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Avatar n tn The meds cause anger and can cause anxiety especially in children under a certain age. The adhd meds are not approved for children under the age of 5. So, really if he is smart and doing all these great things with learning and does not have issue with learning maybe it is something else entirely. One thing is that you will definitely need to keep an eye on is that Strattera cause suicidal thoughts in children that is why they have a warning on the bottle or box.
Avatar f tn The problem with really intelligent kids is that they problem solve so fast. And the problem with 4 year olds is that they don't have alot of self control. Put it together and ya - you've got problems. Throw the possibility of ADHD into the mix and everything gets a lot worse. I really don't know if he has ADHD. How long ago did the doctors see him and what kind of a doctor saw him?
Avatar f tn I am a single mother in the military and this year my daughter who is 5 started school with grandma. I recently had a phone conference with the teacher because of my daughters behavior in all of her classes..The teacher stated that she is beyond a kindtergarten level but does not want to move her up a grade because she is running around her classed like a three year old.
Avatar n tn From my personal experience (I was diagnosed at the age of 9 of having bipolar and ADHD), bipolar symptoms in kids can vary from bipolar in adults. Nine was a young age, especially back then (I'm 22 now), to diagnose a child with bipolar, and I would think that would still be somewhat true today... Because originally, I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, until my psychiatrist finally settled on me having ADHD and bipolar.
1553902 tn?1294293321 The duration and intensity of physical outbursts and temper tantrums differs in the two disorders. Children who are ADHD usually calm down in twenty to thirty minutes, whereas children who are bipolar may continue to feel and act angry for up to four hours. 3. The degree of “regression” during angry episodes is typically more severe for children who are bipolar.
Avatar m tn 1. Destructiveness may be seen in both disorders but differs in origin. Children who are ADHD often break things carelessly while playing (“non-angry destructiveness”), whereas the major destructiveness of children who are bipolar is not a result of carelessness but tends to occur in anger. Children who are bipolar may exhibit severe temper tantrums during which they release manic quantities of physical and emotional energy, sometimes with violence and physical property destruction.
Avatar f tn In 1982, the NIH had determined, based on research available at that time, that roughly 5% of children with ADHD could be helped significantly by removing additives from their diet. The vast majority of these children were believed to have food allergies.
Avatar m tn But before you ban all produce that could be laced with pesticides from your home for fear of an ADHD diagnosis in your children, hear what experts are saying about it. Then consider ways you can limit your kids’ pesticide exposure. Researchers looked at the urine concentration of organophosphates — one of the most common types of pesticides — in 1,139 children ages 8 to 15 and compared levels between those children with and without ADHD.
Avatar n tn My son has ADD/ADHD and he takes vyvanse but the doctor also prescribed guafacine which is normally used with people with high blood pressure but it has been found that it works bettt6with children with ADD/ADHD. I really have seen a change in his anxiety and levels the vyvanse chemistry out. You should speak to your doctor about it. They say vyvanse is better for children to take anyway.
Avatar n tn ive just taken an online test to see if my son has adhd it said that he is showing symtoms. he is 5 years old. his teacher has said that he is the brightest boy in the class but finds it hard to pay attention and fidgets all the time, he shouts out alot and when he is at home he never listens to a word i say when i ask him to behave. he runs and jumps about and never walks and talks constantly i have to ask him repeatedly every time i want him to do something. do you think this is adhd?
Avatar m tn // I think my main question would be - is your doctor a pediatrician? The reason I ask is that, your son might well do better with a psychiatrist or a psychologist that has more experience with ADHD kids. However, some pediatricians have lots of experience - so it all depends.
Avatar n tn he sees the same dr so he knows the history and the troubles of my other children. after knowledge of adhd being hereditary in many cases, my problem has been diagnosing and starting medication. after many packets and pages of questionnaires, he scores well above the qualifying standards. the problem starts with the role of his teacher. her scores are just below qualifying standards. he won't diagnose or treat without the teachers scores.
Avatar n tn First, ADHD kids act on first impulses and then move on to something else. Its somewhat amazing he got 3 family members in before he switched to monsters or space ships. Second, what he did several years ago doesn't mean anything to what is happening now. If something is going on now that bothers you, than you need to deal with the here and now and not some picture from years ago. Third, you said, "Is this typical with ADD children?
Avatar f tn (in children) In adults, this type of thing would show up as an Axis II personality disorder. In children, particularly 4 (very young for this kind of diagnosis, ADD/ADHD as well - and I would hold off on the meds until a second or third opinion is obtained..cheaper than treatment I'm sure...) ALSO - (I have personal experience in this - my 5 yr old girl had wild tantrums, and I was very worried,, and took her to different drs...
Avatar n tn my sister-in-law has a 5 year old with adhd and everything she tries doesnt work from time out to taking toys and tv away nothing works what can we do to help disipline the child to be effective
Avatar m tn its less overwhelming to the ADHD person also. Hang in thers and if you happen to kive in So Cal. Check out Loma Linda BHI. Its amazing and your insurance ahould pay for the program.
Avatar f tn The mean serum ferritin levels were lower in the children with ADHD (mean +/- SD, 23 +/- 13 ng/mL) than in the controls (mean +/- SD, 44 +/- 22 ng/mL; P < .001). Serum ferritin levels were abnormal (<30 ng/mL) in 84% of children with ADHD and 18% of controls (P < .001). In addition, low serum ferritin levels were correlated with more severe general ADHD symptoms measured with Conners' Parent Rating Scale (Pearson correlation coefficient, r = -0.34; P < .
Avatar n tn The duration and intensity of physical outbursts and temper tantrums differs in the two disorders. Children who are ADHD usually calm down in twenty to thirty minutes, whereas children who are bipolar may continue to feel and act angry for up to four hours. 3. The degree of “regression” during angry episodes is typically more severe for children who are bipolar.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5 years old and has ADHD. She recently went on the drug Concerta, then her PCP prescribed cetirizine as well for hay fever that I didn't even realize she had. On a routine cardiology check for the Concerta meds, the cardiologist discovered my daughter had PACs. The cardiologist took her off all of her meds for 10 days and did another EKG. She still had the PACs even off meds. Now my daughter is on atenolol 2 mL per day, Concerta, and cetirizine all together.
7087196 tn?1389306119 This is another good link on ADHD with a better list of symptoms.
Avatar f tn While his behavior does sound like the symptoms of ADHD, it could also be his temperament, a sensory processing issue or even symptoms of a medical condition (such as fluid in the ears or a blood sugar issue). First visit the pediatrician, and ask to be referred to a psychologist who specializes in early childhood assessment. Testing at this age can give you excellent information that will help you choose behavioral, educational, and medical interventions that will best help your son.
Avatar f tn Even children who have such a condition can sustain their attention under conditions of high motivation, but in the absence of such motivation they can struggle. The reason for undergoing the evaluation is to determine the nature of her problem with attention. There can be a number of reasons for inattention. One, but only one, is a manifestation of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.