Advair and mouth sores

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Avatar f tn Have mouth sores upper lip and tongue and inside cheeks are sore. Upper lip swollen.
471113 tn?1245108820 Its a prescription, but the drug is called CARAFATE SUSP And you use a tablepoonful 4 times daily as needed swish and swallow 4 times daily. I never thought it would help but to my surprise it went away in a couple of days. My doctor never heard of it but he was willing to try. Anyway don't quit tx until you try this. I am on my 24wk geno 3 and this tx has been very hard. I lost about 30lbs.
Avatar f tn I am seeing some flashing lights and have had much more of a rashon my face. I also have had a rash appear on my hands and disappear after an hour. It was a little different than the broken blood vessels, it was red flat dots on my fingers. I have also started wetting myself spontaneously. I cant empty my bladder when I do go to the bathroom, and when I do spontaneous;y wet myself, I dont have a full bladder, it just leaks out, or spasms. Either way.
Avatar f tn Have mouth sores this week on lower lip. mouth is sore in general. using mouthwash. also having quite a bit of joint pain and stiffness. not sure if starting to have flare.
Avatar f tn I just looked threw my info and did find that mouth sores are a SX. I am going to try to gargle with salt water to see if that helps.......
Avatar f tn As for your teeth and mouth, your doctor should have given you instructions to rinse or brush your teeth after using the Advair, otherwise it can eat through the enamel and also cause sores and sensitivity in your mouth. If you have any concerns, you should call your doctor or pharmacist. Hope this helps.
1763308 tn?1318507806 Apthous Ulcer
1763308 tn?1318507806 Apthous Ulcer
1763308 tn?1318507806 Apthous Ulcer
1763308 tn?1318507806 Apthous Ulcer
Avatar m tn Getting boils and sores in my mouth and on my face
Avatar n tn I was using Advair as well as albuterol but I stopped taking the advair due to dry mouth. It has been about a month and I still have a dry mouth, although not as bad as when on the Advair. If I chew gum or suck on a hard candy this relieves the dry mouth temporarily,also, when I eat my mouth makes enough saliva and it is not a problem. My question is that I feel fine besides sinus and allergy related symptoms, can sinus infections or allergies cause dry mouth.
Avatar f tn From waking up in the middle of the night and biting my tongue.
Avatar f tn have really bad cold and mouth sores. Dr. Klein called in zpak and mouth wash.
461838 tn?1255790216 I gotta say that this poison is doing what it is supposed to and also the sx I had heard about. I couldn't sleep last night, had a dry mouth, have bit and chewed tongue and some sore places where mouth and lips are so dry have ocurred. I havn't had diarrhea since Sat, some nausea, side pain, GI called and said my stool cultures were negative, I have an appointment this week. Just fatigued and real sleepy about an hour after morning riba than foggy the rest of day so far.
Avatar f tn Canker sores have been brewing the last couple of days on left side of mouth and tongue.
Avatar n tn I too get thrush from Advair, and yes I was rinsing my mouth really well. I had been on Adviar for a few months when I first started getting the thrush (reddish patches surrounded by a creamy white color) which at first my asthma/allergist Doc said didn't look like thrush. I was prescribed Nystatin, went through a whole bottle with no help. Finally I suggested to my Doctor that another drug might be better for me, so we tried Singulair for a little over a month which did not help.
Avatar f tn still have mouth sores but getting better
Avatar n tn Somnolence; report of mouth sores when awake
Avatar n tn Somnolence; report of mouth sores when awake
Avatar n tn Somnolence; report of mouth sores when awake
Avatar n tn Somnolence; report of mouth sores when awake
1320648 tn?1277503220 good check-up. no cavities or mouth sores noted.
Avatar f tn have several mouth sores. lt leg is quite painful.
5037123 tn?1362663006 Last week I was diagnosed with Asthma (through a breathing test) after two bouts with Bronchitis and lots of coughing. My doctor gave me Advair. After 3 doses I began getting back pain between my shoulder blades. Not sure if it was from the Advair I took another dose and the pain got worse. I contacted my doctor and he changed me to Symbicort. I had no problem for 3 days, but after today's dose the back pain is back. Is this typical or am I doing something wrong when inhaling.