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433288 tn?1205843776 My son is adhd. he is becoming very violent.
Avatar f tn I am worried that my brother may have ADHD. he is constantly on the go and can never relax. even when he asleep he is restless. He struggles to get to sleep and has temper tantrum often. He has even resorted to throwing things around the room and hitting people. Any one can help, please speak to me.
Avatar n tn I have a 6yr old boy and a 9yr old girl and they fight all the time my son is adhd odd and may have some sycological issues he's on meds but he's getting really bad he's became violent with me and I just found out I'm pregnant it makes me alil uneasy because his favorite thing to do is kick me in my belly what do I do
Avatar f tn My daughter is ADHD and bipolar. She was diagnosed as ADHD at 3 years old and immediately medicated. She was diagnosed as bipolar at 5 and immediately medicated. She was on Abilify for a year and we recently discovered that much of her highly agressive mania was being caused by the ADHD medications she was on, including stimulants as well as non-stimulant. She no longer takes anything for ADHD, which has been giving her a lot of trouble lately at school.
Avatar m tn I think kaylee2850 gave some good advice but I see it a little different. I don't believe you can compare cases of PTSD. The one constant is the effects, such as anxiety, anger, depression, etc. What may be traumatic to one person might not be all that traumatic to another. The cause of PTSD is what is different and it can be any event that one takes as traumatic. For instance, I've been diagnosed with PTSD and a sudden loud noise really gets to me.
Avatar n tn I am sorry your boy is having some problems, have you checked with your Doctor to make sure it is not the Risperdal causing his behavior ,you may be able to put it into your search Engine and side effects to see what comes up, maybe they have someting else.
Avatar n tn I have a 10 year old boy who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was much younger. I am at my wits end with him. He is very disrespectful to everyone around him yells screams does not listen at all. Its scares me because his little brother is only 2 and he has hurt him badly before. At school same thing below grade level has no respect cant sit still and is very impulsive. When he is in a good mood he is the sweetest boy in the world but this does not happen very often.
Avatar m tn I think a very important fact to recognize is that ODD is a very significant coexisting disorder with ADHD. In "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley (p.53) she sites it as a coexisting disorder 33 percent of the time. Outside of learning problems, that is the highest coexisting disorder listed. Thus, one would think that perhaps that ADHD is the trigger and learning to cope with ADHD would help one also deal with ODD.
Avatar m tn Ask ur his PCP for this medicine its called DAYTRANA is for aggressive behavior and also mood changes and ADHD AN ADD my son has ADHD and is he all this medicine its a patch sorry i forgot to mention that well it really works for him he was just like your son very violent well since he's been on this medicine he is a changed child he's more focus and loveing and doesnt destroy things or hit others.
Avatar f tn my 7 yr old has adhd but is also very violent an has recently started having sexual tendencies. i also have another child who is just barely over a yr old and i dont know how to protect him from his older brother yet at the same time protect the older child too. i cant leave the oldest alone without adult suppervision because he is so violent.
2131352 tn?1335621893 The nuerologist has diagnosed my two year old son with sever adhd and mood dis-order, we have tried depokote liquid and it did not help my son @ all, he actually said it burned his mouth, my son can not stay focused on one thing at all, he is very mean and has violent outburst towards me. He can not calm down at all, he will run and be wild for hours at a time with no break and I have to make him sit down with me and break for a minute.
Avatar f tn My 6 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and is on several medications for it. He has been kicked out of his regular school for disruptive and violent behavior and now attends an alternative school. He has recently been suspended for the same behavior. It has gotten so bad that he has physically lashed out at me and my mother. It is progressively getting worse. I have to hold him down on the ground so he doesn't hurt himself or anyone else untill he calms down.
Avatar f tn No, my son has never witnessed domestic violence! What would that have to do with ADHD? I have it as well as my mother and sister and her son! ADHD has a VERY strong genetic component to it. It is not learned behavior either. I am a special ed teacher so I am very informed with new research out there as well as behavior modification strategies we use with him.
Avatar f tn It does not seem to fit the symptoms of bipolar disorder or ADHD. Previously he was an intelligent child somewhat emotionally immature but responsible good at maths and computers. Now he is unable to function reasonably in either state.
Avatar n tn (I removed her out of disbelief) As the years progressed thing got worse with violence, failing school, telling teachers and me where to go, will not do anything unless there is something in it for her. She has had one thing after another to deal with, with not enough time in between to cope. She suffered 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body at age 6mo.
Avatar n tn My child has been the recipient of violence from a classmate with some sort of autism spectrum disorder - both in school and daycare for the past 4 years. He was not the only recipient of the violence, but he was the most regular recipient. My husband and I have been patiently working with school and daycare administrators to protect my child while keeping in mind the special circumstances and human rights of the other child.
1028452 tn?1537448484 "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent." -- Mohandas K.
Avatar f tn Violence is a crime. The persons committing the violence need to seek professional help. They also need to pray God give them grace to overcome that. Someone will end up in jail.
Avatar f tn Violence is never okay. Is this your partner that shoved your stomach?
Avatar m tn The following is a pretty good site on ADHD and will give you information that you need. I also post on the ADHD site if you have any specific questions.
Avatar f tn My son, now 11 is diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD, and ODD. His Aspergers is the main concern, but on meds for all 3. He had many meltdowns, been institutionalized many times and talks about wanting to die a few times a week now. He has attempted to commit suicide about 4 times since he was 9. The difference now about the death talk is that he hates who he is, what he does during his meltdowns (assault, violence, destruction of property, etc...
Avatar m tn hi can anyone help me please,my 4 year old daughter has adhd and odd which she is currently bein medicated for with ritalin, and melatonin for the sleep but the sleep patterns are gettng worse,i havent had a nights sleep in months because she suffers terrible nightmares,now they have been going on since before she was diagnosed with the adhd but there really starting to afect us,im a single parent and exhausted from her during the day all i need is sleep but she cant sleep,shes afraid to sleep a