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Avatar n tn ive just taken an online test to see if my son has adhd it said that he is showing symtoms. he is 5 years old. his teacher has said that he is the brightest boy in the class but finds it hard to pay attention and fidgets all the time, he shouts out alot and when he is at home he never listens to a word i say when i ask him to behave. he runs and jumps about and never walks and talks constantly i have to ask him repeatedly every time i want him to do something. do you think this is adhd?
Avatar f tn The problem with really intelligent kids is that they problem solve so fast. And the problem with 4 year olds is that they don't have alot of self control. Put it together and ya - you've got problems. Throw the possibility of ADHD into the mix and everything gets a lot worse. I really don't know if he has ADHD. How long ago did the doctors see him and what kind of a doctor saw him?
597354 tn?1227197932 about my daughter who was diagnosed with Graves at 14. They never did an antibody test so it is quite possible that she also has Hashi's but she said at this point (she's 24) testing her would probably not alter her treatment. Her father was just diagnosed with Graves. So now, she is hypo after RAI, her dad has Graves and I have Hashi's. The doctor was very concerned then about my grandson who is almost 5 and said we need to keep an eye on him.
Avatar f tn A hyperactive child may blow through a test (and get them all right or all wrong). The ADHD child will never finish the test (at least until, they have learned they will always fail and they just give up or mark things that don't make sense). I have had kids that I gave 3 days to take a test, and they barely finished. Homework is probably one of the best clues. If most kids take one hour for homework, the ADHD child will take 3 hours and probably still not be done.
Avatar f tn I have also had many, many kids with ADHD. I have had kids who I gave two to three days to finish a 25 question test. I have had a least two who died shortly after highschool. In short, I have seen both sides. All I want people to do is to recognize that the situation does exist. That there is more than one way to handle it. That it can be horrible for a child or an adult if they have ADHD and can't cope.
Avatar f tn These results suggest that low iron stores contribute to ADHD and that ADHD children may benefit from iron supplementation." Iron deficiency in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2004 Dec;158(12):1113-5.
Avatar f tn The moods of children who have ADHD or bipolar disorder may change quickly, but children with ADHD do not generally show dysphoria (depression) as a predominant symptom. Irritability is particularly prominent in children who are bipolar, especially in the morning on arousal.
Avatar m tn It is known that exercise stimulates the production of serotonin (which is also what stim meds do) - so I think it certainly should be helpful. And if he has something like Sensory Integration Disorder (many symptoms just like ADHD) - it is one of the key ways to deal with SIDS. You might want to check out SIDs symptoms since ADHD is often mistaken for SIDs. Good site here - and we have our own expert on SIDS here - http://www.medhelp.
327385 tn?1378360731 Sounds like your talking about my daughter, and she has ADHD. They started her off on Adderal XR, but she is now on Vyvance (sp). She did and does all the things you have listed, including the stealing and not knowing why. Your best bet is to try and find a peds doctor that specializes in ADD/ADHD. If she is found to have ADHD, so of the things she does might not go away, like the stealing.
Avatar f tn First, it would be wise to arrange a second opinion about his treatment. While ADHD can certainly be diagnosed before the age of seven, extreme caution must be undertaken because development has not yet had the 'opportunity' to run its course and many children who appear to display ADHD at the age of five look very different by the age of seven. Re: ODD, that is almost never diagnosed at the age of five and, in any case, there is no single medication approach to its treatment.
Avatar n tn What do you mean "hyperactive"? Many children are hyperactive? Some have ADHD and are actually diagnosed with it, and other children are just normal children with a ton of energy.
Avatar m tn also to me it seems at an alarming rate, has the norm of hyperactivity shot up and is there the possibility most children could end up with ADHD/ADD? what is the root of this increase? i dont think we can blame it on bad parenting!
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD and mood disorder. We need a medication that can hlep both. He gets frustrated and irrated easily and we really want to change that. He is currently taking focalin and zohloft.
7087196 tn?1389306119 t know much about working with Bipolar. I can help a lot with ADHD. If it does seem more like ADHD or if you wish more info on ADHD, please post back here or over here - where I am also the CL. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn The moods of children who have ADHD or bipolar disorder may change quickly, but children with ADHD do not generally show dysphoria (depression) as a predominant symptom. Irritability is particularly prominent in children who are bipolar, especially in the morning on arousal.
Avatar n tn Two of my children have been diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-Polar. My question is what is exactly the doctor looking for or listening for, for him to diagnose my children with this mental disability. My son who is now 10 has been taking meds. since he was around 4, and my daughter who is now 13 has been taking meds.
Avatar f tn It could be the meds that are giving him mood swings, and I agree with April2, ADHD is often misdiagnosed and the diagnosis is so overly abused and children are on a controlled substance for absolutely no reason. Also, there must be some doc somewhere getting paid alot of money to keep coming up with all these new diagnosis names that are just ridiculous.
1393879 tn?1288725449 The link is given below - Advanced imaging techniques have detected differences in the brains of ADHD children compared to those of non-ADHD children. In some studies, brain scans reveal that the right side of the brain is smaller in ADHD children than in non-ADHD children (ordinarily the right and left sides of the brain are the same size). The right side contains three important areas: the prefrontal cortex; the caudate nucleus; and globus pallidus.
Avatar f tn For now, medications should control the symptoms and psychosocial support can tame the manifestations of adhd as well. Regards and God bless...
193137 tn?1367880063 More than 4 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD. Compared to their non-ADHD peers, children with ADHD suffer lower grades and achievement scores, and higher dropout rates, the study points out. To help with attention and focus, just over half of them use medications such as methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine, which go by such trade names as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5 years old and has ADHD. She recently went on the drug Concerta, then her PCP prescribed cetirizine as well for hay fever that I didn't even realize she had. On a routine cardiology check for the Concerta meds, the cardiologist discovered my daughter had PACs. The cardiologist took her off all of her meds for 10 days and did another EKG. She still had the PACs even off meds. Now my daughter is on atenolol 2 mL per day, Concerta, and cetirizine all together.
Avatar n tn I do not believe that there are any medications for PDD-Nos or Autism, unless the person with PDD-Nos or Autism also has ADHD. About 40% of children with ADHD outgrow their ADHD symptoms around puberty. I believe that most people with PDD do not outgrow their diagnosis. ADHD children are also socially delayed, speech delayed and fine/gross motor delayed by 1 to 2 years versus their peers with same age.
Avatar m tn For children that have true add/adhd, the availability of methods to help them cope better have been a wonderful advancement. I'm speaking of all things involved. That the exact same discipline methods don't work for these kids is helpful to know. That there are methods and ways to draw out the best from them and help them fit in better (and many have that as a goal, don't fool yourself) is great.
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Avatar f tn Please don't let a doctor put her on Paxil. That stuff is toxic as hell and should be considered a last resort for adults who've researched it thoroughly and run out of other options to deal with their anxiety and depression. I truly believe it should be a medication for adults only. Children should not take it! Perhaps reducing her current med dosage or taking breaks from it on weekends would help. Perhaps improving the quality of her diet would help.