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Avatar m tn I have adult adhd, im 43 y/o male .Im not taking nothing right now for it. I do take 3 vicodin a day for neck arthritis and 1# 1mg xanax at night to sleep. I been having mild anxiety a few times a day. i was wondering if i got the adhd meds it would help with the anxiety attacks. or maybe ask the dr for xanax during the day also. what is a good adhd med for adults to ask for?
Avatar f tn I have been doing alot of research on ADHD lately as I think my daughter probably has it. While I was searching, I kept coming across sites about adult ADHD and I'm starting to think I have it as well.
Avatar f tn People with ADHD often pick exciting jobs that involve moving around and paying attention for short periods of time--things like being a paramedic or chef for example. It is also part of adult ADHD to be an underachiever, but again this does not have to last forever. Sometimes living at home can prolong the problems. You know your parents are acting as a safety net, and this can make you stagnate.
707438 tn?1240959640 i was just wondering if there were any adult adhd sufferers in this community and if there is can you get in touch with me?
707438 tn?1240959640 I for one highly disagree but was wondering about how others felt regarding Adult ADD/ADHD. All opinions are welcome but PLEASE be considerate about others thoughts and feelings.
Avatar m tn You might want to check out this site. It is aimed at adults and has some interesting posts. http://jeffsaddmind.
1287128 tn?1331134538 My thoughts are that stim meds affect people with ADHD differently than people who do not have ADHD. Many times it actually will calm them down. And since anxiety is a co-disorder with ADHD - if your ADHD improves, then your anxiety might reduce (and the pounding heart). I know I have cut down on my coffee intake (lots more tea- love Yogi Bedtime tea at night), since my heart problems.
1546912 tn?1293809481 A fruitless search for an Adult-specific ADHD forum and support community left me frustrated and cranky. Combing through general ADHD forums is -- ironically -- the worst thing for an ADHD adult who is eager to find success strategies. When I found the Mr. Tuckman's quote, I gave up the hunt and decided to put my energy into creating this forum. Please participate, enjoy, and contribute to what will be a God-send for other adults.
5631890 tn?1371310040 How can I help our child understand that they continue to have ADHD as an adult, it didn't end when they got out of school?
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone here diagnosed with adult adhd could share with me a few things please in regards to focusing and staying focused whether it's reading or driving television any activity does medication help you stay focused? and does the ability to not be able to focus extend to everything regardless the level of interest you hold in it?
Avatar n tn Congratulations on trying to do something about what is going on with you. Well, the first thing you probably need is to get a real good idea of what ADHD or ADD is. The link on this site is pretty good. Another good site is - Meds might well help you - or not. There really is only one way to find out.
Avatar n tn Yes, all of those can easily come along with ADHD and very often do. ADHD is known to have co-existing disorders and bi-polar and depression are two of the foresmost ones. Addiction is commonly experienced by those with ADHD because we tend to self-medicate in order to stimulate the area of our brain that is deficient. This is why stimulant medication tends to work so well usually.
Avatar m tn Ritalin for ADHD treatment in adults has not been adequately studied, meaning that no large studies have been conducted on the benefits and risks of using it to treat adult ADHD. However, healthcare providers may prescribe Ritalin for adult ADHD in certain situations. This is considered an "off-label" of the drug. Off-label is when a prescription medicine is used to treat a disease or condition (or in an age group) for which the drug has not been approved by the U.S.
Avatar m tn Hello all I am a 28-year-old male and I have struggled with addiction since my teenage years I was clean for sometime the past couple years and then stopped working on my recovery and drank and smoked weed for a while a couple of months ago I made the decision to get and stay clean again I have 37 days clean in a row I saw my psychiatrist today who knows about my struggles with addiction and knows I'm a recovering addict and he is convinced I have ADHD he wants to give me VyVanse which is si
490665 tn?1210334012 was wondering if adult add goes un detected for quite a while, its just i suffer with anxiety and have been told its a side effect of add or adhd, i have always been quite hyperactive as a person and as a young person was very unruly and troublesom and did not quite understand why i was like that and why i was doin things wrong, i always have compulsions to get in trouble and still do, i also suffer with a bad temper but i dont mean to have these outbursts they just happen!!
Avatar m tn // The symptoms of ADHD are very standard and can be found in many places on the web. Identifying ADD is much more difficult. You will find a very good site for adults at this location - - which covers both aspects of AD. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn Much to my dismay, my doctor seems to think I'm a classic textbook case of an adult with heretofore undiagnosed ADHD. Like most people, I find that my mood is wonderful when I'm eating right and exercising regularly - can an adult combat ADHD with exercise and diet WITHOUT using medications? I'm not a fan of taking pills - especially ones that are meant to regulate mood/depression.
Avatar f tn As an adult that has been lining with ADHD through my youth, and now have varying symtoms in my late 20's, and a very low paying service job with a high IQ and skills in drafting and CAD applications - my life still seems to be on hold - I have little to no motivation to keep me going towards goals of Post College BS/MS work in engineering and aerospace - I have always wanted to design and build the first Mars/Moon colony buildings . . .