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427258 tn?1266445242 My (very soon to be) 4 y/o old is going through evaluations to diagnose a possible learning disability since he's exhibited some concerns in pre-school. The evaluator has said she's sure he has ADHD, but also shows some traits of a child with asperger's syndrome (sp). Since at this time, ADHD is the only 'definitive' diagnosis, I was wondering if some one could tell me some webistes, or books they have read to help them understand it all and how to help my son.
Avatar n tn My so has been diagnosis with ADHD has been on Med for two plus years, but this think pooping in his pants just came about, about six months ago. The strange think is that he will walk around like he doesn't smell anything.
Avatar n tn From a preschool teacher of two year olds- Anxiety separation- for the most part, moms are encouraged NOT to sneak out when baby is not looking- have fun/ be positive/play with them for a minute maybe with a puzzle for the first few days, then put child's hand in the teacher's hand with a smile, showing baby this is someone that mom likes and trusts - promise to be back "after nap" or whenever and BE there- of course you will be- the biggest challenge for me as the teacher is
Avatar f tn Have you consulted a therapist for him? Is he functioning mainstream in other ways?
Avatar m tn will his mother and stepdad fell asleep themselfs and the mother of other little came home to find the 5 year and 2 year playing in her bathroom in tub water flooding every where the two year new he was in trouble and was in hall by the time she walk in the room. the five year was still in the bathroom splashing the water everwhere ask why he was doing it he i dont know. the five alway taking the two boy diaper off. try to play dr with my two girl. he very hard head kid. he always in trouble.
Avatar n tn My son will be four in a few months. We recently had new baby who will be one this month. My sons behavor has gotten awful over the past two the three months. He does NOT listen to anything i say at all, things from asking him to put socks on to come here. He has a ton of energy. He is not a mean child but he does push and pull on his sister all the time even though he gets in trouble for it.
Avatar f tn We thought toddlers had it easy. No bills to pay, no bosses to please--just ice cream and a little mischief on the brain. But America's tiniest citizens, some still in diapers, are now the newest members of the Ritalin and Prozac nation.
521840 tn?1348840771 David Goodman*, researchers emphasized that the same symptoms we recognize in childhood ADHD also occur in adults. These same childhood symptoms take on different forms in adults with ADHD. For example, most adults with ADHD are not floridly hyperactive. Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity.
5856747 tn?1403348682 ADHD is diagnosed on the bases of the child’s behaviour alone. This may be done using the International Classification of Diseases or ICD-10. There are no other tests to confirm the diagnosis and this again may cause difficulty in accepting ADHD as a disorder. Features of ADHD behaviour will include: • Inattention to instructions. • Inability to learn or retain. • Inability to stay with a specific task or to complete it. • Inability to hold attention to what is being said to them.
535822 tn?1443976780 Immaturity Mistaken for ADHD By Jon Barron on 09/11/2010 Could your child’s birthday be to blame for his ADHD diagnosis? Maybe, especially if he’s one of the youngest students in the class. In soon-to-be published research in the Journal of Health Economics, health economist Todd Elder, PhD, of Michigan State University, East Lansing, says as many as 1 million children in the U.S. may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD, simply because of their age and maturity level.
Avatar m tn A while back i was told i had adhd. i was going over in my head of all the symptoms i have. i was wonerding about these posssible symptoms ,are these adhd or not? 1. when i read i seem to read but it just go through my head and usally i got to reread a few times to remeber it. adhd or not? 2.when i go out and play pool i usally just take my shot right away not aiming for a long time if i try to aim my shoots get worse i try to see the shot but cant.adhd or not?
Avatar m tn i do heard from certain nutrinionist in malaysia that consuming cows milk powder is not healthy for preschoolers in long it true?do i still continue giving the herbal life formula mix to my kids?
Avatar m tn Children who are or have been on ADHD drugs have an increased risk of committing suicide.Even the American Psychiatric Association admits that suicide is the major adverse reaction of withdrawal from these drugs. Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years.
793266 tn?1275479663 Today I started adding fish oil and a B-complex vitamin for the adhd symptoms, and vitamin D for thyroid/mood. I am taking fish oil at dinner, B at all meals, and D at one meal. I am hoping these will increase energy, memory, and decrease AdHd symptoms and mood swings.
Avatar f tn t know what your city and state have in place for early intervention programs. Many preschools in my area have grants that pay for various services for children that qualify. A therapist will come in and observe a child for a few days. The therapist is trained to look for various things that may need intervention to help the child be successful in school. It is important to look into what the behavior issue stems from.
Avatar m tn It may seem odd that it could take years for a child to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but according to the CDC each year at least 1,500 children in the U.S. are diagnosed for the first time when they reach preschool age. A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be delayed for a number of reasons including milder symptoms or missed signs of developmental delay. Cerebral palsy affects the part of the brain that deals with muscles so, typically, symptoms are related to movement, including speech.
1388785 tn?1279770764 If you want - just click on the ADHD in blue at the top of this page and get a list of symptoms for ADHD and that might be helpful to you. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Parenting with consistent discipline and support can help prevent over-diagnosis of ADHD in children. Sometimes, people think their child is ADHD when the child is still very young, under 5, and shows some symptoms. The problem with that is young children are still developing at very different rates and maturity levels vary greatly.
Avatar f tn , six or seven years of age), because until that time most of the behaviours exhibited by children with ADHD are typical of all children in the preschool years. (They may be more severe in preschoolers who have ADHD, but since some kids who are highly active in their preschool years definitely don't have ADHD, it's better to wait.) A lot of what you are describing is typical toddler behaviour - defiance, ignoring "no", climbing all over things, etc.
Avatar m tn t found anything in the literature specifically addressing this problem in preschoolers, but we recalled a problem with seizures in Japan caused by certain video games quite a few years back.
494594 tn?1212967928 I understand that there is a lot of media attention (excuse the pun) on ADD, ADHD, impulsivity, inattention. However, symptoms of inattention or restlessness are common in many learning and emotional problems such as learning disabilities, anxiety, moodiness, and motivational issues. So if I go to the car mechanic and ask him or her to check only my battery because of the screeching noise, I would be remiss in not also having the whole car looked at.
Avatar f tn All of the things that you have listed - I have seen in ADHD kids. What you need to do is to start to research what ADHD is and how to deal with the consequences of it. Understanding ADHD really makes a big difference in how you deal with the child. I mentioned the following books in a post below. Its worth your time to check them out. - "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table," by Blake Taylor.
Avatar f tn I have been dizzy (more specifically, it feels like I'm on a boat) for almost 3 weeks now.
Avatar n tn I'm recording with ADHD meds but it's actually vyvanse
Avatar n tn To answer your question, the language we talk to her at home is not English, and the first time she begin to communicate in English was in the preschool two months ago. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn He has an older brother who is 4 and I never have seen this kind of behavior in him. The 2 yr old will be playing fine one moment and then the next he is very upset and nothing has been done to set him off. He will hit mom, dad or anyone around. He will throw things and nothing seems to console him. I would think that it might just be a home situation but he is behaving the same at daycare.
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
Avatar m tn But before you ban all produce that could be laced with pesticides from your home for fear of an ADHD diagnosis in your children, hear what experts are saying about it. Then consider ways you can limit your kids’ pesticide exposure. Researchers looked at the urine concentration of organophosphates — one of the most common types of pesticides — in 1,139 children ages 8 to 15 and compared levels between those children with and without ADHD.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have been having problems with rib pain for about a year now. I realized it when the kids (both preschoolers) would bump into me. It doesn't seem to be that chondritis that's localized to just the sternum area-- i think that's called chostochondritis. My whole rib cage, front and back, collarbones, and hips seem to ache when I apply pressure to them.