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Avatar n tn My husband (54years) has adult ADD. He is seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribes Concerta. He's been on it for about 6 months - says that, while it hasn't been a magic bullet or anything, that he feels more focused with it. This is the problem: I find him increasingly difficult to live, due to his list of symptoms. Sometimes, they seem to be getting worse. I guess I feel that there are other things he could be doing to manage this illness. But he never follows through on anything.
Avatar n tn if she is experiencing symptoms of any sort of disability, included ADD... and those symptoms are getting in the way of her functioning ability (sometimes theses things don't get in the way of people functioning ability)... then it might be good if she had support and help. A visit to her family doctor might be a place to start. Or, a visit to a counselor or psychologist. If she was still IN school...
Avatar f tn I am a 50 year old, peri-menopausal female experiencing chronic symptoms of hot flashes, agitation, depression, etc. I also have ADD, not currently on meds but have a very hard time concentrating on anything. I just started on Lexapro. What ADD med would you recommend for me?
1789235 tn?1315156881 htm#tocb It can be re-diagnosed by a doctor - which you would have to do if you wanted to try medication. However, there are some very good sites aimed at the adult ADD person that give a lot of information and coping skills. Two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD.
Avatar n tn I have made extensive research concerning adult ADD and ADD in general and I do believe that in my first 6 or 7 years of school I did not exhibit any of the symptoms of ADD. I do believe, however, that these symptoms started manifesting a short time after this period of my life. I am looking for adequate psychoterapeutic techniques(behavioral or otherwise) to resolve my procrastination issues. Medication is completely out of the question.
Avatar f tn I have been told by several people that I have Adult ADD. I drink a lot of beer. If I do not drink I am bouncing off the walls. When I clean, I cannot finish one project before being distracted by another and moving on and on and on. My mind is constantly running on high. I am tired of drinking but feel crazy hyper without it. I am 51. I am hoping I can learn more about the onset of Adult ADD or could I possibly have had this for many years without my knowledge??
490665 tn?1210334012 was wondering if adult add goes un detected for quite a while, its just i suffer with anxiety and have been told its a side effect of add or adhd, i have always been quite hyperactive as a person and as a young person was very unruly and troublesom and did not quite understand why i was like that and why i was doin things wrong, i always have compulsions to get in trouble and still do, i also suffer with a bad temper but i dont mean to have these outbursts they just happen!!
Avatar n tn Well, I am trying to determine if I may be suffering from ADD or other medical conditions. I've tried taking online tests concerning ADD, and all of them say I'm a candidate or suffer from moderate ADD. I have problem concentrating in class, I try to stay focus but it's like one word out of my professor's mouth and my mind wanders off making a story of its own in my head or about me telling someone about that.
Avatar n tn I seem to be exhibiting every one of these traits, most of which are causing me to be on the brink of loosing my job. What can I do to have this treated? The cheaper the better. And yes, I do have health insurance...
Avatar f tn I have a lot on my plates as many of us do. I have struggled with this for most of my adult life and am now trying to make it easier on all of us. I am going to do soemthing about it. I am realizing that it is not just about me but about the person I can be for everyone that depends on me.
1858622 tn?1319813203 I do recommend some on line sites which have a lot of useful information since they are aimed at adults by adults with ADD. The two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him.
Avatar f tn t quite put them together in a way that communicates our thoughts well to others and I spiral in that type of scenario. Come to think of it though, maybe that's why I was easily diagnosed ;). I remember the disbelief I had at myself upon first considering the possibility that I didn't just suck at life but had an internal glitch in my system, and it was even harder to believe that someone else might be able to see it too.
Avatar n tn My adult son is on D-Amphetamine for ADD symptoms (focusing). He has been on Prozac for several months for depression but has now been switched to Zoloft. Are these classes of drugs compatible? Should he consider another class of drug for his depressive symptoms?
Avatar m tn One of my friends were on vyvanse and she said her heart felt like it would pop out of her chest. I dont know if they use it for adult adhd but there is a non stimulant adhd med its strattera i think maybe you could talk to the doc about non stimulants???
Avatar f tn As for differences between bipolar and adult ADD - google has information, personally I believe adult ADD to be up their with childhood *** as about most over diagnosed thing around and do not remotely believe its as prevalent as people say - I have met plenty of adults who claim to be ADD and not one of them truly fits the symptoms and the behaviours but hey they get ritalin and it works so they must be ADD right? * Ritalin works on non ADD and ADD people in most cases...
Avatar f tn What you need to do is to first find out more about AD/HD. Two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are and Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him. Has much more adult interaction. Both are worth checking out.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms in an adult to look for ADD/ADHD? I think my husband may have this.
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Avatar f tn Unfortunately, it is one of the hallmarks of adult ADHD that individuals tend to be underachievers, and it sounds like you have been struggling. Usually I find when talking to adults with ADHD that they have very uneven motivation, such that they excel in areas that interest them and fail miserably in situations like pre-requisite courses in college. There is often a path towards doing something that you like that does not include getting a college degree.
Avatar m tn I can recommend two very good web sites that have a lot of information about adult ADD. The first is and the second is Both of these sites have extensive information that will help you. If you have any specific questions - feel free to post back here. I will probably get back to you faster than they will. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn You might want to check out this site. It is aimed at adults and has some interesting posts. http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar n tn In the past, I have taken Adderall for my ADD. I recently moved to Birmingham, AL. and I'm not sure of the best way to find a physician who treats Adult ADD. My job involves a lot of organizational skills and I have to be careful not to make mistakes because the line of work I am in, the company could get sued if I miss something important. If any one could suggest a physician, I would be very grateful.
Avatar f tn T stop taking your meds just because of your family. Just do the drug test and who knows nothing may come up of it and if it does ( which i dont think anything will) be honest with your family and you have a prescription. Please dont be ashamed of it.
9709782 tn?1405425445 Been doing some research. I always thought I was a normal, slightly forgetful, easily distracted person, until recently. Apparently I have been ADD all my life, but only recently lost control over it. During my research, I discovered that the female change of life (or perimenopause) can make ADD "worse" or at least more obvious. Any other females going through the change of life diagnosed with ADD?