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Avatar f tn org/en/about Also, many studies have shown that lack of sleep really makes ADHD symptoms worse and sometimes even may be the real reason behind the problem. Point being is that you really want to also focus on his sleep disorder. I should also note that some asthma medicines (inhalers) can be very stimulating and cause ADHD like behaviors. If you have any questions about any of this - please post! Best wishes.
793266 tn?1275479663 I am hoping these will increase energy, memory, and decrease AdHd symptoms and mood swings.
Avatar f tn And concentration. These are just the unfortunate symptoms of this condition. I have asked for meds to help- thinking ADHD med might help with concentration, but my NS said that it's not the same, and the ADHD meds won't work. Unless you have ADHD. Stay strong, and hopefully someone here can help you find a good doc. GL to you!!
Avatar m tn What other symptoms are you having besides the "bad memory?" Any medication can be dangerous to certain people; I don't get her comment; kinda lame. Plus, why is she giving you Adderall, and she doesn't think you have ADHD? Usually Adderall dosing is increased slowly, so, for instance, 5 mg twice a day to start is ok. Are you taking the Adderall XR or IR? In addition to the medications, behavior modification therapy is usually recommended as well; psychotherapy.
1998316 tn?1328972756 you are born with adhd so yes you would have had it as a child, but xanax and klonopin DEFINITELY affect your memory majorly, especially with such long term use. No, if adderal and the other add/adhd drugs help you feel energy and focused that does not mean you have add or adhd. Those drugs are only amphetamines (speed) and they will help literally everyone concentrate and feel energy, that is why people take amphetamines.
Avatar f tn It really sounds like he has all of the classical symptoms for ADD For a pretty detailed explanation on ADD check out this site - do take your time reading it, and you can follow the provided links for more info. The sad thing is that kids with ADD and intelligence, don't easily get noticed by the school system. He certainly is exhibiting many of those ADD traits.
Avatar f tn I did notice that some of my medications did affect my memory, be ause when i got off of them, my memory improved. The only medication I wasn't on in your combination was depakote. My memory is still very good, but it isn't so spectacular. I remember things as if it was played back on a video. I don't have ADHD. I keep or improve my memory with mental exercises that sharpen or retain memory.
Avatar m tn I wish there was a vitamin or diet treatment that would resolve symptoms of ADHD. While the data indicate that some people are sensitive to food dyes, which may be associated with hyperactivity in particular, there is no diet to date that has been shown to have a significant effect size across studies.
Avatar n tn difficulty paying attention to details and tendency to make careless mistakes in school or other activities; producing work that is often messy and careless easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli and frequently interrupting ongoing tasks to attend to trivial noises or events that are usually ignored by others inability to sustain attention on tasks or activities difficulty finishing schoolwork or paperwork or performing tasks that require concentration frequent shifts from one uncompleted
Avatar f tn Since my diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and actually long before, I am having memory trouble. I read great books, and then forget about them. Like everything. It is bizarre. I have kind of been this way for my life. I am sure I have been ADHD most of my life undiagnosed. I was hyperactive as a child. Anyone with memory problems?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with ADD at the beginning of my undergraduate career about 5 yrs ago. I wanted to treat the symptoms with therapy techniques rather then taking medication for it. I felt I had a fairly good handle on treating the problem through undergrad, but now im in a challenging graduate program & my techniques haven't proven to be as effective. What is the best medical route for me to take to as the next step?
Avatar m tn The main things would be ADD and ADHD. With these disorders it is very hard to focus for a period of time long enough to commit to memory. You might want to buy, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. She not only explains this but also gives ways to work with these disorders to overcome some of the problems.
Avatar n tn There are a multitude of reasons why your memory could be affected...ADD, ADHD, vitamin deficiency, etc. You said something about school, so I'm assuming you're rather young. How old are you? There is an answer for you, and there are things to help you. Just contact your doctor--make an appt. Sometimes, it helps to make a list of your symptoms, and give examples of what is going on.
Avatar n tn Stimulants are generally the medications of choice, so to speak, in the treatment of ADHD, but Clonidine is used to treat the symptoms of ADHD and to treat such conditions as tic disorders, sleep disturbances, aggression and volatility/overarousal. Clonidine is used alone in the treatment of ADHD and it is used incombination with stimulant medication. Side effects of Clonidine use can include dizziness, drowsiness and sedation.
Avatar n tn There are study techniques that really improve memory. I don't quite understand what you mean by short term memory. Even the people that appear to glance at a word, and know it the next day use techniques to do so. And some superbright people can literally do just that. I think the main question is why post to an ADHD forum. If he has trouble memorizing because he can't concentrate (ADD/ADHD), that is very different than just having trouble memorizing.
Avatar f tn What could be wrong with a 5 year old that can not remember what he has been told just a few minutes and sometimes seconds after you have told him? I also believe that he has ADHD but has never been officially diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Problems with working memory often occur in children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Such problems also occur in children who do not have ADHD. Working memory is one of the so-called executive function skills, and it has relevance to many aspects of our daily lives. For example, if you are listening to someone give you a telephone number, and you are trying to remember the number so you can write it down, you are using your working memory.
Avatar m tn It use to be given to children exclusively for hyperactivity and other such symptoms/disorders as ADHD. It is many side-effects and has become a street drug in certain areas of our country. Below is an excerpt from a medical website that I often use. QUOTE: Ritalin for Adults With ADHD. Ritalin for ADHD treatment in adults has not been adequately studied, meaning that no large studies have been conducted on the benefits and risks of using it to treat adult ADHD.
Avatar f tn The reason that I have a fear of more memory damage or brain damage from certain meds is that while searching for medications to help with memory I have come across information that certain medications like aderall and others can actually cause memory damage with long term use, plus I already have memory problems due to SCT, long term uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, but is now controlled with insulin, major depression which is being treated with citalopram, hypothyroidism which is being treated w
Avatar n tn Those taking the drug for prolonged time can have trouble concentrating, can become restless or aggressive or may have memory problems. So yes, it is possible that your son developed ADHD like symptoms. But only a psychiatrist who has examined him can diagnose whether he has ADHD or not. If neurontin is responsible for the change in your son’s behavior then stopping the drug for some time may reduce the side effects caused by it and your son may regain his original personality in a few months.
Avatar n tn The Cogmed Working Memory Training is designed to train working memory (the ability to keep information in your mind for a short time, focus on a task, and remember what to do next), and children who display ADHD often do have a problem with working memory. The Cogmed Training can result in improved ability to sustain attention, improved impulse control and better complex reasoning skills.
Avatar f tn What could be wrong with a 5 year old that can not remember what he has been told just a few minutes and sometimes seconds after you have told him? I also believe that he has ADHD but has never been officially diagnosed.
Avatar m tn my 10 yr old daughter has had adhd for the past 6 yrs and is on focolin rx now 50mg in am and 10mg in afternoon. with her she has had trouble with memory loss for some time now and cant retain information from the past or at times 30 seconds after being told. she was giagnosed 3 yrs ago with seizure tendencies after fainting in my arms. her doc has not explored this further.
6712744 tn?1384027064 I researched Gaba Plus and it looks like it will help with anxiety and help him sleep at night. Unfortunately, I really didn't find much that would indicate it would help with his concentration. What will help him the most is you becoming the expert on ADHD and how it effects him. I suggest you read my post to Aquine here - as I listed many resources to help. Please post if you have questions. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Actually, research tends to indicate that very few people with anxiety also suffer from ADHD/ADD, although, of course, that is always a possibility. Most people with anxiety have ADHD symptoms but, in fact, do not have ADHD (this is why so often one will read that Ritalin or similar medication is not working). I also believe that mild/moderate anxiety can be helped with herbal and/or natural remedies. So, why not try this route as a first option.
1053987 tn?1279304510 The key to distinguishing between the two is that, to warrant a diagnosis of ADHD, the symptoms must have been present in childhood. The ADHD-like symptoms of BPII begin at any time with the onset of the disorder.
Avatar n tn Sudden memory loss cannot be prevented but patients who experience the symptoms of memory loss due to aging may keep their brain cells healthy and active with different exercises and dietary supplements.