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Avatar n tn What procedures should I expect my new cardiologist to recommend? Could the asthma I thought I had and was taking Advair for, actually be pulmonary hypertension? What medications, if any, are effective with my condition? My BP is usually less than 110/65. My PFT and CT lung scan both came back essentially normal. Do I have PH?
Avatar n tn I was put on HCTZ and sent to a hypertension/nephrology specialist. I have had x-rays, a VCUG, IVP, ultrasounds and many blood/urine tests. Everything came back normal. I am now on maximum doses of Procardia, Toprol and HCTZ in an attempt to bring my BP down since I was sent to ER by a general practitioner. Vast arrays of blood work, MRAs, urinalysis, etc have come back normal except for iron deficiency anemia and continuing high levels of WBCs.
Avatar f tn My physician has prescribed both Advair 50/250 and Spiriva, along with Pro Air p4-6h prn and nebulizer treatment (Albuterol) q4-6h prn. I am still having problems breathing. Is it okay to take these all at the same time? Will there be any side effects?
Avatar n tn Advair, Spriva, Albutrol. and adult asprin.. After a echocardiogram and a treadmill and xray testing ...last year 2008 I was told I have recovered my heart. However I have pulmonary hypertension ..HBP in my lungs. I see a pulmonary specialist, a Cardiologist, and my main doctor. I get out of breath easy just after walking a block, I do excersise with a trainer twice a week and can only do about 3 minutes sometimes 5 minutes at a time.
Avatar n tn She is currently taking Advair, Singulair, Atrovent and uses both a nebulizer and oxygen at night. She uses her inhalers occasionally, but does not (usually) need them on a regular basis. She has a history of blood pressure readings in the 120/70 range which has not changed until the past few weeks. She suddenly experienced readings ranging from 158/85 to 225/95. (The highest was 265/125).
Avatar n tn This is often dose related and so the first step should be for you and your doctor to reduce the total daily dose of inhaled steroid as much as you can, yet still maintain good control of your asthma. In this regard, Advair and Symbicort are reasonably equivilant. Being sensitive to the skin effects, you are apt to be more sensitive to other steroid side effects, such as cataracts, hypertension and adrenal gland suppression.
Avatar m tn He did not tell him anything besides he has an obstuction and try taking Advair and Duoneb. My actual question is does he trully have COPD or is his lung deterioration due to damage from the accident and what can be done for him? He is a smoker (stupid he knows) for 16 years, does have SOB even with walking around house, Echo showed Pap at 31, uses o2 during sleep due to o2 readings of high 70's. Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn My md put my on Singulair and an Advair diskus. During the process I lost 12 pounds and had a ongoing fever. My md did a million blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, ekg, echocardiogram, stress ech and absolutely everything came back normal other than having the presence of the mycoplasma. He did prescribe xanax to help me with anxiety for the bronchitis because I had never had breathing issues before and I was pretty scared. Now I am off all meds.
Avatar m tn EEG, CT, MRI, VQ scans, EKG and echocardiogram (except for elevated pressures) were all normal. He suffered from intermittent tachycardia (150 and above) and hypertension for several months. He was tested for every possible cause of pulmonary hypertension without any significant finding. Pulmonary pressures slowly returned to normal within 8 months. For the past few months he has been experiencing lightheadedness.
Avatar f tn Does this seem like normal progression of the disease with treatment of Spireva, Advair, Albuterol and oxygen during sleeping? I won't be able to see a pulmonologist until September but I live in Minnesota and my son is getting married in Colorado. Will I need more oxygen when I go to Colorado and will I need oxygen when I fly or would it be better to drive?
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Advair (varying doses, depending on symptom control) and albuterol for episodes. I went to my internist concerned that it was not asthma causing my shortness of breath, but my heart. He did an ekg (normal), and my O2 levels are always in the 90s, even when sick. He also ordered some tests to get a baseline for any cardiac issues in the future.
Avatar m tn My elder brother has a very mild chronic bronchitis which really didn't bother him that much. His doctor gave him Advair. I got him off it and told him to take between 500 and 1000 mg. of vitam B5 daily. He is doing so and his minor condition is relieved. Unlike you and my brother, I have COPD. It is interesting that since I kicked the poisons my doctor prescribed I am breathing much better. I take 1000 mg. of Vitamin B5, mullein extract, and MSM daily, in place of the prescriptions.
Avatar f tn Fatigue, cough, SOB, weight loss, chest pain, inflammation of the sinus nasal passage, numbness and weakness due to blood vessels of the extremities inflammed, viral rashes, purple patches and nodules, elevated white blood cells (Eosinophils), lungs inflammed, diarrhea, pain in the belly, hypertension, seizure and confusion. I believe I have experienced every symptom except for possible diarrhea and a seizure.
Avatar n tn I had breathing problems that were attributed to acid reflux in the fall, and I'm currently on prevacid, advair, singulair and clarinex. I have been having some headaches, but nothing unbearable. My sleeping habits aren't the best, but I get around 7-7.5 hours most nights, with more on some weekends. I'm trying to figure out if this is something I need to see my doctor about.
Avatar n tn I am morbidly obese with Intracranial Hypertension as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis, sleep apnea, GERD, asthma and several other annoying issues.
Avatar n tn I'm on 40,000 Procrit weekly, 50mg Trazadone daily, prilosec, advair, flonase and allegra for sinus and now synthroid for the thyroid fiasco. Yikes! Before all this I wouldn't take as much as an aspirin unless I thought I heard the pearly gates being opened! Did I leave anything out? Cuteus - I'm thinking they will do a PCR 30 days after the end of tx - I think that's the most common time for relapse. I'm sure one will be done within 3 months of stopping.
Avatar n tn I have NEVER had this experience in my life until after the second time I took Zoloft. The only other medication I am taking is Albuterol and Advair inhalers for my asthma. I am really miserable and not one professional seems to care much less understand what the hell is going on.
Avatar n tn I'm really terrified about the whole ordeal and was planning on taking a job that potentially would remove me from her proximity and not sure if I should do that now. Also my wife and I were planning on waiting a few more years until we have children however now I am re-thinking that aspect also. If worse comes to worse can they just do a lung transplant? Or is this something difficult to obtain, or too risky? Any help or information is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn However, if I talk afterwards, I get to the point where I feel I can't breathe at all. It is really scarey. I use Advair twice a day. I have pulmonary hypertension. Is this a symptom of that, or is this asthma?
Avatar f tn two years ago, prognosis of "probably one year" was given. smoking given up successfully at that time. saw immediate improvement of symptoms. then, 16 months later, dyspnea appeared to be at level when smoking was still in the picture. 6 months after that, dyspnea worse, cough has returned, lung capacity at 30%. on spiriva and advair. since prognosis of "probably one year" (that would have been feb of 07) proved false, what might prognosis look like now?
Avatar f tn There IS a reason for the questions, but I know so little about his case, I wanted to get some background prior to saying much. I do feel for you and your son and family and hope he gets stronger. No - it isn't normal for someone to have the these issues with asthma. Anytime there is significant inflammation in the lung, when it heals there can be scar tissue. It can clear up completely, however, it all depends on the severity, the frequency, and the reason.
Avatar n tn The Neurologist mentioned the possibility of Intercranial hypertension and I've read about Orthostatic Hypertension, which is relative to standing up from a seated position. On a positive note I swear I have felt like my episodes are not as extreme since I started exercising 3 times per week and have lost a little weight. I'll see what happens in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn I have seen GI specilaists and had an endosocopy which showed mild reflux disease and take nexium, ENT doctors did complete sinus workup and I have no sinus problems. I can feel the asthma attacks coming on most of the time and can lessen the symtpoms somewhat with nebulizer, rescue inhaler and cough medicine. But there are times when I started violently coughing for no apparent reason. Air travel worsens my symptoms which is difficult since I have to travel frequently for my job.
Avatar n tn I was told that the results were ok, but that it showed I couldnt' get a full breath out. Prescribed Advair, and told it was possibly allergies. I've been using that for 4 days, but I still find myself SOB, mostly when I'm doing physical activity (painting inside of new house or cleaning). I've read about pulmonary hypertension, and I'm concerned. My toenail and fingernail beds appear slightly blue, but I'm not sure how blue they are, and if I'm seeing things that aren't there.
38309 tn?1270893703 Hi, doc.Thank you for your valuable time. I'm 38, non-smoker. Two years ago, I had undiagnosed asthma during my third pregnancy. (I'm a former runner who was reduced to bedrest at that time). Postpartum, I was diagnosed with "mild obstructive ventilatory defect w/ improvement after bronchodilators," and prescribed Advair 100/50 x2 daily.
Avatar n tn Has CHF, COPD, NO hypertension, and Manic Depression. On Coumadin, Lasiks(ON-HOLD for now), Lisinopril (10 mg),Advair,Combivent,Lamictal (25 mg/day)(was taking 450mg/day Escalith until last hospital visit) Also on an antibiotic, oxygen and cough medicine to treat pneumonia. Aug-03, she was hospitalized for tachycardia, atrial flutter, severe shortness of breath, pneumonia, and acute myocardial infarction. In Nov, she was hospitalized for CHF, tachycardia, shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn My current issues – Head sensations in clusters (top, sides, and back of head), back pain/aches, bone aches in thighs, calves, and fingers, rushing sound in left ear at night or in quiet room, and pressure in rear sometime entire head. Have CT, MRA, and ENT Specialist scheduled in next two weeks. Am worried about underlying issues even as recently prescribed medications are dulling the sensations, aches, and pains. My recent history is below. Background – 44 year old male, 5’10”, 210lbs.
Avatar m tn Government Manager/Executive with work behind computer and various meetings throughout week. History of Asthma and Allergies x25yrs however controllable without attacks (Meds – Advair Diskus, Claritin, & Flonase). Family history of heart problems – prescribed pre-hypertension meds in 2006, changed to Lisinopril (20mg) in 2010. Diagnosed six months ago with Chronic Epidetimitis. Meds for 90 days only. Occasional flare ups with aches in right side of groin area.
211940 tn?1267884866 However, he said it could NOT be causing me so much pain. He checked out my arm and noticed a hard soft tissue knot, and suggested removing it through surgery and it "might" relieve my pain. So, 3 weeks ago I had the said surgery and it was removed (a hard soft tissue mass about the size of a marble). No, this was not the cyst inside my humerus bone. Anyways, I still have the pain, and it is extremely terrible at night (on a scale of 1 to 10, a 20 at night).
Avatar n tn I have been on Advair and Spiriva with Combivent as a fast acting inhaler. My question is what are the effects of being on these medications indefinitely, and should I be on both or just the Spiriva? I guess I feel better taking them but worry about the long term effects on the rest of my body. I feel like I have arthritis in my hands and am wondering if its from these meds, also pins and needles feelings in my hands. I have been excercising and quit smoking. I have insomnia.