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Avatar m tn By the way, I have seen several studies that show that sleep apnea can produce ADHD like symptoms. In fact, there have been several posters on here that have had sleep apnea, been treated and their daytime behaviors definitely changed. Has anybody ever commented about you snoring or breathing loud at night? "Regardless of type, an individual with sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening.
1453183 tn?1287852619 She was accepted by a very prestigious college and went on to an equally prestigious university for an MA where she received a fellowship. The ADHD turned out to be sleep apnea. When it comes to diagnosis, don't rule out a mother's instincts.
Avatar m tn Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
1460021 tn?1445739558 So....I'm diagnosed with adhd...been on dexamphetamine 50mg since march 25th was going well....after speaking to my doctor he thought i might benifit from going on epilim to stabilize my moods as well... So i have been on epilim 500mg in the morning and then 500mg at night...I don't know if its causing my aggression to get worse (the dexies helped heaps with that)....i am getting rather big outbursts of anger and punching walls again....
193137 tn?1367883663 children from kindergarten through the 5th grade who were diagnosed with ADHD. It then compared the scores of the students who were on ADHD medications with their non-medicated peers. Researchers analyzed data from the U.S. Education Department's Early Childhood Longitudinal Study that included the academic progress of U.S. elementary school students from 1998-99 as well as information on each child's family and medical background.
865817 tn?1255285681 Glad to hear it is working out for you and her. Because she is still in Kindergarten, homework should not be an issue yet. When it is, then it is time to talk to a doctor. In the meantime here is some homework for you. Just saw this post, these books might be worth checking out. I haven't read them yet, but I am certainly going to look into them. Dulcet1pms, Oct 07, 2009 03:33AM Hi- I also have a son with ADhD and is Bi-polar as well.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.
Avatar n tn I myself at age 40 have tourette syndrome, however years ago, it was not diagnosed when my symptoms started around age 12, and I actually diagnosed myself as an adult when my daughter starting with tics at about age 2. She had all the same tics that you and others have mentioned. I took her at about age 6 to a neurologist and basically gave them my diagnosis in which they concurred was tourettes and she was on medication until about age 12.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with bipolar in highschool and was also diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school. But when I try to look at my symptoms they don't seem to match. I go through a lot of cycles from normal to depression but I never notice myself in a Mania stage. I get talkative and can't sit still but don't show the classic symptoms of bipolar. But the problem is, between my ADHD and bipolar, I am beginning to have troubles in school.
Avatar n tn He has been evaluated by a neuro-opthalmologist along with students at Michigan State University along with a pediatric neuologist at MSU. He thought his spots were tricking him at the first frost this year. I told him it was frost. He is very afraid to wear his Heely (wheeled shoes) because of falling. He is becoming limited with this issue. He was seen by a pediatric chiropractor yesterday and she is putting him on maintance because she can't help him. I'm lost....
Avatar m tn Hello, I am currently 25 years old and attending a University in Texas with hopes to enter med school in a few years. I have had ADD my whole life however I was never treated as a child due to the reluctance of my parents. Although I am currently a 'deans list' student I am encumbered by ADD symptoms which are severely affecting my ability to pay attention, comprehend, memorize, recall and speak fluently about subjects I am knowledgeable in.
Avatar n tn At an early age (5-10) my parents were told by school doctors/specialists that I demonstrated typical ADHD symptoms. Throughout school, I was disruptive, inattentive, and generally off-task nearly all the time. Humility aside for a moment, I believe myself to be a very intellectual person. Despite my disruptive nature in school, I have always excelled in nearly every subject. Because of this, an alternative diagnosis for my disruptiveness was often cited as "boredom".
598237 tn?1225647072 I never said I did not like ADHD students. I agree with you that if the government would put more into education, like building more schools, we could have lower class sizes. I don't push my child to make A's but if that is his capability I feel that he should be aspiring to that grade. As far as "pushing" drugs into my son's body, once again I ask you, if your child were diabetic or had a heart condition, would you not give him his medicine.
Avatar f tn So yes, if he is doing better than there is a good chance of a misdiagnosis. It is possible he has ADD not ADHD and that makes the symptoms harder to recognize. In terms of him being labeled. In the 70's and 80's that was a legitimate complaint due to the lack of knowledge and the way special education was handled. By the way, does he have a 504 or an IEP? I really don't think that a label now will do much damage. But I really don't know exactly what the school is doing for him.
Avatar m tn Hi there. You do list classic symptoms of depression. Depression can be mild or severe. You sound like you are struggling through which would make it more on the mild side. It is very treatable-- you could even go to the health clinic at your university most likely for this. Talk therapy helps but some have depression 'just because' without any early childhood trigger or major issue going on. It could be as simple as not loving your major and realizing 'this' is your life!
Avatar f tn I have been in education for over 40 years now in a variety of postions (see my profile). Never really been a fan of the "color" system. But, it is a system that because of the graduated warnings it may work for many kids. The problem is that for a child with ADHD, or ODD, it is a form of torture, because it simply will not, cannot work. Having said that. It is also the system that your district uses and is not going to change.
Avatar n tn We tried everything under the sun but the only thing that helped was the addition of essential fatty acids to this diet. We use a product called Efalex. His tantrums stopped after only two weeks. Symptoms of an essential fatty acid deficiency are vision problems, dry itchy skin, frequent thirst, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and behavior problems.
Avatar n tn I would venture to say that you are no longer taking Adderall to control the symptoms of your ADHD, but in fact your using it like people use COFFEE!!!! You also made reference in your posting that you will take an extra dose of Adderall if you are coming off a long night of drinking or have a paper due, cigarettes and so on. LISTEN TO ME NOW GENUINE203; BASED ON YOUR COMMENTS YOU CLEARLY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE INVOLVED.
Avatar f tn (clinically) diagnosed with ADHD or not, they'll prescribe Adderall if grades are poor, assuming that ADHD is the cause of the poor grades. Is that about the long and the short of it?
Avatar f tn Groups such as the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence say that amphetamine use is actually falling, despite its association with the club scene. Amphetamine users can become dependant on the drug, and withdrawal symptoms can cause depression and lethargy. Heavy, regular use can cause hallucinations, delusions and feelings of paranoia.
Avatar m tn He is seeing a psych but we were there today and to be honest I felt he liked to hear himself talking more than listening to what I had to say. My sons symptoms are didnt talk until after 2(we thought he was deaf, not so), terrified of loud noises when smaller, could read almost as soon as could talk(reads at an advanced level now), talks about only what he is into and not in a conversation he talks at you not with you. He would be OVERLY sensitve about others feelings and worry to the extreme.
Avatar f tn SO - your son has a MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS (in my state, the ADHD ALONE is enough for a 504 Plan!). His ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome qualify him for accommodations. Since he is NOT below grade level, you may not be able to get an IEP - unless you can get it in with the Tourette's diagnosis as you stated above. If you have an outside medical evaluation, that should be all you need to get the 504 or IEP written.
Avatar f tn I was first diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in 7th grade.... My doctors started me out on Ritalin (SP?) the drug worked wonders for my attention and drive, literally wonders. But after about a month or two the side affects were just way to harsh...lost all motivation to eat, lost the ability to get an erection, developed insomnia...
Avatar f tn The only thing my endo did was to change my thyroid dose to 112mcg [which for me is quite minimal] According to the thyro test I was running 'hyper'. Well, I have no symptoms of hyperthyroidism, except the weight loss. I'm to be checked next week, and see the endo on the 29th. If she wants to lower my dosage, I am going to refuse. It's my belief that doctors shouldn't go according to what's 'normal'. They should include the symptoms...
Avatar f tn From my side I have never heard of paediatric bipolar in children this young until just recently and outside of the US the medical community is very very skeptical that it occurs in children under 10, there's little empirical evidence and its seems interesting that the diagnosis is only happening in the USA although now is slowly starting to occur other places as it becomes a vogue of the day - much the same as how ADHD exploded when ritalin came along to treat it...
Avatar n tn Not quite sure why u came to this site in the 1st place but irrespective, just bc this isn't your disease doesn't make it non-existent! Obviously everyone has slight symptoms that ppl w. ADHD have but its to a muuuuuch lesser extent. Were on a f'kn website titled "Worried About the long-term effects of Adderall"-you see that's where we differ from u. We take it to get better& wouldn't put these drugs into our body if it wasn't necessary...
Avatar m tn Where I live, all teachers are required to have a valid university degree with two successful years teaching before obtaining a teaching certificate. Those involved in nursery and/or pre-school situations are not "teachers" but Early Childhood Education instructors. There is a big difference. By the way, "tenure and skill competency testing" is not required in countries where the educational system is more regulated, structured, and better managed.
Avatar m tn In these years I learned various self-monitoring skills as well as some self-reinforcing tactics. Sometimes these symptoms affected my day-to-day life severely and negatively, sometimes positively and sometimes the affect was non-existent, insignificant and hardly noticeable. “Feeding” ordinary, normally transient feelings of sadness with sad or negative movies, books, music, and conversations with negative people saw a difficult habit to overcome.
Avatar f tn We did this with our daughter and took her to the University and they did a great job of different specialists looking at her learning styles, her thought process. We came out of there wioth a lot of good info about her. When you go to thise kinda meetings, I ALWAYS SAY: BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU. These first time m-team meetings are VERY EMOTIONAL for parents. You could and should ask what other options did they consider this is called a "differential diagnosis.