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Avatar f tn Some research claims that OCD (and ADHD) are due to dietary issues, slight allergies, etc. Some say a lack of a B vitamin (research done by a doctor), and some say other things. The herbals we used were on nativeremedies ******* and they have some for ADHD (brightspark) and for OCD (MindSoothe Jr, and also --- most helpful for us was the Nerve Tonic). Good luck!
Avatar n tn My son is 9. He was diagnosed ADHD combined type with compulsive destructive(?) disorder. He is not on any prescription med's. He does however take vitamin supplements for memory, focus and concentration and Calm Child for the evenings to help wind him down for bed. He is very very smart and artistic. He is an avid reader. My son is very tender hearted and takes everything personally, good or bad. But he has another side that comes out of nowhere and we are losing control of it.
Avatar f tn i have a son who just turned 5. he has been diagnosed with adhd (which I also have) and OCD. He constantly peels the skin off his thumbs and fingers. he was on adderal but was taken off due to it not working anymore. he was placed on it in march at age 4 1/2. the dr now wants to treat the ocd with zoloft 25 mg once a day. has any had this situation and is this the right way to go? we have tried for so many months to get him the help he needs. he is incredibly bright and loving.
Avatar n tn Hello, I suffer from anxiety and OCD and likely have ADHD. I believe I have ADHD as years ago when I was in primary school the teaches told my parents that I should go on medication to focus due to my disruptions in class and I was placed in a "special" class for a number of years. My parents refused to put me on medication. I simply came accostomed to my way of thinking. Over the years I suffered from restless energy and did not focus very well.
Avatar f tn I believe that you need to have what is called a TOVA test to see if you have ADHD and what tendency you have. I am an older adult who was recently diagnosed with ADHD (tendancy toward inattentive). Through speaking with my therapist, she picked up on things I was saying about my disorganization along with memory and concentration problems. I'm thinking that you need to discuss this with your LCSW and MD.
Avatar f tn For example, my Mom was OCD about things, probably her way of dealing with her ADHD and my Dad is ADHD introverted. When both parents have it, usually the kids have 100% chance of being born with it as well. And all four of us have it to one degree or another. With one parent having ADHD, the stats go down by 50%. With this said, ADHD is not just a one person thing. It's usually a family thing.
Avatar f tn Frankly, if she has anxiety, I would try and deal with the cause which is probably ADHD. The best way to deal with ADHD is to really understand it. One book I have been recommending to do so is the, "ADD / ADHD Answer Book by Susan Ashley. Not sure where you are getting your information for meds, but if you haven't done so, I would look into a pediatric psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD.
Avatar f tn Kids of that age don't deal with long term threats (and a week is long term), you need to start at one day and slowly expand. Taking something out of his room seems kind of silly when he probably has other things to play with. Discipline needs to be immediate. consistent, and short term (that way it can slowly be increased). His timeouts probably would be more effective if they were at the kitchen table or a chair in the corner of the living room - someplace other than his room.
141601 tn?1264732309 my 6 year old was diagnosed ADHD when he was 5 and now I found out he has also just recently been diagnosed bipolar we always suspected it it biological father is bipolar anyway we have just switched dr because i didn't like the dr we were going to infact i didn't even know he had diagnosed him bipolar till his pediatrician had requested a copy of his diagnoses because she did not understand the meds that dr put him on.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 24 years old. I am now 39 and I have realized that I have other symptoms that where never address by the drugs I have taken. I have taken every drug for ADHD and have settled on Aderall XR because it is the one that works the best with all of my symptoms. I have several other symptoms that have never been address and seem to be getting worse. I would sleep all day if it weren't for my alarm waking me up and the Aderall keeping me awake.
Avatar f tn I have a child with ADHD and ODD and we are starting him on Intuiv so far it is like having him on no meds any one have any info or ideas. Also what is this Clonidine?
Avatar m tn D VITAMIN D, 25-OH, TOTAL 22 L 30-100 ng/mL VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D3 22 VITAMIN D, 25-OH, D2 <4 25-OHD3 indicates both endogenous production and supplementation. 25-OHD2 is an indicator of exiguous sources such as diet or supplementation.
1274559 tn?1284135818 I am wondering why you need to have medicine for ADHD? can you handle ADHD without medicine??? I mean is the Medicine necessary?
Avatar f tn I've been posting on this site for close to 5 years and I have never seen a post by anyone saying anything naturally helped their child (with ADHD) outside of normal good dietary practices. The thing that will most help your child is for you to be informed about ADHD as possible. I highly recommend that you get the book, "The ADD/ADHD Answer Book" by Susan Ashley. It will be a tremendous resource for you.
Avatar f tn It sounds to me like they don't have a clue how to work with ADHD kids. The discipline for an ADHD child has to be different. If the kid can think far enough ahead to realize he is going to lose a privilege the next day, then he doesn't have ADHD. By the same reasoning, he is still a bit too young to punish him at home, for what he did at school. What you should do at home is model and teach the proper behavior.
Avatar f tn Some mild forms of genetic disorders can go unnoticed in children and display some of the same symptoms of ADHD. Mild forms of Turner's syndrome, sickle-cell anemia, and Fragile X syndrome are some examples. Almost any genetic disorder can cause hyperactivity or other behavior problems, even if the disorder isn't normally linked to such problems. Many genetic diseases disrupt brain functions directly, through a variety of paths.
1202118 tn?1321886056 hi my name is tonisha and i have an 11 year old brother who has adhd. when my mom tells him to do something he will look at her and either tell her no or he will say something really smarteliky and rude to her. hes on adhd meds that he takes twice a day but it neer sems too be enough.
Avatar m tn One thing that happens is that when a child struggles, teachers often go straight to add/adhd when it could be other things. While it could be add/adhd, it might not be. If I were you, I'd look at what the symptoms are of add/adhd---- go online and see what you think. Some of the symptoms are vague and everyone does something that is on that list from time to time. People even joke "I'm having an add moment", right?
Avatar m tn My son gets speech therapy services at the school currently. To me it does not sound like ADHD, but I'm not a doctor either. But if you are unhappy you can get a 2nd opinion.
Avatar n tn Texas does not have that much support for ADHD kids, but I question myself, is it his ADHD or is he just being defiant? A little history, he has a 5 1/2 month old sister, his dad is not around and the kids at the daycare he just got kicked out of do not like him because of the way he expreses himself. What do I do?
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with ADHD 3 mos. ago. He is 13 almost 14 Yrs. old, his Father and I divorced 6 yrs. ago and we have joint custody of him and our other 9 yr. old son. For 2 yrs. now my 13 yr. does not ever bring books home from school and says he does his homework at school. I have a problem with this because he had to go to summer school last year, and get phone calls from teachers almost every day because he cusses them and wont leave other students alone and disrupts almost every class.
Avatar n tn // I believe from my years of posting on the ADHD forum, that the single most important thing that you can do is to become an expert in ADHD because you are going to probably become the single most important change agent in his life (outside of meds). You will become his advocate in school. You will learn how to discipline him in a way that is effective and not punitive.
Avatar f tn ADD ADHD children often have trouble falling asleep. This may be due to either the ADHD itself, a result of medically treating the ADHD, or both. Parents of ADD ADHD children know that the medications used to treat their ADHD children have side effects. Most side effects of drugs like Ritalin or Concerta can be eliminated by proper medical management. However, one of the most difficult problems that these medications cause is sleep disturbances.
Avatar n tn Every year he has begun either pre-school, kindegarten or 1st grade we've heard back from the teachers within a few weeks that he may have an ADHD problem. As a result we've gone through several evaluations ranging from, observational to clinical evaluations by a child psychologist, including occupational therapy, and a neurologist. None have made a diagonosis of ADHD.
Avatar f tn with a learning disability (not severe) and was diagnosed with adhd (although I am not really sure if this is his condition). He recently went of his Stratera because of side effects and he was doing better in school after he went off. He used to chew on his shirt in 4th grade but it didnt last long and I never thought of it as a huge problem. Recently however, he has taken up this habit again. Every day he chews his shirt to the point that the fabric is destroyed and unwearable.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a 10 year old son that has received vitamin therapy --and every time he starts on the vitamins he has a terrible reaction--to all of them..the doctors( I take him to) for this does not have an answer for me...his behavior turns for the very worst...and they tell me to keep him on them ---that it is a die off reaction.. I do listen--but after 6 months I take him off--completely exhausted...please help--I know they have helped other kids alot...
Avatar f tn In the past few months, I have been in something known has Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy helps a person realize their obsessive compulsive behaviors, and helps a person have a better control over these behaviors. That control helps the person's anxiety from the OCD greatly. I used to go in and out of health clinics like I was popping tic tacs. In fact, I grew a reputation at that health clinic!
Avatar m tn I would love to keep him off meds and introduce heavy vitamin regulated diet therapy, but worried about what such heavy vitamins could do to his internal organs over the years. Not to mention my insurance doesn't cover alternative therapy. How would you handle this situation if it were your child? I'm considering more therapy, but don't know what kind is the best or if it is even worth going to due to his attitude. He is a very sweet child with a lot of potential.