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Avatar f tn Ritalin is very popular for ADD/ADHD. Celexa is an SSRI which is used for depression and can also be used to treat OCD. Once again, I am no doctor, but I would recommend getting a second opinion, maybe more thorough. How many times did your son see the psychiatrist? If he made all those diagnosis on a single visit, I would a little hesitant. I have learned to always question doctors until you find one you are comfortable with and trust.
Avatar f tn Have you ever had him tested for ADD/ADHD? I first discovered my son had ADD at age 5 but I tried medication and didn't like how he reacted to it so I've tried home remedies and holistic ways to control his outburst and behavior aspects and have found that between school and home corporation things have gotten better. A lot of times children can be misdiagnosed for ADD/ADHD and they just are exceptional kids who just need to be micromanaged to keep them focused.
Avatar f tn You are right about the late diagnosis being mild because we all just though he was hyper/ high strung or had ADHD or something. In the last few years he became very aggressive, but without being physical or getting into legal trouble. He spoke rapidly and would get very agitated if you said anything while he carried the conversation. You couldn’t even agree with a yes or excuse me while he was talking.
Avatar m tn Readers wanting what to me is the best resource to help them deal with BPD should go to Sarah Freeman, The Bipolar Toolkit, 2009. It is far better than this personal, idiosyncratic and non-systematic account. 1.10.1 A good example of one of the most recent findings is from psychologists at the Universities of Manchester and Lancaster in a study published in April 2011.