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523728 tn?1264621521 The American Cancer Society reports that "[t]here is no reliable scientific evidence that ****** therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States.
Avatar f tn Frankly, if she has anxiety, I would try and deal with the cause which is probably ADHD. The best way to deal with ADHD is to really understand it. One book I have been recommending to do so is the, "ADD / ADHD Answer Book by Susan Ashley. Not sure where you are getting your information for meds, but if you haven't done so, I would look into a pediatric psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD.
Avatar f tn My four year old grandchild/fosterchild has been to the doctor and now take meds for ADHD. Frist was riddelen that did not work at all. New medication is Risperidone. No change has been noticed. This child before meds was pooping and peeing on her bedroom floor and even after meds. Im at my end and dont understand this kind of behavior.
Avatar f tn First I'd like to find out the side effects and potential health risks. Is it one that can lead to TD? I did a wikipedia entry and didn't see that listed, but I saw fatigue and potential effects on blood pressure be a potential bother. If it doesn't have adverse reactions, it may be useful. I'm a bit concerned on the blood pressure part. For me, I have normal to low blood pressure, so dropping it lower probably isn't a good thing.
696153 tn?1231605858 Does anyone know about this stuff. Someone was recommending it for my grandson with ADHD but I've never heard of it. I'm not about to give him something I know nothing about and I'm skeptical about some of the claims. On the other hand, if it isn't harmful it might be worth a try.
Avatar f tn I have been with my husband for 10 yrs, married 7. Our 5 yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. We also found out that my husband also has ADHD. My mother in law never told my husband that he was diagnosed with it as a child till we found out about our son. He's been trying different meds, but nothing seems to be working. Lately we've been fighting a lot. He's been very selfish the last few years to the point where it's been pushing us apart.
574118 tn?1305135284 I posted a question in the ADHD forum asking whether an ADHD can become manic, so perhaps my previous OCD was transformed into ADHD and not BP. Seemingly ADHD and BP are interwinned. Because if ADHD CAN turn manic so why not many diagnosed BP are not so and are rather ADHD. I remember once my pdoc said psychic illness come in a group of diseases. Apparently nobody knows. I'm really fed up. Here in the middle of nowhere where i live i even doubt pdocs heard of the term ADHD.
706949 tn?1228923298 I take it your reference article is in Wikipedia. From what I've seen there on heart subjects there is a lot of "good stuff", or so it appears. I understand too that some (much?) of what's there is from voluntary contirbuitons. That said, I recommend you discuss with the prescribing doctor and let s/he know you've see such-and-such as a point-of-reference ... it may even be a good idea to print out the material and take it with you.
Avatar n tn It is also used off-label for a variety of indications, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, phantom limb syndrome, paroxysmal extreme pain disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder".
1059647 tn?1255035854 Hey Mightymouse, The only person with a "deficient" is the psyc who did the testing, took his money and ran. You should have gotten a much better explanation than that. First check out this post. Look for the Sept 22 post at 9:39 and compare her sons test results to yours. Look familiar?
Avatar m tn Well, Strattera is "Classified as a norepinephrine (noradrenaline) reuptake inhibitor, atomoxetine is approved for use in children, adolescents, and adults. However, its efficacy has not been studied in children under six years old.
Avatar f tn I just now happened to look for the first time at the wikipedia entry on Lyme disease, and it's interesting for a number of reasons, for those of us who are Lyme junkies and are interested, annoyed, or simply bemused by the mess the medical profession has made and continues to make about Lyme and its co-infections.
704262 tn?1247674638 I recall a canadian medical booklet sent to me by a lady here stating that OCD, PD and ADHD are gateways to BP. My pdoc told me OCD is a step which can morph into BP like a bus stop with the latter its terminus. Some here object to this view. Upon much reflexions, I came to identify my OCD as psychosis and not OCD, i.e.
Avatar m tn * Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch from one activity to another * Have difficulty focusing on one thing I can't just do something at once. Like I can't work without listening to music or having the TV on, and likewise I can't just sit down watch TV or a film without something else to keep me occupied too.
Avatar f tn I have read a lot about "invisible cuts" permitting the entry of HIV. Take a look at wikipedia and masturbation. It states that "tiny mico tears" can allow for HIV to enter the body. Is this bs? Or true? Under what circumstances is it true?
Avatar m tn But given different benchmarks as below 1. Wikipedia and say ars temp can be mild but freedom health says ars fever are high temperature 2. Wikipedia and many websites say acute hiv symptoms occur 2-4 weeks after exposure but says ars can occur upto 2 months. I agree that symptoms are variable. Shall anyone give clarity on above.