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Avatar f tn and even without me willing it so, the anger rises up in me and I get incredibly frustrated if something isn't working right the first time. A child or adult with ADHD can be rash, impatient, easily frustrated, and very impulsive. It's not just their fault - it's a chemical problem. Medication, diet adjustments, and behavioral modification can help these immensely - but the child will still have ADHD. I also might advise reading up on it some.
Avatar f tn T7GOdb_evNo It looks like you are going to somehow try and find a psychiatrist that specializes in adult ADHD. The point is that you are not being treated for ADD, but for anxiety which the ADD could be causing (very common). The problem is - as "Crazy meds" points out - Paxil is difficult to stop. So you will definitely need someone who can help you in slowly cutting down. Heck, I have said this all before.
Avatar f tn Its a great overall link on ADHD and on the left side you will see tons more info - even a quiz to take. The last link is ADHD-Not just for kids anymore. Its another good overall look at the problem. Perhaps as you get more information, your psyc will listen to you. If not I would look for a psyc who specializes with ADHD. These links will also give some ideas for that.
Avatar n tn there is such a thing as "adult add" go ahead and research it and see if you fall under that catagory. i know you are looking for answers/a reason for your feelings and such. they even have checklists, a quiz if you will to see if you may have add. if it looks as if you do, print out the sheet and show your dr. you can certainly get on some meds to help.
Avatar m tn Hello all I am a 28-year-old male and I have struggled with addiction since my teenage years I was clean for sometime the past couple years and then stopped working on my recovery and drank and smoked weed for a while a couple of months ago I made the decision to get and stay clean again I have 37 days clean in a row I saw my psychiatrist today who knows about my struggles with addiction and knows I'm a recovering addict and he is convinced I have ADHD he wants to give me VyVanse which is simila
Avatar m tn So is pesticide exposure (and probably other things). But ADHD is herditary. The problems due to lead exposure would have shown up fairly soon, and would be more severe the younger you are.
Avatar f tn I have not been diagnosed with anything, though a therapist I saw very briefly had suggested ADHD. My parents tend to assume psychologists are LOOKING for something to be wrong, so they never really took their kids to one. This will be long, but I think the information is needed for an accurate opinion to be formed. As a kid, I had sensory problems.
303824 tn?1294875001 Before we tried medicine for my son who has ADHD I heard that if u take all gluten and caseins (a milk by product) out of your child's diet that can help with the ADHD (these people say ADHD is just a different kind of allergic reaction to certain things in our diet). I did not have any success with it. But I do know parents that have had success with it. I think it just depends on the child. My son does very well with his medicines.
Avatar m tn at times for example that clapping behind his head when he was not looking (he was watching tv at the time) where he totally ignored is sort of puzzled me.... Your above comment (as well as your first posting) reminds me of our nephew. A couple of years ago he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified). This is a very high functioning form of autism.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your link on CFIDS. I have CFIDS and for many years, thought my symptoms were due to severe allergies ! I remember they gave me allergy shots and they made me so ill the following day. My allergist insisted that I continue with the shots, but I refused to. Years later, physicians' told me that I did the right thing. I have since learned that sublingual therapy and homeopathy are the best treatments for allergies (my opinion.. of course).