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5274485 tn?1385860167 The symptoms are clinical the same for both boys and girls. My own experience in meeting girls with autism spectrum disorders confirm the clinical view; I have yet to find a girl with autism spectrum disorder who differ from my self and other boys with autism spectrum disorder I know in talk of symptoms.
Avatar f tn My son grew out of it at about age 15. We didnt use medication but he was bad. He is nearly 18 now + doing great!
Avatar m tn 1 for the predominantly hyperactive type versus 2:1 for the predominantly inattentive type). While previously believed to be "outgrown" by adulthood, current opinion indicates that many children will continue throughout life with symptoms that may affect both occupational and social functioning. Some medical researchers note that approximately 40%-50% of ADHD-hyperactive children will have (typically non-hyperactive) symptoms that persist into adulthood.
1764615 tn?1313515647 Hey Katie, a lot of this is normal (unfortunately) for someone with ADHD. In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, she says that girls are more accurate and honest in their self-perceptions. They report more problems with self-esteem, depression, family relationships, and peer rejections than boys. Girls self-awareness may be the reason they have three times more depression than AD/HD boys (p.
5274485 tn?1385860167 Girls with Autism have different symptoms in contrast to boys. Females with autism tend to withhold their symptoms and keep quiet. They are not as aggressive as boys are. Females are more likely to want more friends and play with dolls.
Avatar m tn I have 2 boys with ADHD- one was very colicky, the other was a very easy, pleasant baby.
Avatar f tn Given that ADD and ADHD are not diseases of the brain, but rather, labels that are given to children and adults (for the latter, in many ways, being labeled with AD(H)D, or any other mental disorder (illness), serves as a form of psychiatric (moral) absolution of one's perceived failure, at some level, to flourish) are means of reifying those "inappropriate" behaviors-usually within one's social matrix, i.e., school, work, family.
Avatar m tn There was also a 40 percent rise in drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with the increase for girls, at 63 percent, rising faster than for boys, at 33 percent. And ADHD drug use rose in among 15 to 19 year olds, an age group for which use typically declines as teenagers are taken off the meds. That may be a sign that ADHD drugs are being used more as stimulants to help teens keep up with schoolwork or for recreational use, Cox posits.
11118783 tn?1419354228 m hoping for a boy I do have both boy and girls but my son is 18 and girls are younger 6,5,2 it would be cool to have another little boy in the house!! Plus my son said if the baby is another girl his Moving out!!
Avatar f tn Lol I just simply want a boy. It is really to many girls in my family. I actually have 4 brothers and they are all picky about there clothes and shoes and especially food. My boyfriend has 6 sisters and they all are adhd and have crazy mood swings.
1061382 tn?1254572547 He does have some friends but not many do to he sometimes wonders off while playing and talk to himself in the background. He was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago .. he is a very bright boy in school and studys very hard but sometimes says its hard cause all the voices in his head makes it hard for him to concentrate. Is this a true ADHD disorder or could my Dr be off base ?
Avatar f tn i was wondering what your symptoms were which boys and girls? Can you tell the difference?? I was achey had heartburn grumpy with my boys. Now I'm breaking out like crazy (had 2 zits my whole life) i am achey already. and sooooo gassy!!
Avatar n tn My 6 year old daughter (Kindergarten) is not classified as learning disabled,however, we suspect she has some ADHD symptoms. She was evaluated about 2 years ago and our pediatrician felt she couldn't be further evaluated until she was 6 or 7. Given these symptoms, she seems to function pretty well in school and with new friends. Our greater concern is her excessive hugging.
Avatar f tn Boys are slower to mature than girls and teachers tend to get impatient with them. In Sweden boys start school one year later than girls. Beware of going the ADD route at this stage. ADD meds should be reserved for the child who is properly diagnosed, and when all other methods of treatment have failed. You child is too young for such a diagnosis in any case.
Avatar f tn Oh, boy. Lets take this one step at a time. I have seen numerous posts typically by intelligent females (some of them in their 40's) wondering the same thing. The sad thing is that if you are an intelligent female and not a hyperactive boy - you don't get noticed. Boys and girls with ADHD tend to get noticed. Kids with ADD tend to get lost in the shuffle. Check out this site first. Its one of the few that differentiates between ADHD and ADD.
Avatar f tn My first thought is that 6 year old boys draw all kinds of violent stuff - mainly due to video games etc and easy to draw. So why not girls - she may have seen classmates drawing and thought it was neat. It doesn't hurt to ask her about it. Or suggest she try flowers instead of knives. But this doesn't have a lot to do with ADHD - I would post over on the child behavior forum.
490665 tn?1210334012 I was diagnosed untill I was 39, I agree with Mizzigie because I was a girl, girls usually do not tend to be as hyper as boys, it was never suspected, the modd swings etc were put down to hormones, you know somehing is not right but youare not quite sure what, my typical school report was talks to much in class etc I could not work out why I was bored easily changed jobs constantly, being on meds for me was the best decision ever, I have been more settled and have actually stayed in one job,
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
Avatar m tn The girls that were doing it were in the 3-4 year old group. Most parents claimed the boys were peeing down heat vents, cold air returns, and in/on toys. Girls however were peeing thier pants, on couches, chairs, etc. These were all kids that were previously potty trained. When asked why, some of the comments included: "because I thought it was the toilet", "it was too far to walk to the bathroom", "I'm afraid of going into the bathroom", etc.
Avatar f tn I have 2 boys with another boy on the way! Boys are fun congratulations.
10312269 tn?1410608522 Where I'm at, everybody is having girls! Out of 8 couples that we know that either had babies in the last year or are expecting, 7 had girls! Now we are expecting our own princess. Funny how that works !
Avatar f tn i am pregnant with my 5th child i have 3 girls and 1 boy im pretty positive im having another boy why is it with girls i feel normal in the eating department but with boys omg im starving and i cant get full its a nightmare
Avatar f tn More boy babies are born on average each year than girls. I don't know the gender yet for my baby, as I'm only 11 weeks.
7758733 tn?1402589420 With my girls I was miserable the whole time and pretty much lived in the bathroom for 9months throwing up.