. Would this be indicative of something other than asthma if I'm not noticing any improvement?
Avatar m tn My girlfriend suffers from chronic asthma, which has resulted in nearly annual hospital stays. She found a specialist that seemed to have a temporary solution- daily Advair and Singulair medication (high dose) and Prednisone treatments every few months during recurring problems.
Avatar f tn Ever since I stopped taking Advair, I've become hypersensitive to any and all drugs!! Everything from Prilosec to Tagament. From vitamins to digestive enzymes. From Albuterol Sulfate (in nebulizer) to Singulair. Everything that I ingest in pill form or inhale (chemically) results in a SEVERE allergic reaction or SEVERE adverse reactions!! I've learned to combat the GERD by controlling my diet and eating more raw foods seems to do the trick. BUT my asthma really concerns me.
Avatar n tn I have not been off the systemic steroids in over a year, and most months averaged 35 mgs a day. I'm on two inhaled steroids (Advair 500/50 one puff BID and Qvar 80mcg four puffs BID). I'm not too worried about the inhaled steroids as I am in the systemics. Will these high doses of systemic steroids inhibit my fertility as I get older? If it's of any use, I'm an eighteen-yr-old female, five foot six (169.8 cm), 140 lbs (63.5 kilos), normal menses and I am not sexually active.
Avatar m tn It's been about a month and a half and he is coughing again and has nose congestion, no other symptoms. last month we did not increase meds when he was sick but this time his pulm has me doing his regular advair plus qvar plus albuterol. I started this about 6 days ago and he is still coughing and still has a congested nose. I took him to his primary doctor who did bloodwork and chest xray and all was normal so they told me it was viral and has to run its course.
1313843 tn?1275025037 I have asthma and was on advair from 2000 -2009 now i am on symbicot. I started feeling fatigue very soon after I was on advair and never thought about it could be M.S. related. now that i look back I had symptoms that fits M.S. But after my neuro told me that I should have been treated way back(10yrs ago), i am wondering if there are any connection between M.S. , adavir or asthma.
1398693 tn?1343688338 25 MG/3ML IN NEBU 2X a day before Advair, Singular 10 MG PO TABS, Advair Diskus 500-50 MCG/Dose in AEPB 2X a day, Qvar 80 MCG/ACT IN AERS 2 puffs 2X a day for my severe asthma and I do get relief from the Combivent only to have the chest heaviness come back hours later. So if it were from tight muscles in my chest wouldn’t the Combivent not work because is affecting the lungs and not the muscles?
Avatar f tn As for your teeth and mouth, your doctor should have given you instructions to rinse or brush your teeth after using the Advair, otherwise it can eat through the enamel and also cause sores and sensitivity in your mouth. If you have any concerns, you should call your doctor or pharmacist. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn She was on QVAR, which didn't work very well, then we went to ADVAIR, which the insurance company encouraged me to change her from because it was so insanely expensive and now she is taking Dulera (which I think is working better than ADVAIR was) one puff each in the a.m. and p.m. and then using a rescue inhaler when needed for the exercise. Her asthma is controlled, now, however, she has REALLY started shedding her hair and it is freaking us both out.
Avatar m tn I have asthma myself and used to have sharp pains when I would take a very deep breath but since I have been useing Advair ,I haven't done that . There is only one draw back to Advair and that is, it is expensive even with my insurance the copay on it is over $50.00 a month but it does improve my breathing so I guess you fight one evil with another.
Avatar n tn Before diagnosis, I was waking every night for months breathless. Since then, I've been on inhaled steroids (Qvar) with a spacer and it has helped tremendously. I'm also taking Spiriva (tiotropium bromide). It has been very helpful as well. The docs also evaluated me for gastric reflux and allergies & I'm being treated for those as well, which may be playing a role in optimizing my lung function also. Many folks benefit from using a Bi-Pap, especially with their O2.
1398693 tn?1343688338 The worst of it is I have no rescue inhaler and the meds for my nebulizer won't stop an attack because the dosage is TOO low it's only geared towards opening my lungs enough to allow the Advair ( 500/50 ) and the Qvar to get in to my lungs, and I haven’t been able to get my doctor to strengthen up my meds or give me a better rescue inhaler and I've been trying for the past 2 years.
Avatar f tn Of course, neither she nor the pharmacy had offered one to me. Instead, I switched to QVAR which is much more effective and lasts longer than 4 or 6 hours. The down side is that QVAR is a steroid; however, I have yet to notice any negative side effects after about 3 years of use.
212161 tn?1476095111 I use advair twice a day and combivent when my asthma kicks in and i don't notice much racing when i use em
Avatar n tn You and he/she will have to resort to other preparations, to include a different inhaled steroid, such as Flovent® HFA Inhalation Aerosol (fluticasone propionate), either alone or in combination with a long-acting bronchodilator, like Serevent® Inhalation Aerosol (salmeterol xinafoate) or Foradil® Aerolizer™ (formoterol fumarate inhalation powder), such a combination being either Advair® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol or Symbicort® (budesonide/formoterol fumarat
Avatar n tn Primary doc put me on QVAR inhailer 2xs day, after 4 days of continued coughing/wheezing I went for a 2nd opinion. 2nd primary doc took me of the QVAR inhailer and ordered me a nebulizer to take 2x daily with pulmicort, and every 4 hours with albuterol as well as Flovent inhailer 2xs daily. 1 week and I was still having severe chest pain, tightness and shortness if breath.
312330 tn?1245180352 I use xopenex as my rescue med...and right now do Qvar and Foradil for my maintenance meds right now...but obviously am not under control.
Avatar f tn That is why it is important to first exhaust all of your other options. I really like Symbicort, it is less risky to the body then Advair and works very well for asthma. I'm also a big mucous producer and it does cut down the amount that my lungs produce on a regular basis. Right now I"m on the equivalent of Symbicort 400 (which is pulmicort 400ug combined with a long acting bronchodilator Oxeze 12ug. ).
1398693 tn?1343688338 25 MG/3ML IN NEBU 2X a day before advair, SINGULAIR 10 MG PO TABS, ADVAIR DISKUS 500-50 MCG/DOSE IN AEPB 2X a day, QVAR 80 MCG/ACT IN AERS 2 puffs 2X a day When I see me doctor primary or allergist they all ways tell me that my lungs are clear but I still can’t breathe I’m even having a problem breathing when he’s listening to my lungs. Could my lungs be chronically inflamed? I haven’t had an x-ray since February I don’t know why they won’t do an x-ray to see what’s going on?
Avatar m tn I take inhaled steroids and xolair shots but I still need to use albuerol 4 times the days I swim and about 2 times every day. I don't swim. My doc says I'm taking all the advair, Qvar I can take. I am 75. I don't see how the pulmonologist and I can change the meds. Heart is good. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn i am taking qvar preventative and ventolin reliever. lately my overnight breathing is causing me problems. i asked my gp for singulair but she prescribed atrovent. it does get mucus up but i am waking to cough it up. i have excersize induced asthma. it was on this site that i heard about singulair.
Avatar n tn I use albuterol inhaler and nebs frequently. I use also use steroid inhalers-Advair and Qvar. Since December I have had two courses of oral prednisone (30 mg burst/taper) I had a CT scan 3 months ago that revealed nodules of a ground glass appearance. It was recommended the CT scan be repeated in 3 months and was repeated 2/22/11. I received a brief letter today that said the original nodules have disappeared but new nodules have formed.
Avatar n tn I have taken many medications along the lines of Qvar, Advair, Flonase, etc... What should i be doing, the strain of the sickness is making me very weary.
Avatar m tn I have kept a diary on his health for about a year. He used to take qvar and now has switched to Advair. He has taken psudesoline/orapred 5x in 2009. The last episode was December 2009, where he could not stop coughing. I started to give him the artbutal but nothing worked and the cough worsen. The doctor said he sounded like he was grouping/groupy. He could NOT stop coughing. They started the orapred and the next day we went to the doctors (pulmonologist).
Avatar m tn So now my doctor thinks my asthma is not under control and put me on advair 250 (which I was already on) and qvar he said come back in a month and see how things are going. So I guess what I want to know is if you think I have anything serious like copd or lung cancer... I don't have a family history of these diseases. I also don't know if it could he related to the season cause I know sometimes in fall I have some issues.
Avatar n tn I've been on Qvar, and now Advair 500. I've had allergy testing, and nada. I also had a pulmonary lung function test and it showed a weakness in blowing out, (I don't know the technical term). I've also been tested (by blood) for Lupus, Myeloma/Cancer, and fortunately all results were negative. Anyway, I've recently had a CT scan, and cloudy spots showed up on my lungs. I panicked at first, thought it was cancer for sure (before tests), but now am wondering if it could be lingering bacteria?
Avatar n tn I've been on Qvar, and now Advair 500. I've had allergy testing, and nada. I also had a pulmonary lung function test and it showed a weakness in blowing out, (I don't know the technical term). I've also been tested (by blood) for Lupus, Myeloma/Cancer, and fortunately all results were negative. Anyway, I recently had a CT scan, and cloudy spots showed up on my lungs. I panicked at first, thought it was cancer for sure (before tests), but now am wondering if it could be lingering bacteria?