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Avatar f tn It certainly is an inherited disorder for many - but not all kids. But, i have had kids in the classroom who have ADHD and their brother or sister did not. So it certainly is not guaranteed. By the way, I have seen the changes in how ADHD is treated over the years. Having spent almost 40 years in the classroom. It is being treated much better now then it was. And your little one (if they do have ADHD) will have an advantage in having parents that know what is going on.
Avatar n tn I agree that young boys often are behind girls in their ability to sit and attend in a classroom because they mature later. However, if his speech and other troubles are creating difficulty in the classroom/ outside the classroom I'd see if you can get a full evaluation done for him.
Avatar f tn If I do have him tested and he is diagnosed with ADHD what will this do to him being allowed to continue in his regular ED classes. What are the Legal responsibilities of the school and what are they required to furnish for my 5 yr old in the classroom? I am really concerned about the legal ramifications, not being able to get services, and him being lableled in the system.Please advise accordingly. I would also, like to know what you think about Neurotherapy/neurofeedback.
Avatar m tn When I went in to ask his teacher about it, I learned from various aides in the classroom that the teacher is rarely actually IN the class and that Eli spends most of the day in time-out. We pulled him out of that class and just continued to have him go to Daycare with me every day. He started kindergarten this year at the age of 4. He almost didn't make the cut off. He turned 5 in September. He had a rough start from the first day. He would fidget and bug the other kids at his table.
Avatar f tn My son who has been having issues at school is now with a person 1:1. He says he is happy doing this and does not want to go back to the classroom, I'm concerned about this longterm. The learning specialist said this will be ok and we should be able to get him back to the classroom. I am just worried about him. the doctor wasn't sure i he had ADHD or not. My mom says put him on meds, try him, but I told her you have to have a prescription and i"m not sure that is best.
Avatar n tn However, her teacher at school has told me that she is having a hard time getting her to pay attention in school and to do things according to the classroom order. Granted it's only been 5 days of school so far, but I am wondering if I should start being concerned about ADD? She is very smart and academically is well beyond kindergarten, but she was never in any type of school before now, as I stayed home with her.
Avatar f tn His teachers have told me he has a difficult time focusing in class and they have for years but they have never come right out and say you should get him tested. I have believed for a long time probably since he was 3 that he has add and or adhd. My son is quite hyper most of the time unless he is playing a video game or watching a program on tv. He is also having a hard time learning to read he can a little bit but he has a low reading level for a grade 2er.
Avatar f tn He just doesnt listen or focus and doesnt complete school work. In 1st grade prompted by his teacher he was tested for ADHD and I was told he is a normal active boy, not ADHD. He had problems in 3rd grade but not near as bad. He has outburst at school, just says what pops into his head, trys to make kids laugh, is more concerned about someone liking him than school work, complains of noises in class, gets distracted at school easily.
627816 tn?1349238116 Achievement Tests Typically, present levels of academic achievement are ascertained through a combination of curriculum-based assessment (CBA) and norm referenced achievement tests. Curriculum based assessment (CBA) determines how the child is progressing in and responding to the curriculum. Standardized norm referenced achievement tests are used to determine how to the child is functioning academically in relation to his or her cognitive capabilities.
Avatar n tn We asked the father about his progress according to the psychiatrist and the father said that the child is doing okay. But in the classroom he displays otherwise. Is it proper to transfer the child to a smaller school than keeping him in our university? And any suggestions on how to modify the behavior? We've been doing all the recommendations of the psychiatrist but of no avail. Right now we are waitng for the psychiatrist update on how to manage the child's behavior. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Well, 5 year olds live pretty much in the here and now. A child with ADHD lives completely in the immediate. Thus, if you are not with them when they break the rules - there is very little that you can do. Is this a new teacher - she should know this? What you can do is to find out what is driving the teacher nuts and work at home to change this behavior, by replacing it with another better behavior. Its not easy, but it is possible - depending on what it is.
Avatar f tn He always gets in trouble for talking and being to loud in the classroom. My husband and I have noticed his behavior and we have been seeing a dr regarding this. We are at the point he is now getting behavior reports all the time and now his teacher has called me today for a meeting with us and her. I am so terribly worried about putting my 5 year old on medication. I am scared this will hurt his brain development.
Avatar m tn However, I am also a special education teacher and am very well aware that a lot of kids do poorly in school because they have such negative experiences in the classroom setting!!! I am not saying let the children go without consequences, however they also do NOT need to be punished for EVERYTHING they do. That is ridiculous! You must understand what they are capable of developmentally and set their goal a little high but not so high they fail all the time and set them up for failure.
Avatar f tn I posted this in the adhd forum but I think i should have placed it in chikd behaviors. My daughter has some new behaviors and we are concerned. She is in the accelerated program so is highly intelligent. She has a long attention span in the classroom and can sit for exams, projects, long presentations etc. However, at home, she is anxious and hyper and can't sit still. I offer books which she reads a lot, projects, etc. But she can't sit still. Please advise.
9913729 tn?1406644853 An important part of the DSM 5 criteria is that the symptoms have lasted for at least 6 months and that they occur in at least two places. Besides reading Marks excellent link, you might also want to check this one out. The fact that a 6 year old is being sent to the Principals office and that he has had his teacher in tears would suggest that the discipline that the school has been trying is also not effective.
Avatar m tn His teacher is quite critical of him in the classroom, says that he does not pay attention and cannot work independantly. I have been lucky enough to help out in the classroom and observe him at the same time. He can be a little inattentive but is quiet and competes the work if it is of interest to him. His teacher rarely gives him any praise for good behaviour or work,, but will give certain other kids praise all the time.
Avatar f tn old son who has learning disabilities, specifically with reading and writing (dyslexia). He was diagnosed by a neurologist with ADHD primarily inattentive. He was put on adderal, concerta, and stratera, respectivey. On all of these meds, he experienced anxiety, inability to sleep, nightmares, crying and depression. He was then put on imiprimine, which he was on for approximately 1 1/2 years now.
Avatar n tn oh my goodness.... you have described my 5 year old little girl to a "t". Can I give you my phone number? I feel so afraid for her and lost in how to help her. They have tried to say she has adhd and odd...I simply don't go for that since neither one of these phsyciatric disorders are able to be tested for in any way...they only observe the child. My name is Angie ..
Avatar n tn I have a 6 year old son named Aidan. . My wife and I are at odds with his behavior. We are receiving emails about disruptions at school. Talking out of turn , making funny noises in line and being " wild". He is lying to adults . He is very figity when he is sitting in a chair in the classroom. Not to mention his concentration level is very low. He is easily distracted by people walking into the classroom or whatever is going on outside. He lost his mother when he was 4 .
1192722 tn?1264785547 I should add that ADHD does not directly have an impact on IQ. In other words, simply because a child displays ADHD does not have any meaning in relation to that child's IQ. Most people who display ADHD have IQ's in the Average range - their distribution is very much the same as the distribution in the poulation as a whole.
Avatar m tn Both of my children are ADD/ADHD as am I and my husband. I usually am a very crafty person but wanted to get others ideas that live with or have children living with disabilities. Our logo is Friends Helping All Friends. I really hope to hear what you would like to see on the poster. I can post it after we are finished! Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn And actually while virtually all the study techniques for people with ADHD will also help those without ADHD, medication also figures in. So it is also important to know (if you do have ADHD) if you are on medication. And if you are - when do you take it and what kind? So, if you don't mind, let me know if you have ADHD and if so the types of meds being used or not used.
Avatar f tn And most important he did several classroom observation.We received a diagnosis of ADHD. Once again thank you Sally, med help is lucky to have you!
Avatar n tn He refuses to follow directions or classroom rules, refuses to complete homework or take part in the classroom activities, is aggressive to teachers, staff and other children, yelling things out in class, picks chairs up and throws them. The list goes on and on. On the second day of the new school year he was kicked out of school for his wild behavior. He is now placed in the leap program. This school deals with children with behavioral problems.
Avatar f tn this happens at circle time quite a bit and he gets very quiet, also he is not transitioning at times when he is supposed to be moving on to other sections within the classroom. He is a happy, curious child and he seems to be on track as far as knowing all his letters, numbers to 20, shapes, colors. I don't know what is happening at school. Any input would really help.
Avatar n tn Recently our sons teacher has approached us regarding his inability to focus in the classroom. She says if given simple instruction, he isn't always able to follow unless repeated. He is very bright, well spoken, and comes home each day with new information he has learned in school. The concern is that when he enters kindergarten in the fall, he may not be able to keep up.
Avatar f tn s the end of the school year it might not be a bad idea to consider meds so we can see how my son reacts, if it helps in the classroom and then we have the summer to iron out med issues, etc. Part of me thinks we should wait and see if he matures over the summer and if we have the same issues in 1st grade. I think going full day to school will be an adjustment for him and I am worried if we're having issues in 1/2 day school, what will full day bring?
Avatar f tn He is dysgraphic, LD in Written and Expressive Language and Speech delayed. He is currently on an IEP in a contained classroom. Recently During a FBA meeting at school, His teacher mention that she See's many autistic behaviors in my son. She also said she did not think it was ADHD.