Adhd symptoms in a 3 year old

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Avatar f tn Please help! I am a mother to an almost 4 year old boy with severe behavior problems. He spits on people, kicks, hits, screams 'shut up'. He does this on a daily basis and often without warning. He is in preschool and even acts this way to his teachers and classmates. He spits on his teacher, in the past has played in his feces (happened a few times months ago), calls me ugly names. He has broken windows in our home and broken my car windshield.
Avatar n tn He goes to school this year in august. i need help. im 7 months pregnant and have a 11 month old. He hits, throws thing and is very uncontrollable. i need advise.
1712422 tn?1443337501 Allmymarbles has a good point. At 3 years old, there are many things that look like ADHD. Heck just look over on the child behavior forum for the posts labeled "my out of control 3 year old." So it is definitely worth taking the time to eliminate some of the factors she suggests. And yes, typically, doctors won't prescribe meds for a 3 year old - but there are exceptions.
Avatar n tn we have 1 ,two and half year old boy and 2, 3 and a half year old girls. All adopted, all born with distinct differant peronalities from day one. One our oldest (by 18 days) is extremely challanging. We have very consitant, structured days , rules and disapline and that the other two do good with and respond well. She will say no almost everything, even the things she just asked for like milk when you try to give it to her.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the added info. Please remember he is only 3 years old and is really just " a baby". Leaving his mom has gotta be hard for him. I would imagine that his Dads routine is different then the one he is used to and that makes it even more difficult. 3 year olds don't adapt to change very easily. There world is very small. ADHD is not usually diagnosed at 3. And I don't think that is the trouble here. It may be later on, but not now.
Avatar f tn How you handle a 3 year old is very different than how you deal with a 5 year old. You also might try posting over on the child behavior forum for ideas on how to work with her. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I need help !!! My three year old has gone crazy !!! She went from a sweet little girl to one who can't sit still , wont listen , eat, and wont sleep . Not only is she going crazy I am too!! I have made her an appointment to see a dr on the 21st of this month to see about getting tested for ADD or ADHD! But I just want to get opions from others .
Avatar f tn I would seek a second opinion on his ADHD diagnosis. A 3 year old really shouldn't be diagnosed as such. Nearly all toddlers exhibit all (or nearly all) of the symptoms of ADHD - that is their nature. I can't say I agree with medicating a 3 year old for ADHD either, but that is my personal thought and I am not a medical professional. Some of the symptoms you referred to don't occur with ADHD - which is why I think seeking a second opinion would be helpful to you.
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Avatar f tn Hi, my boyfriends 13 year old urinates in her room, on the floor, in objects. She steals, lies, dresses proactive, is hyper, and now is going through boyfriends like crazy. She's with us every other weekend. I don't know what to do. I am just beside myself.
Avatar n tn He is just a normal 3 year old doing normal 3 year old things. But when we are out in a crowd doing something special as a family, he seems to get revved up and can't seem to calm down. I mean -- he's not jumping around and bouncy while we are there, but he gets that way eventually and then once we get home he can't seem to come back down from his "crowd buzz" no matter how late it is. If we have friends over, it's the same thing...
Avatar m tn hi i have a 3 year old son he constaly does not listen to me he is always running around and screaming and he likes to play on his own as he has an older brother. im just abit concerned with hes temper and when i tell him he just looks at me and ignores me could this be a sigh of adhd???
Avatar f tn s a magazine but they have great info and symptoms on the site. Also, ADHD can manifest itself in hyper attentions, which could explain why he loves puzzles, which seems like it would take a lot of attention. Good luck, and it's great that you are noticing these things and trying to get help. I wish someone would have done that for me. I suffered from it all my life and was not diagnosed until 6 months ago and I'm 34!
Avatar n tn My daughter just turned 3 and for about a year and half she won't play with toys she won't watch television, i have been trying to teach her numbers and letters but she won't concentrate for 2 minutes. She will look away from me and she thinks that people are supposed to entertain her constantly by dancing, running and jumping around with her. How can i get her to calm down? does she have ADD or ADHD?
635196 tn?1305724075 My three year old son keeps getting suspended from daycare. He is biting, hitting, kicking, throwing toys, not staying in time-out, and not listening to adults; all at daycare. I work, go to school, have another 10 year old son, and two 10 & 11 year old step sons who visit every two weeks. When I am home, everyday after 6pm, the time is all his. We have pretty much the same routine everyday.
Avatar f tn t effect a 6 year old as much as (say) a 12 year old. Essentially, the teacher is comparing him to other kids in the class and other kids she has taught. If she is an experienced teacher, then she has basis for her reasoning. The school psyc will essentially hand out surveys to the parents and teacher. Whatever the outcome, it is always your choice on how to proceed.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Well, what you describe almost sounds more like anxiety than it does adhd symptoms. My older son has sensory which is very similar to to adhd, it's neurological in nature as adhd is, and he also has anxiety. The self soothing is something he had to work on. Are you talking about when he is upset, calming himself back down? With my son, we worked with an occupational therapist for strategies for this.
Avatar m tn Hello, my 3 year old son started at a new pre-school/daycare in August. He is very smart and knows all his colors, number, shapes, he can spell his first name etc. He is having trouble sitting during the 20 minute circle time that is required. He has a hard time staying in his seat and its interrupting the class. His ears are sensitive to loud noises so I'm not sure if the loud sounds are too much for him, He does have a hard time sitting down if something is not catching him interest.
Avatar f tn s suggestion, he has been taking Omega 3 supplements for about a year and a half. He also takes a daily chewable multi-vitamin. So far this has not helped.
Avatar f tn We have a 9 year old son with ADHD as well and we too did not believe in medicating. We tried many other methods such as fish oils, nutrition shakes etc. Finally after a year of trying we finally had to give in. Our doctor put our son on Concerta. It is a slow release medication meaning it works over an 8 or so hour period. This helped our son quite a bit. Only side effect is loss of appetite. His lunch hours he does not eat much.
Avatar f tn It could just be a phase. My children were put on medication at the ages of 4 but they were diagnosed with ADHD... 3 Seem's a little too young to me...
Avatar f tn my partner and myself recently took our 7 and half year old daughter to see some doctor to be tested for adhd. My eldest son is 18 and was diagnosed at age 9. he wasn't showing any signs at school until just over age of 9 but was unbearable at home and when out shopping or at my friends homes. i have been told by this doc that it always comes out in school before the age of seven which much be untrue as it wasn't with my son.
Avatar f tn Perhaps a strict routine would benefit him, perhaps some social skills games would help, perhaps a particular way of phrasing things would make sense to a 4 year old to help him along, maybe a "story book" that they use in autism (my son doesn't have autism but I use these to help explain things to him at times . . .), maybe there is an activity that is helpful to calming the nervous system , etc. I'd start doing those things to see if it helped.