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Avatar m tn You would have to be laid off from your position to collect unemployment. Under unemployment, you still have to actively seek employment (at least 2 jobs a week) to get benefits. Does your job offer paid sick leave/ temporary disability? Your best bet would be what missy & karen suggested. I'm afraid unemployment would not be an option for you if you are suffering from a disability.
Avatar f tn Since im not full time with my jobs i dont get the benefits that come with going on maternity leave . i was wondering, can i get unemployment while on maternity leave. I need something coming in.
Avatar f tn Have any of you filed for unemployment during pregnancy and continued after delivery? Did it affect your eligibility BC you couldn't accept work right after the baby was due?
Avatar n tn s everyone elses fault, then she can’t figure out how to file for unemployment or even get herself motivated enough to turn in applications. If we try to help her, she doesn’t want to show us the forms she needs to fill out for unemployment, the paperwork that says her state benefits are shut off, etc…so we can't seem to help her. She keeps it all hidden, so my mom can’t “control” her, but then can’t get it done on her own.
1530342 tn?1405016490 WASHINGTON (AP) -- Unemployment rates fell or held steady last month in nine key swing states at the center of this year's presidential election. Rates dropped in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina. They were unchanged in New Hampshire and Virginia. The declines could help President Barack Obama at a critical time.
Avatar m tn Uhm.... here's something we can work on.
Avatar f tn Would you take a job that paid less than unemployment benefits? Now lets all be honest!
Avatar f tn Idk about unemployment on maternity leave since you technically still have a job
Avatar f tn How do u file for unemployment? I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and im taking my maternity leave in 2 weeks wen i hit 9 month exactly, but im a part time employee, would i still be eligable for unemplyment? Because i think i think unemplyment is just for full time emplyees:( i really need the money for my soon to come baby.. Is there any other thing or program that can help me with income asap??
Avatar f tn Ok so I went to my doctors today and he told me I have a high risk pregnancy. So I can't go to work is there some way I can stay home and get money. Does anyone know if I can unemployment do to this high risk pregnancy? Please I'm a single mom of a 2 yr and I live alone I need to pay my bill. Someone please help.
Avatar f tn 07 am ET WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are working on a new way to jump-start their stalled election-year jobs agenda while saving unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of laid-off workers. The plan is to create one bill that combines the unemployment benefits with an extension of a popular tax credit for people who buy new homes. Under current law, homebuyers who signed purchase agreements by April 30 must close on their new homes by Wednesday to qualify for credits of up to $8,000.
1530342 tn?1405016490 And MrsP... it's not Obama's fault that the unemployment rate is the way it is. Nor does he have ANY control over it dropping. He's not responsible for the economic situation, nor has he done anything to improve it. The free-market cannot and will not be influenced by gov't, in such a way that it'll noticeably increase & prosper due to anything Obama/gov't does. The "stimulus" that was supposed to bolster the economy and create sustainable jobs?
Avatar m tn Yes but three unemployment takes about a month to kick in.
Avatar f tn ".....unemployment did continue to decline and is now reported at only 6.1%. Jobless claims were just over 300k; lowest since 2007. Despite the lower than expected August jobs number, America will create about 2.5 million new jobs in 2014........ This is the best private sector jobs creation performance in American history.....
1310633 tn?1430224091 Back in 2006 and 2007, the unemployment rate hovered between 4% and 5%, but that work level was associated with an overheating housing market. Aiming for that rate may not be an achievable goal now, as baby boomers retire and some of the long-term unemployed may be permanently out of work. Instead, economists surveyed by CNNMoney now define "full employment" in the economy as an unemployment rate at 5.5%.
Avatar f tn Depends on your state. Check with your local unemployment office.
Avatar f tn So I have 2 jobs that I will returning to after maternity leave so it a not like I'll be quitting.. Is there anyway I could get unemployment or some kind of income while I'm out?
Avatar f tn In California you have to get fired to receive unemployment. If you're in school you can get it by being a student too.
2028793 tn?1358874905 I already did qualify for unemployment and the company I worked for wrote a letter telling unemployment they were waiving their 10 days and asked for a immediate realease of funds, so that was good news :)
Avatar m tn That will depend on your current state laws. I would recommend asking your local unemployment office.