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Avatar n tn Is he on any medications for ADHD? Also, could you further describe what "putting in front of eyes tracking the movement" means?
Avatar f tn I have heard of ADHD symptoms, I heard that it is much more easier to have fights if you have ADHD also ADHD kids act mostly, hyper, either violent(Not all), Overreacting over mainly little things. Sometimes they wonder in there own world. Having Aspergers can be different in many ways, Aspergers is when your child is having emotional problems maybe even getting embarrassed, shy, difficult education maybe even speech problems.
Avatar f tn i would like anybody who has a 9 year old son or daughter to tell me what are the symptoms of ADHD before i take my nephew to a pdoc...........
Avatar n tn Because they do not have the capability of understanding basic feelings, thoughts, etc. My son is five years old in Feb, he is autistic. We have been fighting this violent behavior for over three years now. The doctors say it maybe something little even a smell or a . sound that triggers my son's violent acts. It is common for a autistic person to have similar triggers, and these triggers could be anything and everything.
Avatar n tn I don't think this is normal behavior. behavior sometimes reflects what is being done to him. Is this possible? Often, it is their only way to ask for help by acting out. My own experience was with our 2 1/2 year old starting to act up spitting in our face, hitting playmates over the head with toy hammers, screaming at us and running into room and slamming the door. It turns our our 6 year old foster child we were planning to adopt had been sexually and sadistically abusing him at night.
Avatar m tn He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms. He is driving us crazy but not showing any signs of anger or aggression. We then introduced ADHD medication, guanfacine, evening only. Second day he started exhibiting more aggressive, angry behavior. I plan to call the Doctor on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone else had similar situation?
Avatar f tn Some bipolar children are described as “the bully on the playground.” 9. The child with ADHD may engage in behavior that can lead to harmful consequences without being aware of the danger, whereas the child with bipolar disorder is risk seeking. 10. Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 11.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter has very bad mood swings. Can become very violent both physical and verbal. Has also had 5 suspensions from school and will not do any school work. She is about to take her GCSE's in May. Every day seems to be a war zone. Her medical team are trying very hard. Any help would be great. Its very hard at the moment.
Avatar m tn Actually, it really is ADHD and what you are describing are exactly the symptoms someone with ADHD would have. The fact that you are unaware of this means that your doctor (or someone) has not done a very good job at communicating with you. This is very sad because a child with ADHD really needs a whole different discipline schedule than a regular child. They also need a lot more help in school - hopefully he is getting that.
Avatar n tn I will not even discuss this with you--ALL children exhibit symptoms of ADHD before the age of 7...if you are still concerned about this when he's seven, we'll look at the possibility then." I had him evaluated by someone else who spent three hours talking to him and asking me questions about my pregnancy and his health history (as well as family health history). She told me that while he was too young to diagnose ADHD, she really did not think he will ever be diagnosed with it.
Avatar n tn he was still very compulsive along with violent tendencies. i have a sister who is bipolar and adhd she is 38 yrs. old but still has her mental faculties she just couldn't control them without medication , as exist with my son i put him on paxil in the evening and he takes his adderall in the morning so far this combo has been working.
Avatar f tn I was just researching symptoms. I don't remember all of the symptoms either, but I remember that being one of them. I know there were developmental delays also. Does he seem to be keeping up w/ his twin brother? My son is 17 and is perfectly fine. But I do remember he used to do things like this too. I think it was more w/ his toys if I remember correctly, but I wasn't alarmed. He did end up having ADHD, but I don't believe that the two have anything to do w/ the other.
Avatar n tn Several previous studies indicated that some physical symptoms reported in ADHD are similar to symptoms observed in essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency in animals and humans deprived of EFAs. We reported previously that a subgroup of ADHD subjects reporting many symptoms indicative of EFA deficiency (L-ADHD) had significantly lower proportions of plasma arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid than did ADHD subjects with few such symptoms or control subjects.
1645341 tn?1401063612 He is currently on ADHD medications, and they do not seem to be helping. During one visit to his therapist he had a violent fit, and she decided that the symptoms I insisted he had and what she was seeing was symptomatic of Bi-Polar disorder. They refused to change his medications to reflect the new diagnosis. My child has the most horrible fits while he is at home.
Avatar n tn Asperger's syndrome. Symptoms have been typical ADHD symptoms with aggressiveness,outright defiance and rage. Ritalin has unsuccessful in controlling any symptoms. Adderall was very successful in controlling a majority of symptoms but had the unfortunate side effect of insomnia. Luvox was prescribed to assist with sleep and minor anxiety symptoms. He had a horrible reaction to the Luvox. It caused further insomnia. Benadryl (over-the-counter) was suggested. Another horrible reaction.
Avatar n tn Rather, the behaviors you describe could be a normal spectrum child behavior problem, or symptoms of Disruptive Behavior Disorder or even a Mood Disorder. What is required is a systematic behavior management approach. It would be wise to consult with a pediatric mental health clinician to assess the situation and advise you. It is possible that ADHD is a component of your son's condition, but that is certainly not all that is going on if it indeed is present.
Avatar m tn He does not retain experiences, can't think through situations before he acts-all tell tale signs of ADHD, but he has a very violent component to his behavior. He does not have the ability to read social cues or value the effects of his behavior. I am thinking that an inpatient stay would allow a provider to observe these behaviors because my son wouldn't be able to hide them for very long. I am also looking for a center of excellence for children with behavioral disorders.
Avatar m tn Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 11. Children with ADHD usually do not exhibit psychotic symptoms or reveal a loss of contact with reality, whereas children with bipolar disorder may exhibit gross distortions in the perception of reality or in the interpretation of emotional events. 12.
Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD can anyone tell me if alcohol triggers angry outburst, impulsive behavior and ADHD symptoms? I use to blame it on the ADHD but I think she may be an alcoholic as well. She gets violent during her drinking bindges and has blackouts while she's awake, stays up for hours giving people around her plain ole hell.
Avatar n tn Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 11. Children with ADHD usually do not exhibit psychotic symptoms or reveal a loss of contact with reality, whereas children with bipolar disorder may exhibit gross distortions in the perception of reality or in the interpretation of emotional events. 12.
Avatar n tn I went to the family doctor who of course suggested ADHD and sent us to the local child psychiatrist. We did not make it there due to a very violent outburst that landed our son in a psychiatric hospital for a week. Again I told them of the severe change in his personality, processing skills and reasoning...not to mention by this time decision making. Long story short after many arrests....counseling sessions and even residential treatment.
Avatar n tn my son was always advanced at everything (crawled at 5 mos,stood at 6 mos ,at age 2 he knew the alphabet in english, hebrew & french ) ) he was 8 mos old he found an old box fan ..he would sit on his knees and spin the blades (we cut the cord off )he was completley obsessed for several years .box fans ,windmills ,pinwheels ...never asked for toys ,only fans . also started throwing fits ,and cussing .... I took him to the Dr.( he was almost 3).
Avatar n tn If you think that overall his functioing is enhanced by using only the Wellbutrin (which, by the way, can help w/ADHD symptoms as well as mood), it might be wise to start the school year on only the Wellbutrin and see how he does. Talk the idea over with his prescribing doctor.
Avatar n tn He was all the ADHD symptoms, and has violent,angry outbursts that match all ODD symptoms. After meeting with doctor and telling him all the things my son is doing he said yes definitely lets have him tested. Im still waiting on an appointment with a child psychologist so nothing has happened on that end yet. The problem is my son seems to be on a huge downward spiral day after day.
Avatar m tn Energy is one thing----- violent and and routinely disruptive behavior is another. That falls outside of normal and you are very wise to try and find the root cause. Things you can do at home whether it is sensory or adhd are to increase his physical activity. There is a web site I like called "Sensory Processing Disorder" or "SPD" and you can go there and read about it. Then check out on that site the page called "heavy work".
Avatar m tn Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Avatar f tn I took my 7 yr old to the Dr's and he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed 5 mg of RITALIN.. I keep reading the side affects and it's really scarying me. His behavior is something that can' be controlled or handled. I've tried everything. The Dr. said that this will cure his illness. He said he wont be a walking sombie or else he would never prescribe something like that to him. I have to try it for a week... I'm nervous, but I do want my son to have a normal childhood...
Avatar m tn I guess the main reason I bring this up is that even though all the symptoms do point to ADHD, there are some things like Sensory Processing Disorder that have very similar symptoms and I would want somebody with experience to possibly rule other factors out. One of the things that I do find unusual is the length of time he crys. As an elementary school principal, we had kids that did cry in kindergarten. They usually stopped after a period of time. His crying is unusual.