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Avatar n tn Still it was 20 degrees here today and he walks through the front door in a t-shirt. Second time he's lost a coat in a month! He is diagnosed ADHD but we are taking him in for comprehensive psychiatric testing soon because that doesn't seem to explain the extent of his forgetfullness. My daughter was difficult to get diagnosed with ADD but I really pushed it through. All I knew was that, despite excellent grades, there was something wrong.
Avatar n tn So I never witnessed as many episodes as I have in the last six weeks, when I saw them previously I was looking through rose tinted glasses and thought he was just having a tanty but now i realise that it is a daily thing. Anything from what he eats to which t-shirt or shirts (because he wants to wear three at once at the moment). Also he has a stutter that was clinically diagnosed at a scale from 1 - 10 as a 6.
186166 tn?1385262982 i think i have on flannel pj pants with dogs on them and a red t-shirt with christmas trees on it...not a matching set i might the end i come out with this laugh that doesn't even sound like me...or at least i don't think it does. sorry you can't view it but like i said it is very, very quick. just ask georgia...for some reason she can't get enough of it...AM I THAT STRANGE? now you know i must consider you guys friends because i don't believe i would be showing it to just anyone...
Avatar n tn My cold tolerance is almost freakish, sometimes in the winter I'll be too warm and I'll go outside, I've sat outside for 20 minutes at 25 degrees with a t shirt and I'll still be overheated. It's extremely uncomfortable, and I'm getting frustrated with it, (I'm not an angry person, I'm quite calm. But when I'm already too warm, and another person will complain that it's chilly, I've started to have trouble not telling them to "Put on a f***ing jacket".
1603306 tn?1370618313 We got put out of the circus, the movies,...etc. When she was in the incubator, she just slept with a t-shirt and a diaper; even now she will not sleep with any clothing below the waist. I'm so glad that you said that. I will be getting her an appointment quick. Thank you so much!
Avatar f tn Hi, First of all I feel that the babyalex poster has an agenda that does not help children and I find to be extremely disrespectful on this forum. Adhd/add is actually a developmental delay that involves the nervous system. A great number of illness/disorders (ever have a sinus infection . . . did your doctor culture you or just listen to your symptoms and pick an antibiotic based on that. I've never been cultured for an upper respirtory infection in my life other than strep throat.
Avatar n tn We have to stretch them first before she puts them on and has to stretch out the collars of every t shirt. Jeans are NEVER worn, the seams apparently press into her skin and sport shoes, she has said she can feel bones in them and they press on her feet. In order for her to wear shoes at all they have to be 2 sizes too big, like the rest of her clothes. She complains her feet hurt alot and is starting to not want to participate in play time with other kids because of it.
184674 tn?1360864093 Basically, I NEVER in my wildest thoughts and concerns about him would have wondered, is he color blind? I was wearing a solid light forest green t-shirt yesterday, so I asked him what color my shirt was. He said it was green. I held up a red snack bag of Apple Straws and asked what color the bag was and he said, "It's red.
Avatar n tn but you cant wear underwear and a t shirt in front of people. wow.. whats the deal with that. i already know people are going to say things like. .. oh. because its like. uhhh swim time.. ya know? you in a setting to go into the water . give me a break. who cares.. you are still wearing a tiny two piece bathing suit. i have found that having aspergers really brings up so many things about life for me. that i dont understand about the general population. its not for me to judge..
Avatar m tn I wouldn't have been able to be civil very long if she continued to talk down to me. I know I look like a kid in my t-shirt and jeans but screw you if you think try and walk all over me or my kid. Sorry for the rant but had to get it off my chest somewhere.
Avatar n tn BTDT and got the T-Shirt. 1-2-3 Magic is good also. Our 5 yr old son acted the same way, and we eliminated artificial dyes, flavors, and preservatives from his diet and added essential fatty acids. His behavior improved after two weeks of doing both of these things. I cook from scratch and we limit sugar, juices, junk food, sodas, and corn syrup. We do not let him eat the same foods in a 4 day period. Do not yell, spank, or argue.
Avatar n tn For some children, there do exist biologically-based problems, usually having to do with neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals, that precipitate uninhibited, aggressive behavior. ADHD is one such condition, but not the only one. Generally, the reluctance you've experienced about diagnosing ADHD in such a young child is a wise caution.
Avatar n tn When he came home all he had on was his under t shirt. How can he not know. Im so frustrated. Is there any foods to feed a kid that helps them naturally?
Avatar m tn I got a bipolar t-shirt and wore it for a while and it was therapeutic for me, showing people that I could have BP and still function, but now I hesitate to wear it hoping that they may have been wrong. That I don't have BP. I think I really need to go to a support group. But when I go, other people talk about how they can't keep a job, how their meds have them jacked up. I am pretty stable on my meds.
644988 tn?1236368148 As for the school not knowing what you're talking about...I've got the T shirt. We only managed to have the diagnosis confirmed by taking a video of son at home to the specialist. If he's ticcing at home that's because he's relaxed, if he's not ticcing at school, he's suppressing. If he's supressing, it's like needing to scratch an itch but not being allowed to; very distracting and bad for concentration.
484698 tn?1208823583 When she was able to move, she hung on (literally) to a little friend's T-shirt. She was in total terror while at school. At home there were huge tantrums, no sleep, unable to interact with others (except very few close relatives), major sensory issues and depression (yes, she was diagnosed with depression at six years of age). In addition, she was very bright, curious, outgoing and athletic but these traits were never seen by the "general public".
Avatar f tn I just got him to wear a second pair of pants he had for awhile. but that is still only 2 pairs for 7 days. he also finally wore a second t-shirt today, first time in 7 weeks. it kills me to see him wearing them when I know they need to be washed.I have looked all over for just the right pants he likes to wear , but it is next to impossible to find them after size 7. he is a size 9 - they don't make that, so he has to have 8's yet, which are a bit snug , but the 10's fall off him.
19433874 tn?1482346900 We haven't announced yet but I'm really excited about the picture announcement we are going to do. It will be of DD holding the ultrasound with a big sister t-shirt on.
1183485 tn?1307563714 at a sporting goods store and get the t shirt style. It would squeeze him ever so slightly which may calm him at school. I'm afraid your teacher may not be trained in child development. That is a very bad recommendation on her part. Punishment needs to be immediate. And to be honest, as my son struggled at 4 (he was diagnosed at 4.5) in preschool--------- they only punished if he did something totally unacceptable. Otherwise, they introduced calming and regulating activities.
544302 tn?1217520684 He will have to wear the right clothes for any occasion, eg football clothes for football, climbing t shirt for climbing, he can not just go out and have a kick about or go for a walk or anything without first having to get changed into what he sees as the right things for the event. This is just a brief overview of my son, believe me I could go on and on. I need some help with this young man as I fear he will end up very unhappy or even dead.
Avatar n tn i'm also looking for work and my mind isn't into it. (telecommunications) everynight i wake up sweating and have to change my t-shirt. the doc said i was detoxing still- most likely. would methadone help me from feeling this way? i'm often feeling down, and i'm not sure why he suggested methadone. whats your thoughts ? thanks. an addict.
Avatar n tn if the child misses being with a parent and wants that closeness, sleeping with a t-shirt with your scent on it may help them too or if they have a special blanket, put a bit of lotion or perfume that you use on it.
Avatar f tn Maria8 i totally understand what you are saying, when other people are wearing 2 jerseys and long pants im wearing shorts and a t-shirt with sandals and im not cold at all! then in summer i spend my days at home in the least amount of clothes that i can bear to touch my body.. so because of this problem i find it very difficult to work because i know there is no way i could possibly put long pants on :( i sweat almost constantly in summer and it is very very embarrassing..
584252 tn?1218227286 Then the day after when the district nurse came well she did the same again and she wouldn't even let me or anyone look she had the same t-shirt on for 3 days, nights, slept in it, wore it under halloween costume everything. The district nurse asked me to sign a sheet which i thought was unusual she said it was incase they need to refer her for other services ie speech therapy or other things like that.
Avatar f tn I'm at home in he central air in a tank top and Bermuda shorts. Normally it's sweats and a t shirt or long sleeve t shirt. I'm not crying near as much and I just feel more sane and stable.
Avatar f tn I've bought her Spiderman shoes that she really wants, and if there's a t-shirt she really loves in the boy department (and it's not to boyish looking) I buy it for her. I play with her when she wants to play with cars (or anything else) and I let her wear pretty much whatever she wants. I DON'T want her to be a girly girl.... I just want her to be a girl and I don't want to see my daughter going through hormone therapy and all the suffering of being so different.
Avatar f tn I'm glad he's thought of graphic design. I'm sorry his passion didn't work out. My son also loves characters. He is a fanatic for comic books. What about an online job with one of the gaming job. They have forums and things?
Avatar n tn ok the weather outside is weird!! its warm, t shirt warm. windy and its supposed to rain the clouds are coming in. oh maybe we will have a tornado! is that what happens to those of you in tornado town? we get little ones from time to time here in california, but its occational and they dont usually do any harm. i better get my red shoes out!!
1103110 tn?1341258099 OK things started out okay, we saw each others face live, I was dressed normally for all you wondering! Pants, t-shirt, sock and the whole gear LOL. Then we progressed into talk and the next thing I look at his cam and there he is in his birthday suit! OMG this guy was hung like a horse! OMG LMA HAHAHAHAHA! I was so shocked and mortified I couldn't talk to him no more so I put him on iggy and never talk to him again! LOL And since then I haven't share my cam, I just say nope ain't got one LMAO!