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Avatar f tn Some people have suggested ADHD for my son (he's only 3 and has not been fully evaluated yet because of his young age), he has problems with others, and acts out when he's in groups with other kids - so I'm not sure its ADHD, I think its more dealing with people. Does she play well at the park, or like at an art class or something with other kids. It would be interesting to see if she's okay in outside situations. Gradually bring her into larger groups and stuff.
Avatar m tn I'm going to a neurologist on Tuesday to determine what's wrong with me, but I exhibit many symptoms of epilepsy, yet nothing shows up on an EEG. I already have migraines, but I also have an extremely rare neurological condition called Persistent Aura without Infarction, a member of the Visual Snow entity, which was decided as 'not a migraine complication, but a new disease entity' last year.
Avatar n tn However, she does have a lot of other symptoms... but many of these symptoms are related to the blood thinners she is taking. So I will attempt to create a pre and post medicine symptom list.
Avatar m tn I'm going to a neurologist on Tuesday to determine what's wrong with me, but I exhibit many symptoms of epilepsy, yet nothing shows up on an EEG. I already have migraines, but I also have an extremely rare neurological condition called Persistent Aura without Infarction, a member of the Visual Snow entity, which was decided as 'not a migraine complication, but a new disease entity' last year.
Avatar n tn My son has been battling ADHD since 1st grade. He is now in 6th. My husband and son's relationship has never been close, but now is unbearable. For one, he doesn't accept the ADHD thing and calls it an excuse to misbehave. The only time my husband talks to our son is when he's in trouble and it is always with a scowl and distain. Yet he talks to everyone else in the family with a pleasent attitude.
Avatar m tn It is also good to keep in mind--especially if it runs in the family--that if ADHD shows up at that age, the most common symptoms are the ones you have described. It may be worth an evaluation by her pediatrician.
Avatar f tn Clinical guidelines forbid giving stim meds to somebody due to poor parenting. Yes, he most probably has ADHD - he has all the symptoms. And yes, there is a lot of poor parenting going on. ADHD is very difficult to deal with and the way it appears he has been yanked around, the situation is even much worse. I would assume that his parents figure that the medication will take care of all the problems and it won't.
Avatar f tn that would be cheating! An MRI is just one finding in a collection of signs and symptoms in any case. There is some indication of spine disease in your MRI, but having no idea of your history, I have no way of knowing if this is old or new information. Your doctor should present your MRI results because he/she has complete clinical information about your back syndrome, including your complaints, history, and a physical exam.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old son lives with 3 languages and goes to a very small rural school. Spanish is his mother tongue. He is very bright, funny, caring and active physically and mentally. He was assessed as a gifted child last year but the problem he had is the lack of motivation. We thought that he might have ADHD but has always been a good sleeper and has never had any problems with settling for bed. He loves books and legos and that is the time when he really concentrates and is quiet.
Avatar dr m tn Ponce de Leon is well known as the Spanish explorer that searched for the fountain of youth in the early 1500s. Even today, that search continues through the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, plastic surgery procedures, and nutritional products. Anti-aging medicine even has a certifying organization for doctors. Some experts are even claiming that they can reverse the aging process.
521840 tn?1348844371 The Journal of Pediatrics has published a new tool for screening one-year-olds for early signs of developmental delays--including symptoms and behaviors consistent with Autism. Autism is a developmental delay that impacts children's language, social functioning, play, learning, and behaviors. Since Autism varies so much in severity, clinicians refer to it as a 'spectrum disorder' (you may hear the term Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorder used interchangeably in news stories).
Avatar f tn I also have a strange fascination with dates, and can memorize random dates and people's birthdays so easily. I'm majoring in Spanish in college right now, because it's been a big interest since high school when I first took it (I was always a pretty good student, other than struggling a bit in math. But Spanish was that one subject that I could focus so much on and get straight A's in every year).
Avatar n tn Not quite sure why u came to this site in the 1st place but irrespective, just bc this isn't your disease doesn't make it non-existent! Obviously everyone has slight symptoms that ppl w. ADHD have but its to a muuuuuch lesser extent. Were on a f'kn website titled "Worried About the long-term effects of Adderall"-you see that's where we differ from u. We take it to get better& wouldn't put these drugs into our body if it wasn't necessary...
Avatar f tn Right now, I'm not sure if I'm ill, have hypercrondia or just plain, 'losing my mind'. To add to my symptoms, I lost my Dad 4 months ago to Small Cell Carcinoma, I nursed him Singlehanded 24 7 for nearly 4 months.... Also (yep, there's more) 5 years ago I had my ADD and Anxiety Disorder confirmed. For this I take 10mg Rubifen (Rittalin) and 100mg Sertralina daily.
1194672 tn?1267453168 Great move by getting him out of his pre-school! That would have only made things much worse. You need to make sure the new school is well aware of the situation and also aware of any techniques that are shared with you for working with him. It sounds like he might also have some ADHD tendencies. I highly recommend you get "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley. Many of the techniques mentioned in the book will be very helpful for your son.
Avatar m tn Also I wonder if those with hep C who were dx ADHD are misdiagnosed as far as ADHD and are experiencing the effects the virus has on the brain. I don't know if doctors use MRI's as part of the exam to dx ADHD.
Avatar f tn I've since read up on SPS's and the symptoms are only vaguely similar and seeing as all three of us have the exact same symptoms I doubt it is a simple partial seizure. The symptoms are much to specific to simply be pushed into some vaguely similar preexisting disorder.
973741 tn?1342346373 Like that one experience defines how they feel about it for life. My son has a friend with adhd that says he hates ALL sports as he was put in things when he was in the toddler years through kindergarten and it made him feel bad about himself, like he couldn't do it and hence, now protects himself by saying he hates all sports. It is unfortunate because boys on our block play sporty games and he will not participate.
1049530 tn?1259005959 I had some side affects due to HcvI became tired more and other mild symptoms nothing major. I was tired more and needed to sleep and sleep some additional hot flashes sweating and chills daily. Today it is passing If a HCV patient would get the swine flu. my personal opionion is we would not survive the swine flu.
Avatar f tn When I use to go 24 hours of no sleep I would hear Mario party and the Simpsons in regular fan noises from computers or the buzz of lights. Now because you have mentioned other symptoms such depression and headaches I would consider taking this concern to a medical professional for further investigation. I think it is highly likely that your issues are primarily linked to sleeplessness, but it's best to check all the symptoms for other causes.
286034 tn?1201100440 Okay, so we all have issues which could or couldn't be MS or a number of related things ....but I know I am more than my symptoms! I am a 25 year old mother of an (almost) 2 year old boy and step-mother to an 8 year old little girl. I am Jamaican born and raised but live and work in the Cayman Islands. I have a husband who I love but is a pain in the *** sometimes (aren't they all???) Apologies to the men on the forum, I'm sure you're different!
366811 tn?1217426272 I have spoken with you both, and recently and, B. There is some cross-over in your symptoms. Each of you knows what the other is talking about! And that suggests to me that you guys may have a lot to say to one another -which I hope you shall do! So....lemme ask you, Beth -how are we doing? Finding some comfort and support? Maybe some new ideas or things to think about?
97676 tn?1340408973 This is a fifteen week program that helps you attain skills to stop your panic attacks or other symptoms you may have. My fiancé actually ordered the program after having an panic attack and I am going through the program as well so that I may better understand the condition. I am finding that I too have the condition in certain aspects and have benefited from just the first three weeks.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been suffering and I mean suffering from this for about 2 years. I am 37 and have very similar symptoms to your own. I may get a burst of sharp pains in my temples usually one side, it can happen for a few seconds and repeat for a minute or so. I may get a pain in my knee and then minutes later in my finger, or shoulder or wherever it wants to be. The thing is I am a mental health nurse and keep thinking am I going mad.
Avatar n tn But what if they could set up a Unit or Division that was strictly for diabetics. I am hell in civil war all the way to WW2 they split the races up like spanish and black units. Why cant they split up and make a type 1 diabetic unit!!!
Avatar n tn My hope is that one identified we can figure how to killl them under my scalp. also my mom watched a spanish show on the spanish channel here in austin texas and they had people like us and a real research center i think in alabama. one person was dying from this stuff.. My mom cant remeber the centers name and i cant speak spanish to call. so her i am. God bless everyone of you and we can beat it together.
Avatar m tn I noticed when I started taking this medicine that my rocking during the day and obsessive thinking disappeared. I'm ADHD and have been taking Vyvance for almost a year. The quality of my life has improved drastically. I can focus and be more organized. My responsibilities at work got to be too much. I fought taking more medicines but alas.