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Avatar f tn It seems this is a bit past ADHD. Most of those symptoms are not includes with ADHD. I suggest seeing your doctor and monoting and recording everthing he does and for how long. This could be a neurological disorder.
Avatar f tn My 19 year old has "always" had a problem with night time dryness. He has had all the meds, like DDAVP, nasal and in pill form. We have seen a Urologist and they have not found anything out of the ordinary. He has had a sleep clinic visit. They, again, did not fine anything out of the ordinary, but he was wet that morning of the sleep clinic... In my opinion he sleeps sooooooo deep that he just does not wake up.... We have tried alarms, holding off his fluid intake.
Avatar n tn My teenage son has been diagnosed with mild ADHD symptoms that he has successfully managed without meds, which he doesn't like to take -- until the College Boards came along! He is doing fine in school itself but has lots of trouble maintaining concentration for long periods on an hours-long standardized test. He and we are wondering whether a prescription he has for Concerta can be used on a single day (test day) or must it be taken daily to build up an amount?
Avatar m tn My 16 year old boy is ADHD, depression, anger management issues. He tries to talk to a girl at school and she tells him nothing is wrong but he persists on getting an answer. He just keeps it up until finally sometimes he gets mad at her for not answering. What should I do as a parent? I tell him that she could file charges against him but he wont listen.
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
Avatar n tn I have a 15 year old step daughter who came to live with her father and i after her mother could no longer cope with her behaviour. She was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 for which she is medicated. After moving in with us i became concerned that her problems were not all related to her ADHD and after five months got a dual diagnosis of Aspergers also.
Avatar f tn Good luck on getting a proper diagnosis. It sounds like they are at least treating the symptoms she is having. Teenage years are such a hard time period anyways, with hormones changing.
Avatar m tn 1 for the predominantly hyperactive type versus 2:1 for the predominantly inattentive type). While previously believed to be "outgrown" by adulthood, current opinion indicates that many children will continue throughout life with symptoms that may affect both occupational and social functioning. Some medical researchers note that approximately 40%-50% of ADHD-hyperactive children will have (typically non-hyperactive) symptoms that persist into adulthood.
Avatar f tn What are the meds for? ADD or ADHD? My daughter has ADHD and I have her on Strattera with no side effects. The stimulant meds for adhd run a HIGH risk of depression and anger. If it was me I would change meds which is probably the cause of those serious side effects. I tried her once on Adderall and it made her depressed, angry and emotionally a wreck. Don't let them pop more drugs on her when it is probably due to the meds she is on.
5274485 tn?1385860167 Or just the difference of ADD verses ADHD?
Avatar f tn Your daughter may not need medication for the rest of her life. Girls typically have more inattentive symptoms of ADHD, while boys have more hyperactive symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am giving you a link to one part about teenage boys with adhd...but it has many, many places for you to go and get information. The site is . If you have more questions feel free to post again. Best wishes and good luck!
Avatar f tn girl, I worked with pregnant teenage girls for about a decade. I totally agree that teenage girls are great at holding babies, and feeding them, and singing to them, and loving them. RIght now, you're doing fine. Babies need SO MUCH MORE as they grow. They need a strong man in the house to set the standards for behavior for boys, and to let girls know what to demand from a boyfriend.
Avatar f tn I have 2 children who were diagnosed adhd by 6 years of age and both displayed classic symptoms; hyperactivity, inattention, social awkwardness, inability to focus. We were never even remotely concerned that this son had it, as his teachers were always happy with his work and behavior in elementary school and he always excelled in everything he did. Could he have underlying ADD that is only showing itself now as more effort and focus is required or is he just a typical teenage boy?
Avatar f tn They typically dont start even thinking about it until age 5 or 6. Both my girls starte showing signs and symptoms in Kidergarten but I would not let a diagnosis begin until first grade.
Avatar f tn Where to start, I have had rapid cycling bipolar disorder aswell as Adhd, since I was at least 13 yrs old, eldest son has bipolar disorder NOS and my yougest son has Adhd with additional emotional and behavioural problems prominent since he was at least 2 yrs old eventually treated with medication for the past couple of years.
Avatar f tn That's brill found out I'm expecting our 2nd baby on Monday and my little boy is 8 months!
Avatar n tn says its normal in thin teenage girls and all her labs, etc. are normal but her symptoms persist. Are the presence of J waves serious in a young girl like this and what could they mean?
Avatar f tn I'm just after some advice regarding teenage bedwetting. My partner has two teenage daughters, they will be 13 and 14 this year and have wet the bed almost everyday since they were born. I am currently seeking medical help for them where they undergo acupuncture every two weeks at the doctors. We have been trialing this now for the last 2 months with no improvement.
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Avatar m tn A while back i was told i had adhd. i was going over in my head of all the symptoms i have. i was wonerding about these posssible symptoms ,are these adhd or not? 1. when i read i seem to read but it just go through my head and usally i got to reread a few times to remeber it. adhd or not? 2.when i go out and play pool i usally just take my shot right away not aiming for a long time if i try to aim my shoots get worse i try to see the shot but cant.adhd or not?
Avatar f tn May I ask why you are posting in a ADHD forum? Did you land here by mistake or is this something that she has. Because if she does have ADHD, it does change how these things are handled to some extent.