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Avatar m tn Are you involved in any therapy with this child? He needs intensive therapy more than any medication is going to help.
406058 tn?1210598232 I have a 5 y/o boy that has about the worst case of ADHD there can be found in a child. He was given Adderal it made him mean and increased tantrums Why did it not do what it was suspose to do for him? it turned him into a monster!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with ADD at the beginning of my undergraduate career about 5 yrs ago. I wanted to treat the symptoms with therapy techniques rather then taking medication for it. I felt I had a fairly good handle on treating the problem through undergrad, but now im in a challenging graduate program & my techniques haven't proven to be as effective. What is the best medical route for me to take to as the next step?
Avatar n tn I have recently found out through my daughter going to therapy that I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin and that was awful - My anxiety went through the roof and my mood swings were terrible, and the blurred vision was unbearable - I couldn't read. He switched me to Zoloft and within a week I felt great. After a couple of weeks he decided to put me on Aderall for the ADHD. I have been on that for about 3 weeks and I feel worse.
Avatar f tn After a series of tests on her part and questionnaires on our part, he diagnosed her with ADHD (inattentive type with no H factor) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He recommended meds for ADHD and family therapy for the ODD. Our pediatrician does not take this diag lightly, so they are testing her again as like a 2nd opinion. We do that on Sept 16th. I am just so overwhelmed right now.
Avatar n tn I believe I am an ADHD. I think these are the symptoms that can prove that: Can't stop cheating on test Won't do homework Mood swings Talk really loud and get really excited easily Anxiety Cannot sleep Pretty intelligent, but can't do good in school Can focus on a task Can't have interest in something for more than a day. Easily frustrated (especially while doing homework) Take out the anger on myself by punching, clawing, scratching, Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Hi. My son is 10 years old with severe adhd. He has been on meds since he was 5. Recently we have had to change his meds for the first time in 5 yrs.(nightmare) I hadn't really thought about it til now but am really interested in some natural remedies for this. Even some over the counter meds would be fine. Does anyone have something they do for their child that works well?
Avatar n tn my fiancee and I are concerned that his (my soon to be step) 6 year old son has ADHD- the issues are when ever thier is a non structured event- (play date, free time ect- his hyper activity goes above and beyond and it is almost impossable to calm him down. for example,after a full day in first grade, an almost 2 hour play date(s) (runing, climbing trees,playing in the mudd ect. we come home and he is still running around the house screaming, singing bouncing off the walls).
Avatar f tn I think my son Brandon has ADHD. The doctor that I go to said he would probably have to be put on some medication when he starts school. Will you please give me the symptoms of ADHD. I don't know how to handle him sometimes. I am a single parent trying to raise 2 kids. I've tried every kind of punishment for him and nothing works. I just want to know really what I need to lood for.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old son has ADHD, tested and told he is math challenged and his other skills are average or low average. He has a short term memory problem that keeps him from retaining a lot of what he learns in school. He also tends to be anxious, things scare him easily and scared of illness and has complained of palpitations, although not often or lately. He also shows some signs of OCD, but not severe(my brother has OCD). He also lies a lot and still wets the bed everynight.
Avatar f tn Most developmental experts highly recommend it for kids with adhd. And another issue many kids with nervous system issues has (which adhd is) is that they seek impact. Boxing bags and kickboxing bags are known treatments for that again often recommended by experts. It is to feed the nervous system and is what they call "heavy work" and a known therapy to help someone be able to maintain themselves when they need to. Contrary to promoting violence, it actually heads it off.
Avatar n tn While some physicians diagnosis on the basis of a quick interview, and some use symptom checklists, the most responsible way to determine if a child has ADHD is to refer him for psychological or neuropsychological assessment. ADHD is frequently diagnosed by the presence of symptoms, yet it is important to note that symptoms such as impulsivity or forgetfulness can also be caused by anxiety, depression, or other factors.
5856747 tn?1403352282 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD. Prevalence. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is today largely accepted as a bona fide psychiatric or neurobehavioral disorder affecting some 5-7% of children and adolescents. The prevalence will depend on the diagnostic criteria used. It was once thought to be three times commoner in boys than in girls though not all studies support that figure. About 50% of ADHD children will carry the condition into adulthood.
Avatar f tn My son just turned 13 years old and has adhd. I am going crazy because I feel like I only yell at him and seen upset or frustrated all of the time. My son doesn't take anything seriously. He always makes fun of me for how I have a strong RI accent. He is a sweet kid but he can sometimes act like he's going backwards in maturity. He acts like he's 5 sometimes. (Behaviorwise). Its like he needs 24/7 attention.
Avatar f tn my ,son 11 years old ,was diagnosed as ADHD when he was 5 years old. he underwent Occupational therapy when he was 6 years old until 9 years old. as gets older he is becoming more defiant. he makes noises which sometimes annoys us. he sometimes cries without any reason. he laughs also most of the time without any reason. he is talking to himself too. he remembers a lot of things (from the movies and talks that he heard) wayback 5 years. he so hard headed.
Avatar f tn Our grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD but also suffers with "silent seizures". His behavior is getting out of hand, especially at school where he is defiant, and unco-operative. We are struggling to find him the proper medications and/or help that he needs. His doctors don't seem to be of any help thus far, just putting him on different meds, but none so far seem to have found any relief for him.
Avatar n tn This is very interesting Sandman. I've never sat down and told my son that he has a developmental delay or sensory integration disorder. I tell him his engine runs too high and he has to do the things necessary to keep it "just right" but that is it. I chose to do it this way because he has always felt different and I believed that this would just confirm it. He was diagnosed young though and we've done so much to help him that he now pretty much does blend in with the other kids.
Avatar n tn We have tried behavior therapy, drug therapy, and still no change. His aggression continues to grow and there seems to be no help for him. He is a wonderful child and i dont want him labeled "THAT KID". His therapists have started suggesting maybe there is something more than adhd/odd. What else can we try to give my baby hope?
Avatar n tn My question is, are the medications the same for ADD/ADHD? My son is said to have adhd. his medicine has changed three times now and this last one he is maxed out to the fullest dose. He can have some serious mood swings like when you take something from him he will hit you or kick at you to get it back. but when i struggle with him he puts up a fight and we are done it drains his energy.
Avatar f tn My son has been Diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. He has been on ADHD medication since he was 4 and now newly diagnosed with OCD. They think the Vyvanse is making the OCD sympotms worse. I can see this since we placed him on Zoloft for the OCD things have improved somewhat. I feel so bad for him becuase our personalities are so different. I am very melow and laid back but also Type A. He is constantly getting into trouble over little things at school almost daily.
Avatar f tn For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment." So even if meds are not given - the therapy is recommended. They can not just ignore the situation and say come back later on. You can read about it here. If you do want to check out the ADHD aspect - this site has a pretty good list of things to look out for.
Avatar m tn I am 44. Recently diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. I have all types of memory problems, focus/concentration problems. A have a phobia of any situation that might reveal a lack of ability to articulate. I have very poor reading comprehension and have to read and reread many times to process it or in other words there is little automaticity there when I read. I have tried 6 different medications none of which has helped. My only source of relief is avoidance and denial.
901608 tn?1242152747 Hi, my 5.5 yr old son is just about to be DX with ADHD. The treatment plan, I imagine will be medication. I, of course will speak with his cardiologist prior to starting any medication. My son has one VSD that is getting smaller, and one that has closed. His heart is still slightly enlarged, but functioning normal. All of the info I can find on the web says that ADHD meds should not be given to children with structural abnormalitites of the heart or serious heart conditions.
Avatar f tn have a hyperactive 5 and a half yr. old boy. Hyper since birth.Changing diapers was difficult. I am used to this and it has gotten a bit easier to manage since then. Alot of his behavior seems like ADHD,the type that is hyper but "takes everything in". He never liked loud music,covers his ears. And also complained once of lights being too bright at Gymnastics class (which he DID NOT LIKE). He will interact with other children and isn't shy once he gets comfortable.
Avatar m tn We had him evaluated by an occupational therapist that specializes in sensory and he does occupational therapy for it. Kids LOVE therapy because it provides the input into the nervous system that they are trying to get in other ways. A kid that crashes is looking for impact, for example. They have safe ways to give a child this input, the nervous system gets 'fed' and the child feels better and thier nervous system is better regulated. They then are calmer after these activities.
Avatar f tn Then, I would give some thought to myself and read up on ADHD, and also explore other factors in myself and in my life sotuation could also explain those ADHD symptoms and characteristics he/she is talking about. I don't take everything my doctors say as gospel. A good clinician usually goes through a process of "ruling out possible consitions" and fine tuning down to the differential that support the final diagnosis or diagnoses.
Avatar n tn I have only recently learned of the ODD. My daughter has been diagnosed with "mild" ADHD. Her pychologist also told us that she is extremely bright. She is doing well academically in kindergarten; her teacher said she is above average in most areas of learning. Our problem is her behavior. She not only falls into four symptoms of ODD, but exhibits all six of the criteria.
184933 tn?1209357440 Does anyone have a kid with ADHD and an IEP? I've been reading through various articles and law regarding IEP, not much mention of 504 Plan though. Seems like my son might qualify because of his serious ADHD, emotional trauma and health issues. We have a meeting set for August 19th, 2010.