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628735 tn?1273875777 I found this article that some of you might find interesting if you are trying to conceive like myself and would like to prevent your baby form having ADHD/ADD. Its not just preventing ADHD that fish oil will help with either. article as follows... Omega-3 and Pregnancy Pregnant women are often told to take fish oil capsules but must be careful to get the best quality, instead of cheap, generic stuff. The cheap fish oil may come from fish with contamination and may not be free of pollutants.
565294 tn?1216433315 Hi, my son is 10 and he was on every single kind of medication out there for ADHD and responded to none so I took him off and he is getting an assessment done (As I have Bipolar disorder). He was worse on the pills than off....mood wise. But he lost a ton of weight....he was always being called chubby before he started concerta and everyone is worried he is too yes it does suppress the appetite.
Avatar m tn i have 4 healthy children with 2 different women. i am currently married to a 33 yr old who has 2 children, one is autistic and one has adhd. both children of hers are from her previous relationship. my question is, if the reverse vasectomy IS successful, what are the chances of us having a healthy child? as opposed to a child with autism or adhd.
Avatar n tn I am teacher's mother. 61 and ADHD. I benefit from medication but can't afford it now. She is also ADHD. There is a theory that this situation has a connection with L-dopa. My mother had Parkinson's, which is an L-dopa situation. I know others who had Parkinson's parents and ADHD children. More than a coincidence, I think. So, very much a biological situation. And genetic.
Avatar f tn Neurofeedback is proven to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD and more. Many times children who have been abused act out and the abuse isn't discovered until years later. Seeing a good child psychologist would get him/her help sooner and avoid many more years of pain. An interesting fact is that 50% of adults with Bipolar experienced child abuse. What kind of message does a child get when they are given a pill to mask symptoms of child sexual abuse?
Avatar f tn I bet they say it was linked because all pregnant women will most likely take Tylenol, and kids who have ADHD were in mommy's tummy at one time. It is phoney, ignore it!
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I was wondering is it okay to take ADHD medication while pregnant? I know I should ask a doctor but I wanted to check online first..
Avatar f tn There is something that runs in the women of my family. I only know as far back as my great great grandmother, who had red hair and short stature(about 5'2). My grandmother is just slightly taller, with red hair and a very gradual weight gain. My mother is 5'3, red hair, she has started to gain weight and she has a hypothyroid problem. Like my mom who suffered from cold hands and feet all her life I also suffer from it, which is a symptom of hypothyroid.
Avatar f tn You are welcome. Here is a link that you might find interesting. Its "A guide for women with ADHD "
Avatar n tn I read biographies about people who have been super successful at their chosen field and it seems like it all boils down to talent of course and then extreme focus and concetration to work at your chosen field everyday! I also believe anxiety associatyed with adhd afects our social relationships so I am willing to do whatever it takes.
Avatar f tn org/posts/clinical-update-use-of-stimulant-medications-in-pregnancy/ Also check out this site. There are a lot of posts by women who are going through or have gone through what you are. Some good personal information here. Finally, don't worry about drifting off while people are talking. Its what people with ADHD do. If these are friends, they will understand and just redirect you back.
Avatar n tn controlling fidgeting, sustaining attention to boring tasks, completing and turning in work, time management and loosing their stuff. Young women with ADHD often primarily complain of trouble paying attention, though they can also have problems with impulse control (giving in to temptation without thinking--such as shoplifting, sex, cutting class or smoking).
Avatar f tn Actually there are a number of laws that prevent discrimination these days. The fact that you know you have ADHD is really important. Hopefully, you have gotten guidance on dealing with this medical problem. There are a lot of very successful people with ADHD, so it can be done. You might enjoy reading a book by a UC Berkley honors student with severe ADHD about growing up with ADHD.
Avatar f tn Well me and my family have always suspected my son of having adhd even though hes only 4 for awhile I told my family they where crazy that he wasnt adhd he was just being a typical child/toddler at the time until I had a women come and ask me if he had it cause my son acts alot like hers did at his age ao I took my son in to the doctor and theydid some test and want to wait twtell his 5th bday to do further test but my doctor said it seems as if he does in fact have it.
Avatar f tn I have fairly recently started to wonder if I have adhd. I used to jokingly think I did, but brushed it off as being untrue. However, now I'm unsure. I've just finished week one of classes and I seem to be able to pay attention fairly well, I think. I absolutely dread and hate thinking about homework I'll have to do, though. But, I've read that many adhd people want to do their homework, but they just get distracted.
Avatar n tn I I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I have severe ADHD and I'm currently in school. I can't make it through my classes without having an anxiety attack unless I have my medication. Is it safe to continue to take?
Avatar f tn Slow you down, sedate you. It is not a drug of choice for ADHD. And is in fact used to help those with ADHD sleep. See this site - Skip the neuropysch test (more on that later). Its unreliable. You need to keep looking until you can find the right doc and a few ideas on that coming up. You might want to check this out. Its the European consensus statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD: The European Network Adult ADHD.
1553420 tn?1294263731 I am a 30 year old male who has been taking adhd meds for over 7 years. I also have become very good at pleasureing myself and women. It seems as if I can watch a 6 hr porno twice, go thru a half bottle of astroglide and been ready for round two. Not tommorow but in like 10 minutes. Is this normal. My penis seems to circulate much more blood when i jerk it when not on adderall. Though I climax in 1/73 the time.
Avatar f tn hi there I'm Tim and me and my doughter suffer from ADHD I know that if a person has ADHD they don't know that they are it took yrs of me telling myself that there is nothing wrong but my wife was the one that noticed that I should seek help I diden think anything was wrong that's becouse you will not know but you will have bad depetion and it can even couse you to get to the point where you think your life is falling apart right befor yr eyes but there are many things that come with
Avatar f tn I did theyre saying theres a link between pregnant women taking Tylenol and kids with adhd. Theres not too much research but ive opted against taking tylenol just in case.
8987249 tn?1404774097 Do you guys take Tylenol on occasion for headaches, etc? I do once in a while when a bad headache strikes (maybe once every 2-3 weeks), but now I'm reading of links to ADHD. My doctor says it's fine to take though. What has your doctor said? Do you feel comfortable taking it?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with ADHD multiple times before. But I am doing fairly well, my interest at the moment is the people I am living with. I have 2 house mates and one child living here in my home. They are all females, and much more than house mates we are like family, please note we are absolutely in way "involved" with each other, I am 38, and they are like my daughters to me. One house mate, we shall "A" is 21, the other that we shall call "B" is 23. OMG!
Avatar n tn they may be dif meds but they are both used for adhd an my dr told me I can't take anything for my adhd till after
Avatar f tn While they are getting better at spotting it, finding ADD in women is hard especially since we rarely have ADHD (with that hyperactivity part) so it is more subtle. I guess I am lucky to have a good psyc that I have been working with for about 10 years so we have that level of trust and partnership... When I told my mom, boss and some close friends, EVERY SINGLE ONE said "and that surprises you how?!?!?!