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572651 tn?1530999357 the link takes you to the Canadian MS site, and the pdf of their MS GetFit Toolkit. A lot of the information is basic and what we discuss over and over here, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded how simple activity just a few times a week can make a big difference in our physical and mental health.
Avatar f tn re looking for anxiety coping tips to add to your own toolkit, may I message you with a list of links to a selection of my earlier posts that included tips?
Avatar n tn Also point out to your provider that they wasted your time and money and recommend that they purchase the herpes blood testing toolkit from for under $3 and update their herpes testing knowledge so that they can do the best they can for their patients in the future.
1237757 tn?1323143119 I had a bit of a slip up in the past week with managing my bipolar. Had run out of melatonin which I normally use to help me get to sleep and substituted Xanax for it instead (also because I'm getting really stressed as well at the moment and just wanted to escape and have a good nights sleep for a change) Naughty I know, but I think you also know how it gets sometimes. Anyway woke up like the dead a couple of days in a row and ended up getting into work late.
Avatar f tn Ritalin is very popular for ADD/ADHD. Celexa is an SSRI which is used for depression and can also be used to treat OCD. Once again, I am no doctor, but I would recommend getting a second opinion, maybe more thorough. How many times did your son see the psychiatrist? If he made all those diagnosis on a single visit, I would a little hesitant. I have learned to always question doctors until you find one you are comfortable with and trust.
Avatar f tn You gave a very helpful toolkit to groverallover. I think I'll check it out too. It may not work for me (Medicare's drug policy isn't really geared towards helping with expensive diseases/but it's worth a shot. ) Thanks JJ!
Avatar f tn Beware... when the tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. you posted to an add/adhd forum so of course the suggestion are to "test" for add/adhd. If you ask the school, who want to believe that every behavioural problem is a diagnosable and treatable - in the hope that all children can be well behaved through the magic pill, and they will steer you that way.
9662954 tn?1405606159 Finally, I would suggest reading the toolkit for patients with cirrhosis from the University of Michigan Health System to become familiar with the basics of managing your advanced liver disease. It includes the symptoms, complications and treatments of cirrhosis, things to avoid, vaccinations, screening for liver cancer and a basic recommended diet. Liver Cirrhosis: A Toolkit for Patients Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology University of Michigan Health System
Avatar f tn Loss of appetite and weight loss is a common side effect of stimulants, and one of the reasons why medications alone cannot treat ADHD. ADHD is sometimes caused by a deficiency in certain nutrients and can only get worse if the child is not eating. Talk to your son’s doctor and see if the dosage of the medication can be reduced. Your son can start replenishing the lost nutrients with the right ADHD diet.
Avatar f tn My hubby and i both has ADHD and are 29 weeks pregnant can are baby have ADHD to
Avatar f tn Anxiety is a common co-disorder of ADHD (usually caused by the ADHD). If you have ADHD, but your husband does not, the chances are less the baby will have it. If you both have it, the chances are higher. There are plenty of families who have one child with ADHD and one without. So, as far as I know, it is not possible to say for certain. Just that your chances are better then parents without ADHD. Hope this answers your question.
973741 tn?1342342773 I get the feeling from reading the two links below that while all people with adhd have EFD. You can have EFD and not adhd since the EFD can be a learning disorder not due to adhd. I hope these help. Since knowing the difference does amount in treatment differences. First link might be the best. Second is more on ways to treat. https://www.additudemag.
Avatar m tn Understand that technically, everyone has ADHD to some extent. Just because you sometimes display ADHD behavior doesn't mean you have it. But yes, #1 shows inattentiveness. And #2 shows impatience/impulsiveness. Both are ADHD characteristics.
Avatar f tn While lying is not ADHD, It is common for kids with ADHD to lie. "All children lie occasionally. But because of impulsivity and low self-esteem — and their tendency to make mistakes that they think need covering up — kids with ADHD are especially prone to stretching the truth. That worries parents." And the rest of the link gives good advice on working with a child who has ADHD and is lying. And actually, its not bad advice if the child does not have ADHD.
Avatar n tn I've got severe adhd when I don't smoke pot, and I've tried literally every adhd med out there and the stimulant effects of it cause my panic disorder to get worse and I feel miserable on the adhd meds... so I was thinking maybe marinol would be a good med to treat my adhd since it helps me focus on things and think clearly far greater then any of the adhd meds available.. good or bad?
Avatar f tn Anyhow, on reading up about it, I found that sleep apnea can cause ADHD, memory problems, trouble concentrating, etc. I also read that even in those with actual ADHD, treating the sleep apnea helps the persons behavior a lot. Anyone else here gone through sleep apnea treatment and found their ADHD better? It will be interesting to see what happens in my case. Here's an article about ADHD and sleep apnea: http://www.drgreene.
Avatar n tn In, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. She says on p62, that 60% of children with Tourette's have ADHD. But only 7% of kids with ADHD have Tourette's. Hope that helps. The book mentioned above is worth getting by the way.
3217939 tn?1345929459 Hi there. I think it would help to provide more details. How old is your child, are they officially diagnosed with add/adhd, what areas are you referring to that they don't 'listen'? Details will certainly help anyone to understand what exactly you need advice about. On the surface, it really helps to know as much as you can about the disorder of add/adhd.
Avatar f tn in an 18 years old young man,can adhd develope other mental disorders which can co exist with the adhd like schitzophrenia or paranoia if the adhd is not properly treated,if not, what other mental diseases can occure along with adhd?