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Avatar n tn She has 2 ADHD sons and my son has been spending quite some time with them. AS of 3 weeks now, his behavior has drastically changed. He has become violent and disrespectful. He tends to hit his 4 yr old sister alot. Can ADHD be a learned behavior that my son has picked up from my nephews?
1388785 tn?1279770764 If you want - just click on the ADHD in blue at the top of this page and get a list of symptoms for ADHD and that might be helpful to you. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Is he on any medications for ADHD? Also, could you further describe what "putting in front of eyes tracking the movement" means?
Avatar f tn my 7 yr old has adhd but is also very violent an has recently started having sexual tendencies. i also have another child who is just barely over a yr old and i dont know how to protect him from his older brother yet at the same time protect the older child too. i cant leave the oldest alone without adult suppervision because he is so violent.
468747 tn?1207169357 He has been in a preschool program for almost 1 year and has shown increasingly violent behavior. He is very well mannered and sweet at home; a little unmanagable, but nothing I felt out of the ordinary for a child his age(I do have 2 older girls with no problems). At school he refuses to follow rules and directions.
Avatar m tn Ask ur his PCP for this medicine its called DAYTRANA is for aggressive behavior and also mood changes and ADHD AN ADD my son has ADHD and is he all this medicine its a patch sorry i forgot to mention that well it really works for him he was just like your son very violent well since he's been on this medicine he is a changed child he's more focus and loveing and doesnt destroy things or hit others.
Avatar m tn Honestly, I don't really know a lot about OCD. I did notice, though, that some of your symptoms are similar to symptoms my sister has. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's (form of autism). I really think you should find someone who can listen to you and find a diagnosis that will hopefully make more sense to your situation. Once that can get accomplished, they will be able to help you manage these symptoms better.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who claims that her 8-year old son has a milk allergy that affects his behavior. If he has any milk products she (and now he) claims that he gets physically violent and aggressive. She has never had him tested. Not only do I think she is nuts but I also think she has brainwashed her kid into believing that his behavior is not his responsibility. What are the facts related to behavior and milk allergy. I certainly welcome being wrong.
Avatar f tn The potentially destructive behavior of ADHD should not be confused with mania. Medications that are used to treat ADHD are stimulants and thus can sometimes worsen bipolar. Any behavior that comes from mania is generally treated with a mood stabilizer. So there are two different issues. But both would respond to talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to medication.
Avatar n tn 17 year old downsyndrome girl diagnoised bi-polar- adhd- violent behavior ( hitting others, banging head on walls,floor etc,cussing, running off from school teachers, throwing temper tantrums just to name a few things) now mri shows nonspecific white matter on brain and doctors have no clue girl has been on every medication known to man ( ritilin,prozac,well butrin, depacoate, and many more) nothing seems to work what can we do????
Avatar f tn Kicking, spitting, growling and violent behavior are symptoms of mental illness...please have your child evaluated by a child psychiatrist at a mental health facility that specializes in the care and treatment of children...your child's school should be able to assist you in locating these specialized services in your community.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old daughter is becoming increasingly violent towards her older 6 year old brother. She has tried to choke him, she pins him, throws things at him. We have tried discipline, time outs and seperation. Things will go fine for a while then boom, she will do something to hurt him.
Avatar n tn Hi my name is Chance i have ADHD with a uncontrollable violent impulse and up until the 6th grade i didn't know i had it but the day i found out was the day i got put on medication for it and everyday since then i've been researching ADHD because i want to go off the medication and learn how to control it without it and i really want to try the other way and come up with a game plan with my family and doctor to control without medication and i've been waiting and researching for 8
Avatar m tn My four year old has always had issues with ADHD, with hyperactive behavior, Impulsiveness, and defiance. When he was two, if he was told to stay in his room and take a nap, he would lash out by smearing poop on the wall, or tearing up his toys or his room. I thought it was typical two year old behavior that he would grow out of, but it continued. When his two year old brother began walking, he started becoming aggressive toward him, choking him, and shoving him.
Avatar m tn Actually, it really is ADHD and what you are describing are exactly the symptoms someone with ADHD would have. The fact that you are unaware of this means that your doctor (or someone) has not done a very good job at communicating with you. This is very sad because a child with ADHD really needs a whole different discipline schedule than a regular child. They also need a lot more help in school - hopefully he is getting that.
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Avatar f tn My four year old grandchild/fosterchild has been to the doctor and now take meds for ADHD. Frist was riddelen that did not work at all. New medication is Risperidone. No change has been noticed. This child before meds was pooping and peeing on her bedroom floor and even after meds. Im at my end and dont understand this kind of behavior.
1645341 tn?1401060012 He is currently on ADHD medications, and they do not seem to be helping. During one visit to his therapist he had a violent fit, and she decided that the symptoms I insisted he had and what she was seeing was symptomatic of Bi-Polar disorder. They refused to change his medications to reflect the new diagnosis. My child has the most horrible fits while he is at home.
Avatar n tn I have a 6yr old boy and a 9yr old girl and they fight all the time my son is adhd odd and may have some sycological issues he's on meds but he's getting really bad he's became violent with me and I just found out I'm pregnant it makes me alil uneasy because his favorite thing to do is kick me in my belly what do I do
Avatar f tn My first thought is that 6 year old boys draw all kinds of violent stuff - mainly due to video games etc and easy to draw. So why not girls - she may have seen classmates drawing and thought it was neat. It doesn't hurt to ask her about it. Or suggest she try flowers instead of knives. But this doesn't have a lot to do with ADHD - I would post over on the child behavior forum.
Avatar f tn I have a 7 year old son who is having eposodes of violent behavior. If something happens that he is not okay with he freaks out going into a violent rage. He will hit, throw things, and scream that he hates everyone and wishes we would all die. I have taken him to a therapist he has been on medication and it seems to be getting worst. This happens at school at least every other day. I just want him to have a normal life and not hurt himself or anyone else.
Avatar m tn Understand that technically, everyone has ADHD to some extent. Just because you sometimes display ADHD behavior doesn't mean you have it. But yes, #1 shows inattentiveness. And #2 shows impatience/impulsiveness. Both are ADHD characteristics.
Avatar f tn Now what can occur as children get older is a greater capacity to control their behavior. The ADHD condition remains, but it may have less of an influence.
Avatar m tn He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms. He is driving us crazy but not showing any signs of anger or aggression. We then introduced ADHD medication, guanfacine, evening only. Second day he started exhibiting more aggressive, angry behavior. I plan to call the Doctor on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone else had similar situation?
Avatar n tn In several studies of children with an ADHD diagnosis and enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils, removal of these organs resulted in dramatically improved attention and behavior. In fact, in several studies, 50% of the children diagnoses with ADHD, who underwent the surgeries, 6 months later did not meet the criteria for ADHD. My son has been diagnosed with mild ADHD. And maybe indeed he has it.
Avatar f tn It could be normal 5 yr old behavior, impulse control, ADHD... ect. If he tantrums are violent I would have him see a therapist to get to the root of them. I would find out from his teacher what it is that is triggering the tantrums and if that certain thing can be altered, his behavior may be altered as well. If he is really smart, it could also be something as simple as he is not feeling challenged and is bored in school.
Avatar f tn Ask your pediatrician or psychiatrist for a referral to someone who specializes in Parent Management Training (or applied behavior analysis). Find someone who can design a family behavior plan for the children--all of them need to be on a behavior plan until you are getting some relief. In the meantime, definitely check out the book The Kazdin Method by Alan Kazdin.
1766650 tn?1313633709 t work with ADHD kids. If you were to go on the ADHD site where I usually post, you would see this is pretty normal behavior. The sad thing is that whoever diagnosed her didn't give you much info on how to work with kids like her. I recommend the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley a lot. I think in your case I would highly recommend it because it will cover everything from discipline to coping with schools and homework to IEP's , etc.