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2110632 tn?1334189982 And, many times caused by the ADHD. Your symptoms at home are certainly consistent with ADHD or ADD. But, you should also had problems at school. But, in school, how far did you get and what was your GPA. I have seen many adult posts where they were intelligent enough to get through high school, but had a lot more problems in college.
Avatar f tn Have you told your parents yet? Also I wanted to add that not every woman even GETS symptoms...some women don't feel pregnant until they start to show, and some women have so many symptoms they can barely get out of don't worry if your symptoms aren't strong. As long as you're not cramping painfully or bleeding everything should be normal. Have you seen a doctor yet?
Avatar f tn Hi, answered your post about your daughter and figured I should do the same for you. My first thought is that you certainly have some of the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. And, of course, if you have it (or your husband) - it dramatically increases the chances that your daughter could also have it. You are probably fairly intelligent or it would have/should have been picked up in school. Although girls, especially girls with ADD, don't get noticed as easily as all of those bouncy boys.
Avatar f tn Since he has been 18 he has been couch surfing. He has been diagnosed with depression and ADD. he is not a defiantly angry type child and actually fun to talk to when he is not high. He had to enter a program because he stole with some friends. This program held him accountable to **** clean for 6 months and do the homework of the program. He was one of six that graduated out of 18. went to court and has to do a 2 year probation and his record is expunged.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms in an adult to look for ADD/ADHD? I think my husband may have this.
Avatar n tn how do u know u have add or adhd? whats the signs i should see?.........
Avatar n tn Hi, My son was put on Daytrana for ADHD (a stimulant) and it made the symptoms of his undiagnosed Mood Disorder magnified. It was a good thing because we were not aware of a possible mood disorder. Stimulants can be very dangerous with kids who have mood disorders. My son was talking a lot of hurting himself and even put a large rubber band around his neck.
Avatar f tn Everyone gets their own little mixture of symptoms. While some have more severe forms of autism than others, it's by no means the end of ones chance at a normal life. It's possible to be autistic, and still be happy. There are also some treatments available to help with some of the difficulties associated with autism. The most common treatments I can think at the moment include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavioral analysis.
918457 tn?1244649282 I keep begging to be put on it but I guess a mental patient shouldn't know about their symptoms nor how they feel. Do they have testing for adult ADHD? Where?
Avatar n tn and it also improved personal relationships in my life... my own symptoms (although adult symptoms usually include less of the hyperactive symptoms and focus mainly on the attention symptoms): difficulty finishing tasks, difficulty starting tasks, difficulty paying attention, losing my keys and other every-day-items, extremely inappropriately hyper and inattentive in large groups of people, i talk way too fast, i jump from subject to subject while talking.... <- some of my symptoms.
521840 tn?1348844371 Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD impact important adult tasks such as remembering to pay the mortgage, paying attention while driving, or managing your children’s schedules. Studies have shown that people with ADHD have higher rates of underachievement, car accidents, career setbacks, and substance use. Adults with ADHD have significant problems functioning in their daily lives.
Avatar f tn But wouldn't have without the pain team so might be worth taking into consideration as I had the exact same signs and symptoms and the pain team out there finger on it within seconds! Hope this helps!!
Avatar f tn Yes, you do show many signs of ADD. Furthermore, insomnia is very common for people with AD/HD. It is so common that there are good links with suggestions on how to sleep. One is here - And on a personal basis, I have a brother-in-law with ADHD. He has a difficult time getting to sleep as his mind is always going.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am not on adderall, I am on concerta. I was diagnosed with adult ADD in the summer of 2005, at the age of 32, and I never experienced ADD symptoms my entire life through school, college. Per my former psychiatrist, it was brought on by the onset of major life stressors, (I simply began to forget so much) and I took a questionnaire. I have 2 little ones, now 4 and 7. It was frustrating to not have control over my short term memory.
Avatar f tn ) --------------------- Just to add... what Sandman2 said is quite true! Once you've had experience with ADD, you can tell the difference. You just know. Things don't add up.... they seem very intelligent one moment, and mentally challenged the next. Or their test scores don't match what they show when it comes to knowledge. I would get very impatient with tedious things such as tests. Even last year, before I was diagnosed, we'd have an open book quiz.
Avatar n tn - My pediatrition does not seem concerned about it at all other than having me initially give him a dose and a half of ibuprofin and tylenol to bring down the fever and then subsequently alternating between ibuprofin and tylenol every three hours at the regular dose until the fever eases up-- 2) I am currently having an issue with my own teeth- My wisdom tooth in my lower right quadrant is finally in its final stages of eruption and its seeming to have become complicated- the one in my lower l
Avatar n tn Is it possible to develop a food allergy in adulthood that you have never experienced before? I'm 32 years old and have recently developed unexplained head pain; a CAT scan showed nothing abnormal. I had a 24-hour respite from the head pain and then it returned. The only thing I could associate with the change was eating chocolate and can recall an increase in my chocolate consumption over the past two weeks. Can an adult develop a food allergy from out of nowhere?
Avatar f tn The thought of that made me sick and I had never seen any signs but I didn't want to be that stupid mother that calls her daughter a liar. She claims I knew because I asked her so many times if anyone had touched her inappropirately but I was just trying to be a good mother and would never ever ignore such a thing. My grown son says he never saw anything but wholeheartedly believes his sister as this is the first time she has ever given him any attention at all.
Avatar m tn Of course, the whole relationship with the parents thing if caused by you constantly getting into trouble (and negative attention in elementary school), is also a sign of ADHD. If you want to gather more info, two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and  While they are aimed at ADD adults, that's pretty much where most adults are at.
Avatar f tn A couple would be hyperactivity and an inability to focus for any length of time. But these traits are not necessarily ADD. Sometimes it just has to do with a developmental stage.
1477978 tn?1289505731 I have an extreme craving for sweets. I'm very, very intolerent to the cold. The list of the common 11 signs of Lupus... I only see 2 that apply to me; joint/muscle pain, Positive ANA. This is why I question dx. I am 37 year old white male with background in carpentry. Tests Ordered: Comp. Metabolic Panel (14); Antinuclear Antibodies Direct; Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor; Uric Acid, Serum; Sedimentation Rate-Westergren; Comp.
620923 tn?1452919248 Please post which condition ur symptoms r, TC or Syrinx...thanks Link for Chiari symptoms- Link for Tethered cord symptoms- Link for Syringomyelia symptoms-
1216899 tn?1288573925 Phyllis, thankyou for your words. I can also add palpitations and heat intolerence to my list of symptoms (so may that I have probably missed loads out!!). The heat thing is quite servere, I literally can not stand hot weater at all, and have not been on a typical 'summer holiday' for years because of it. My temperature is generally huigher than it should be (normally pushing 38), so I'm guessing this may have something to do with the fact I can not stand the heat.Who knows!
147426 tn?1317269232 We here, who are just lacking sufficient MRI evidence are the one's most likely to benefit from use of the higher resolution machines. Final word (really??) If the signs and symptoms are suggestive and the MRI bafflingly negative - why not go for an image with a better resolution.
Avatar n tn You were not specific on the symptoms you experience, but my guess is that when you exercise you don't drink water, or you sweat to excess. This will dehydrate you and you will lose salt and other minerals. You can experience shaking of the hands, visual disturbances, headaches, stomach aches, stitches in the sides, exhaustion, low grade temps and other unpleasant symptoms. If this is the case, try drinking a fluid that has minerals in it like Cytomax.
Avatar f tn But most Doctors won't check for other things,and Teachers also won't think of it being anything but ADHD or ADD and sometimes both and they may even add in Bipolar.Instead of cheking evrything out. And what I mean by that is that they won't run blood test to see if there is a reson why things are going off. Like Checking there thyroid levles and Sugar levels and other blood levels that can give them more info on whats going on.