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Avatar n tn I hae heard that there is a correlation between sleep apnea diagnosis and ADHD diagnosis. I was told that the symptoms look similar and unless you rule out sleep apnea i dont thiki its fair to the child to diagnos as ADHD. you should consult a specialist not just pediatrician.
Avatar f tn Essentially (to me) he is showing many classic ADHD and sleep apnea symptoms. The fortunate thing is that these can be treated by a good doctor who specializes in these areas. I am a bit more concerned with your statement that he,"he is not attenative to much of anything and does not care to help out with anything." That sounds like depression might be setting in. According to the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, that can be pretty common.
Avatar m tn I'm pretty sure that I had this ADHD thing all along and that the ritalin was controlling the ADHD symptoms as well as the former sleep problem. Is this possible? I tried all of the new adult ADHD meds (like modafinil) and they didn't help at all, but the ritalin did 100%. I'm afraid to go to a doctor ith this mess of a story; it seems like I'm nuts.
Avatar dr m tn One thing that’s for certain, many children with ADHD, even if they don’t officially have sleep apnea, will have major sleep breathing or sleep hygiene issues. This situation is similar to patients who don’t have obstructive sleep apnea but have upper airway resistance syndrome, where they still stop breathing multiple times during the night. During the initial evaluation process, one of the first things to always consider is the possibility of a sleep-breathing problem.
Avatar m tn By the way, I have seen several studies that show that sleep apnea can produce ADHD like symptoms. In fact, there have been several posters on here that have had sleep apnea, been treated and their daytime behaviors definitely changed. Has anybody ever commented about you snoring or breathing loud at night? "Regardless of type, an individual with sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening.
Avatar m tn From your post, seems to me Adderall is putting your body into a relaxed state, which can cause the throat muscles to relax, beyond the norm. My sleep doctor stated, any type of medications with sedative properties, can worsen sleep apnea. Address issues, with a doctor and ask for consult for sleep study. Good luck !!
Avatar f tn My 6 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. Then we found out he had sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils. They took his tonsils and adnoids out and unfortunetly he still has ADHD and has to have medications. So just to let others know this may not be a cure for your young one and there ADHD.
702513 tn?1228516297 does it help you think without long term side effects becuase I think I am ADHD after sleep apnea for years?
Avatar dr m tn There are a number of medical conditions associated with sleep apnea, as well. It’s found that people with sleep apnea have up to a 50% incidence of high blood pressure and people with high blood pressure have about a 50% incidence of sleep apnea. Now the studies show that if you have had a heart attack, you are 23 times more likely to have sleep apnea and the reverse showed that if you have sleep apnea, you are about 1 ½ times as likely to have heart disease.
Avatar n tn Kids who are affected often appear/are diagnosed with ADHD and with treatment many no longer experience the ADHD symptoms. Sleep deprivation in kids and adults can cause horrific 'hallucinations' (half-dreams, basically) as well. There are a number of studies on these effects and they know so much more, but it's important to have the screening done; you can't tell just by watching them sleep.
Avatar m tn My husband and I believed it has always been a sleep issue instead of neurological. We discovered she had sleep apnea and had her tonsils and adenoids removed and then we made sure she was in bed at 7 pm and asleep by 8 pm. Prior, we used to leave a light on in her room, so she was not getting adequate sleep. Now we turn off the lamp after she goes to sleep and we make sure her room is totally dark. A year later, she is perfectly normal without any signs of ADHD.
1453183 tn?1287852619 In addition to poor diet being mistaken for ADHD, so can lack of sleep which may be caused by sleep apnea. I note that ADHD is almost almost defined in terms of school performance. This can be very damaging to the child. He lives perpetually the doghouse, even though he may be a delight at home and a pal to his siblings. As a rotten student he loses his worth. When my child received this questionable diagnosis I decided to pay no attention to it. I told them I did not care about her grades.
1455599 tn?1285511500 Many parents of ADHD kids have found that by having their child's tonsils and adenoids removed, their child's ADHD symptoms decreased significantly. Some of them, when tested a year after surgery, were no longer considered to have ADHD. I have a 3 1/2 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD in June of last year. After seeing info on the tonsil and adenoid thing and my husband having sleep apnea, I decided to have my son examined by an ENT.
Avatar n tn Bipolar children tend to have a strong early sexual interest and behavior. 11. Children with ADHD usually do not exhibit psychotic symptoms or reveal a loss of contact with reality, whereas children with bipolar disorder may exhibit gross distortions in the perception of reality or in the interpretation of emotional events. 12.
Avatar n tn Yes, she should definitely be evaluated. Some children with sleep apnea display symptoms which are very much those of ADHD. If it were not for her snoring, I wouldn't recommend you investigate that possibility. However, it could be that she needs to have her adenoids removed. As usual with such revelations, many people are jumping on board the sleep apnea bandwagon, if you will, when the symptoms don't warrant it. However, in your daughter's instance it makes sense.
1712422 tn?1443341101 A high sugar diet can produce it and recent studies indicate that aspartame (the sugar junk substitute found in diet sodas) can create symptoms that mimic ADHD. If she is missing sleep that can account for her being hyper. Does she have sleep apnea? You would be surprised how many tots have it. So If you go to a doctor and he recommends a quick fix, I would find another doctor, one who is interested in finding the physical cause for her behavior.
Avatar m tn // and see if any of these fit. I am not aware of SID sites for adults but specialmom could help with that.
Avatar n tn and now I am off of them havent taken them since 2 sundays ago. But now i have issues with my sleeping patterns (i thought i had sleep apnea) and now this week and last sunday i couldnt fall asleep... i felt tired but unwilling to goto bed and i wake up with dry mouth. Is any of this related to the medication i was on or is it indeed apnea? I really havent had this problem before...
Avatar n tn Now at 6 and in kindergarden we noticed that in school he was completely out of control with all the symptoms of ADHD rearing their heads. We broke down and put him on Adderol which seemed to help for a bit (1.5 months) and recently he had a major violent breakdown. I took him off the medication to give him a break from it and we have given him melatonin alternated with Benedryl at night to help him fall asleep.
1460021 tn?1445739558 Well i forced mother to clean her sleep apnea machine so now she doesn't snore.. I still can't manage to even GET to bed before 1 or 2am.. I went to my local doctor yesterday, and as i thought....he said that i would have to go back to the clinic where my treating doctor works. This is where it gets complicated...IF i needed the dexie dose changed i'm pretty sure i would have to see a doctor that prescibed anything that needs a permit (e.g xanax, methadone, suboxone etc)...
Avatar m tn In many kids who are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, having their tonsils and adenoids removed can greatly reduce the symptoms. The reasoning behind this is that they have enlarged tonsils/adenoids that cause sleep apnea. Whether they realize it or not, they are waking up very briefly many times a night and thus are not getting well rested. The following day, they are tired but know they need to stay awake or, in young children, they just really want to stay awake.
Avatar n tn Go have a sleep study done, its very easy and non invasive. Many sleep disorders manifest themselves in different ways. Sleep Apnea for instance, or RLS (aka jumpy leg disease).
Avatar f tn I feel very stongly that the only thing that is causing her behavior issues in school is her lack of a restful sleep due to enlarged adenoids, which is causing her to have ADHD type symptoms. i have a strong feeling that once this is taken care of that she will improve even further. If it is ADHD,then we will deal with it in a way that is best for her. i do not feel that it would be a good idea to put her on meds as we have a family history of medication sensitivities.
Avatar m tn There are over the counter natural sleep aids, melatonin, alteril, Valerian root, sleep by nature made, sleepy time and kava tea. The symptoms you describe sound like a panic attack. Does this only happen when you try to sleep?
Avatar n tn Hi, I picked up the results of my sleep study to take to a neurologist that I will be seeing in 2 wks. When I went in for my sleep study I was having severe symptoms of narcolepsy. During my sleep study it took me an hour to fall asleep and it didn't even feel like I slept at all and then it was time to go. So I don't think my sleep was normal for me that night. I got the results of my study and they are rather surprising to me.
Avatar n tn Has anyone noticed whether it continuous even after you sleep and do you get disturbed by it or any other associated symptoms. I do advise you to see a sleep specialist and a neurophysician for an complete evaluation. Mild sedative or anxiolytics, a hot shower and light music before going to sleep is much helpful. Keep updated of visits. Take care.
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Avatar n tn You were not specific on the symptoms you experience, but my guess is that when you exercise you don't drink water, or you sweat to excess. This will dehydrate you and you will lose salt and other minerals. You can experience shaking of the hands, visual disturbances, headaches, stomach aches, stitches in the sides, exhaustion, low grade temps and other unpleasant symptoms. If this is the case, try drinking a fluid that has minerals in it like Cytomax.
Avatar f tn My father has heart problems and sleep apnea. And my sister has a chronic Vitamin B deficiency. - Around 8 years ago. My face and left arm+hand started going numb. Multiple testing including MRI could not find anything. The final verdict was stress and within a few months it was gone. - I am not overweight and have high metabolism. But within the past year I have been gaining weight for no reason and been unable to lose it. I have gained over 30lbs.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.