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1367899 tn?1278121440 My sister and I started a blog on Adderall to learn more about the medication along with alternative and complementary ADHD treatment options. Any feedback from users of Adderall or Adderall XR would be greatly appreciated. Topics to be added this week on How is Adderall XR different from Adderall? [Adderall vs. Adderall XR] What is Adderall? How to Make Adderall: [Adderall Background Information] What are the best Adderall and ADHD books?
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
Avatar m tn Ritalin for Adults With ADHD. Ritalin for ADHD treatment in adults has not been adequately studied, meaning that no large studies have been conducted on the benefits and risks of using it to treat adult ADHD. However, healthcare providers may prescribe Ritalin for adult ADHD in certain situations. This is considered an "off-label" of the drug.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me does Straterra help ODD symptoms of ADHD? My 17 year old special needs daughter has been diagnosed ADHD with ODD for 10yrs, she has the other Dyspraxia, Dyslexia etc extras as well. Recently at a hospital appointment it was decided to put her on Strattera after being on first normal Ritalin then about 7 years ago Concerta, the goal being she eventually, hopefully will be able to just be on Strattera to help her and GOODBYE RITALIN!!!!
636964 tn?1222990085 The SENCO at my sons junior school told me that once, that these drugs won't work if the person doesn't have adhd/add. I know my son didn't have side effects with ritalin but does with concerta. Also a doctor told me once there are 7 kinds of adhd. from very hyper to very withdrawn.
Avatar m tn m pretty sure that I had this ADHD thing all along and that the ritalin was controlling the ADHD symptoms as well as the former sleep problem. Is this possible? I tried all of the new adult ADHD meds (like modafinil) and they didn't help at all, but the ritalin did 100%. I'm afraid to go to a doctor ith this mess of a story; it seems like I'm nuts.
Avatar m tn Anyone with the same symptoms from using Ritalin which is no longer presribed? Well that being said I am a big skeptic about getting on anything else. Is there anything out there that would benefit me without the said vices? Also my friend who I have known since i was 5 now 20 as well, was diagnosed with Bipolarism. Has anyone heard stories similar, people being diagnosed with ADHD but either truly having BP or eventually developing it?
Avatar n tn Hi, I wanted to know how appropiate it is to medicate a child with attention deficit disorder (non hyper) with Ritalin. I believe that Ritalin is recommended to ADHD children because it helps to control de hyperactivity but I don't know what benefits does it have with ADD children. Dear Yanira Figueroa: Yes, ritalin is used for both disorders. Ritalin helps a child focus. The lack of being able to focus on a topic or situation is common to both ADD and ADHD.
Avatar n tn My son is 22 yrs old and he was diagnosed ADHD when he was small and he used to take Ritalin. He no longer takes ritalin. However, Aprox. 4 yrs. ago he was diagnosed with seizure disorder and started taking Depakote. Of course he was inquiring with the neurologist about something that would help him with focusing, concentration, and multitasking since he works and goes to school and sometimes he gets frustrated because I know he gets overwhelmed.
Avatar n tn The past month he has been demonstrating severe mood swings, outbursts, fussiness during sleep, wetting himself, inappropriate language, and desires to hurt others sometimes. His psychiatrist who prescribes his Ritalin for the ADHD has recommended him also taking 10 mg of Prozac. He was taking 10 mg 3x daily of ritalin and that was decreased to 5 mg 3x daily. Is Prozac truly safe for a 6-year-old? Is it often prescribed for children? Does his symptoms truly seem to be depression?
Avatar n tn My son has been on ritalin for 12 months he is now 6 and the last week he has just developed eye movements that i was concerned might be a tic. He is extremely anxious , especially when on his medication in strange unfamiliar settings but does quite well at school and has lots of friends. He has been out of routine of late with school holidays and 10 weeks ago had a increase in medication to 1 tab in the morning 1/2 at lunch and 1/2 at 3.30 pm.
Avatar n tn I was just looking last week and found a study about children with ADD/ADHD, treated with Ritalin who also have parasomnias (I think they said they were looking at the higher incidence of parasomnias in ADD children). Anyway, of the ADD children whose Ritalin treatments were effective (cause Ritalin doesn't help all kids), they found that for %30, treating their sleeping disorder reduced their need for medication or they could stop altogether.
Avatar f tn Have you tried Strattera for the ADHD because, unfortunately, most other medications that help the symptoms of ADHD are stimulants and will exaserbate the symptoms of BP.Good luck with your quest. I'm still trying to get the balance right myself.
Avatar n tn He also seems to become overwhelmed during certain classroom activities particularily sit and concentrate work. Is this normal for a child with adhd. Could the ritalin be causing these emotional outbursts. He also tends to get angry with others if he is told that something he has done is not acceptable. He lashes out quite verbally. He is a beautiful and talented boy who is struggling daily with up and down emotions...
Avatar n tn Ritalin can certainly cause aggression IF it is given to someone who does not have ADHD or ADD. If a person does have AD/HD it should help with the aggression as they will gain more control over themselves. You didn't mention what the reason was that he was taking ritalin. If he does have AD/HD then when the meds wear off he may be going back to his normal self. I guess the question would be - did he have the same problems before he started the meds.
Avatar n tn The past month he has been demonstrating severe mood swings, outbursts, fussiness during sleep, wetting himself, inappropriate language, and desires to hurt others sometimes. His psychiatrist who prescribes his Ritalin for the ADHD has recommended him also taking 10 mg of Prozac. He was taking 10 mg 3x daily of ritalin and that was decreased to 5 mg 3x daily. Is Prozac truly safe for a 6-year-old? Is it often prescribed for children? Does his symptoms truly seem to be depression?
Avatar f tn i have an 8yr old asd son he was also tilte adhd ritalin la was suggested is that good
Avatar n tn My daughter that is nine years old. She has autism and she is currently on Ritalin la 10mg.She has been on it for 6 months.Now she has been rocking a whole alot and talking to oneself . I took back to the neurologist and he prescribe clonidine with ritalin. I am afraid to give her both medications. Is it safe for a child to take both? If not what are the symptoms for taking both at the same time? Are their signs to look for? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn The only answer the pediatrician seems to have is to up the mg of Ritalin but it has not worked! Are these symptoms of another disorder? Should we see a psychologist? Is there a better medication?
217599 tn?1202850952 ADHD is another similar condition often confused with autism, but meds used to treat ADHD may not be useful for the autistic, (Ritalin comes to mind) even though at a glance someone would think they were the same thing. Ritalin is a stimulant, aka upper. Ritalin for the ADHD person in theory calms the person down. A friend I had in highschool who is ADHD explained that stimulants work reverse for people with his condition.
329950 tn?1194797517 Yes you can have bipolar and ADHD however many ADHD symptoms are also bipolar symptoms and the diagnosis of ADHD is often a step to a real diagnosis of BP. In all things do not accept the diagnosis without proper testing and avoid Ritalin which is bad for Bipolars in so many ways for one thing its a stimulant and for another its a dangerous drug in its own right with addictive qualities and some nasty side effects.
Avatar n tn I am 31, Female. Put on Focalin XR and Ritalin. A while back my ADHD was misdiagnosed as depression and I was prescribed Lexapro 20 mgs. While I was just on the Lexapro my Depression did get better however the other ADHD symptoms were still present. Now that I am on the correct meds for my ADHD the Lexapro withdrawals are so annoying. I have the worse brain sagging headache ALL Day long. I have only gone from 20 mgs to 15mgs for 3 days and its terrible. I almost want to just keep taking the LEX.
Avatar n tn _ Carrie, Adderall is a combination of 4 amphetamine compounds, often reserved for second line treatment of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), when Ritalin is not effective. It generally stays active in the body for about 12 hours, compared to 4-6 hours for Ritalin. Late evening doses should be avoided because of possible insomnia as a side effect. It is important that you discuss any change in your treatment plan with your doctor. This response is for general information only.
Avatar f tn has anyone had their child prescribed ritalin for this and has it been affective in helping their child, my child masturbates does this help with it too
Avatar n tn s behavior, such as oppositionality and tantrumming, are not symptoms of ADHD, though these behaviors are often associated with ADHD. Thus, the situation needs to be clarified before determining if Ritalin, or any other medication, should even be prescribed. You can seek an evaluation by a child mental health professional to help you clarify what might be responsible for your son's difficulties.
Avatar n tn My child is turning 2 in a week. About four months ago a doctor diagnosed him with adhd. He is very hyperactive, and this behavior is causing him to endanger himself. I'm very concerned about the medications used to treat this disorder for a child his age.They have already suggested Ritalin and Adderall. I'm also concerned with his well-being if I don't act. What do you suggest?