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4971738 tn?1390565384 there are added challenges in determining the presence of key symptoms. Preschool- aged children are not likely to have a separate observer if they do not attend a preschool or child care program, and even if they do attend, staff in those programs might be less quali- fied than certified teachers to provide accurate observations." I will give you a link to the symptoms of ADHD to give you some idea of what qualifies a child.
Avatar f tn The problem with really intelligent kids is that they problem solve so fast. And the problem with 4 year olds is that they don't have alot of self control. Put it together and ya - you've got problems. Throw the possibility of ADHD into the mix and everything gets a lot worse. I really don't know if he has ADHD. How long ago did the doctors see him and what kind of a doctor saw him?
Avatar n tn my 3 year old has adhd and sensory processing disorder and will be starting preschool in october. part of the requirements for the preschool is that he has to be potty trained. he will either just sit on the potty and not go or will not sit long enough to go. i have bought him buzz lightyear underwear to help motivate him, but that didnt seem to help. yesterday i bought stickers to give him for at least sitting to try, but he says moma potty and will go sit on the potty and demand the sticker.
Avatar f tn This is an important difference from the previous guidelines and stems from a wealth of new evidence on ADHD treatment of preschool children and adolescents. For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment. Behavioral treatments may include behavioral parent training, classroom management, and/or peer interventions.
Avatar f tn If he has normal speech, good eye contact and is able to play with other children in a small group, the answer is not PDD. Talk to a professional about ADHD. You should consult a child development doctor and not just a consuler. God luck.
13855305 tn?1431785394 His father and his mother were both diagnosed with ADHD as children. The parents have divorced when he was around 2. He goes between three homes during the week. He is at his Nana's or our home where his father lives or at his home with his mom and her new boyfriend. He is very smart and can play on his own fine most of the time. Once in a setting with any children either at school or on play ground he will hit or push or yell.
Avatar f tn She does not attend preschool and stays at home with mom. Do these symptoms sound like OCD and/or ADHD? Would a behavior specialist be able to help our situation?
Avatar n tn We have three children, ages 9, 7, and 4. The four year old will be five in three months. She is very strong willed and resists discipline. She can be a very sweet girl, but she can also be very mouthy. When she misbehaves it is usually bossing me around, not doing as I ask, talking to me in a not nice voice, or being disruptive in church. This can escalate into her hissing at me, biting me, and trying to hit/kick me.
Avatar n tn Eventually, he was kicked out of preschool and I took him to a child psychiatrist to be evaluated for ADHD, ADD or bipolar disorder. That dr told me he had none of those things. It was recommended that I continue to keep his punishments consistent. When he entered Kindergarten a few months later, I was constantly receiving phone calls from the principal regarding these same behavoirs. They suggested he had ADHD. He was tested by his pediatrician in November of 2008 and does have ADHD.
Avatar n tn He has been a fairly good child until recently or say about 2 or 3 months ago. It started out at preschool. Now he has been at this preschool for about 3 years now, but for some reason I am not sure he has started to lash out. My son is no angel & he has had his moments but latly he has been screaming, hitting, kicking, slapping, & poking his teachers & friends at school.
Avatar m tn A related discussion, <a href='/posts/show/1532092'>3 1/2 year old with ADHD and impulsivity</a> was started.
5078197 tn?1363337996 Agree with the above. Definitely has symptoms of ADHD, so I would start with that.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am also the CL on the ADHD forum so do have some interest in this question. First, to say, "His doctor suggested that I continue to keep him focused with coloring, puzzle, etc. to keep it from turning into ADHD? " is utter BS by the doctor. ADHD is not prevented by keeping him focused and that statement would make me have some concerns about your doctor in this area of medicine. I would first find out if he is the youngest child in daycare.
Avatar f tn t feel bad about ADHD medication. It is actually not fair NOT to give ADHD children the needed meds, because they want to be "good" themselves. They just can't help it. FURTHERMORE, at this day of age (with "no tolerance" policies) - the disruptive, defiant behavior is not going to be tolerated in schools. And while he might get through elementary, once the puberty hits and other problems arise, he might get charged criminally later on.
Avatar n tn I coordinate preschool programs for a cooperative school district. We have had four children within the last few years with either WPW, Ebsteins, or both. These children had differences in the severity of symptoms. One child who had both WPW and Ebsteins had more severe syptoms, some restrictions, and took medication at school. He looked like a child with health problems with pale skin and puffy eyes. Another child with WPW took meds at home only.
Avatar f tn , six or seven years of age), because until that time most of the behaviours exhibited by children with ADHD are typical of all children in the preschool years. (They may be more severe in preschoolers who have ADHD, but since some kids who are highly active in their preschool years definitely don't have ADHD, it's better to wait.) A lot of what you are describing is typical toddler behaviour - defiance, ignoring "no", climbing all over things, etc.
Avatar n tn Personally, I think very few kids are ADHD and it is getting diagnosed far too much in the US. Some other countries do not even believe of the diagnosis of ADHD and ADD in children. I worked in outpatient mental health and of all the children that were seen I believe only one had ADHD. I think she's 5 and she has her own personality. Children are not little robots, they are children. How many years have these teachers been teaching?
Avatar m tn Well, you've posted on an adhd forum. First let me say that 3 is way to young to begin discussing add/adhd. The earliest age that this diagnosis should be made is 6 and I feel that is still too young based on the wide variability amongst children of that age. You describe in many ways what is normal for 3. They are quite often extremely active, hard to settle, loud and constantly testing boundaries. Guess what? Four isn't much better.
Avatar n tn Remember too there is a national obsession with ADHD with as many as a third of children being saddled inappropriately with this label in any one class, Ritalin and other powerful drugs can have detrimental affects on a child's development, sense of self worth and self esteem. Its saying clearly to a child "you are defective, your personality needs to be changed" ... so consider all possible options before you just go along with this diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Actually, they can do brain scans that are pretty successful in finding ADHD. The only trouble is - you don't want to do that with a child. Consequently, the new standards for diagnosing ADHD are pretty specific. And it has nothing to do with only observing the child. I don't know where you got that information. Any doctor that did only that should be instantly removed from his practice.
163305 tn?1333668571 Ask paediatricians how often they saw children with “minimal brain dysfunction”, as ADHD was then known, in the 80s, and their answers range from one in 100 to one in 500. In the early 90s, Ritalin prescriptions were running at about 2,000 a year, although the drug had been available for years and was in massive use in the US. Today, the figure is over 600,000. Does the fault really lie inside our children’s brains, or is it a further – and dangerous – manifestation of a medicalising culture?
Avatar m tn I'd go with the evaluation. If he is fine and they find nothing, then there is nothing to lose. If he is fine but they think something is wrong, there is still nothing to lose because most interventions tried at this age (therapies, early intervention) would benefit any child, typical or not. And if there is a problem and they recognize it, he will get the help he needs now. Parents are often scared of "labels" early on, but it is not something that has to follow a child.
Avatar n tn Well, we have a bipolar forum here as well and we have had discussions on whether or not it is possible to diagnose a child so young as BP. Certainly your son sounds very hyperactive and like a shoe in for ADHD. Coincidentally I myself am the mother of 4 and my third child's name is Connor! He has been diagnosed with several things since but his original diagnosis (like most people with OCD, BP, etc) was ADHD.
Avatar f tn Call your local school and see if they have a special school for kids that may be displaying ADD/ADHD symptoms. Our son went to a school called First 5 while in kindergarten that really helped. Good luck!!
Avatar m tn // and check out all the tips under "parenting ADHD kids". Many of these pages have comments on the bottom which give some pretty good ideas (of course some are also not so good). The book I recommend the most of this site is, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. Its about $10 on Amazon and worth every penny. there is a ton of info I have given you. Hopefully, it will be helpful.