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Avatar n tn Did not take ADHD meds. Went bowling with girls then Mitra's baby shower.
Avatar n tn Your son may well display ADHD, but it is important to arrange a thorough evaluation and not rush too quickly to the diagnosis. The on-line surveys can be useful tools to see if a person might display symptoms typical of ADHD, but a thorough assessment will consider a child's medical history, family history, current functioning at home and in school, possible alternative explanations for the symptoms identified on the surveys, etc.
5274485 tn?1385860167 Or just the difference of ADD verses ADHD?
Avatar f tn Your daughter may not need medication for the rest of her life. Girls typically have more inattentive symptoms of ADHD, while boys have more hyperactive symptoms.
5856747 tn?1403348682 ADHD is diagnosed on the bases of the child’s behaviour alone. This may be done using the International Classification of Diseases or ICD-10. There are no other tests to confirm the diagnosis and this again may cause difficulty in accepting ADHD as a disorder. Features of ADHD behaviour will include: • Inattention to instructions. • Inability to learn or retain. • Inability to stay with a specific task or to complete it. • Inability to hold attention to what is being said to them.
793266 tn?1275479663 Today I started adding fish oil and a B-complex vitamin for the adhd symptoms, and vitamin D for thyroid/mood. I am taking fish oil at dinner, B at all meals, and D at one meal. I am hoping these will increase energy, memory, and decrease AdHd symptoms and mood swings.
Avatar n tn excessive talking, making noise all the time, saying inappropriate things to boys and girls, he's not very affectionate, he'll kiss me every once in awhile, but tries to do it "movie style", he "performs" for people all the time. He was adopted at the age of 17 mos from Russia. His pediatrician says he does not have FAS, RAD, ADHD (although he hasn't been formally checked for this). Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar m tn A while back i was told i had adhd. i was going over in my head of all the symptoms i have. i was wonerding about these posssible symptoms ,are these adhd or not? 1. when i read i seem to read but it just go through my head and usally i got to reread a few times to remeber it. adhd or not? 2.when i go out and play pool i usally just take my shot right away not aiming for a long time if i try to aim my shoots get worse i try to see the shot but cant.adhd or not?
Avatar f tn May I ask why you are posting in a ADHD forum? Did you land here by mistake or is this something that she has. Because if she does have ADHD, it does change how these things are handled to some extent.
521840 tn?1348840771 These same childhood symptoms take on different forms in adults with ADHD. For example, most adults with ADHD are not floridly hyperactive. Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD impact important adult tasks such as remembering to pay the mortgage, paying attention while driving, or managing your children’s schedules.
1388785 tn?1279770764 If you want - just click on the ADHD in blue at the top of this page and get a list of symptoms for ADHD and that might be helpful to you. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn Children who are or have been on ADHD drugs have an increased risk of committing suicide.Even the American Psychiatric Association admits that suicide is the major adverse reaction of withdrawal from these drugs. Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years.
Avatar n tn My question to you is, is compulsive lying and impulsiveness general symptoms of ADD ADHD or is it a deeper behavioral medical problem. My daughter intends to come home at 2.00 pm but then stays out. I believe she tries to come home, but I know she is very impulsive and does not make good choices (thinks things through). Also she has lied to me throughout her life, some of it totally unecessarily.
Avatar f tn My 19 yr old was diagnosed a long time ago ADHD and OCD. Is it possible that my 11 yr old may have it too. SHe shows a few symptoms of ADHD but has not been properly diagnosed yet. My 8 yr old's dr told me that usually most all of them would then. IS that possibly true?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with ADHD at 16 after years of schools telling my parents girls can't have ADHD.... I was on ritalin for a few years...a and now my dr has changed me to strattera... it is great :) love it.... good luck..
Avatar n tn For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment. Behavioral treatments may include behavioral parent training, classroom management, and/or peer interventions.
Avatar f tn I have seen posts like this too many times. She has all the symptoms of a child with either ADHD or ADD. Probably ADD. Because she is not hyperactive. Because she is intellingent - the teachers have missed the obvious clues. Time on homework is a huge symptom. Being aggressive is a side effect of having "no filters". Not caring is a learned response due to the fact that she can't produce what is asked, and is giving up. I could go on and on.
Avatar m tn my brain proccessing went haywire when i was approached by authority, girls and anything not expected. i day dream all the time. when communicating i get lost. my day dreams become my reality, and i **** people off, because they feel like i dont listen. i get embarrassed and stay away from people. this problem has limted my ability to thrive. now i am 64 years old.
Avatar n tn My son is now 13. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in 3rd grade. I am a teacher and have done a lot of research on adhd and odd. I think he has ODD. He hates to take his concerta because it makes him lose his appetite I do see a change when on meds. He does ok in school while not on meds but when at home he is a nightmare. He fits all the classic symptoms of ODD. At home he defies everything we ask him to do and he throws fits when he does not get his way. He is very disrespectful also.
Avatar n tn Most of the notes that I have seen refer to ADHD and girls with this problem.
Avatar n tn My 9 and 7 year old girls are both ADHD and on Concerta. My oldest started out on Strattera, and it make her emotional as well. The weight loss is most likely from the meds curbing her appetite. Does she get hungry at bedtime after the meds wear off? Both my girls, esp, my 7 year old do that. I worry about how thin they are as well, so when they are hungry I let them eat. My oldest can usually control her eating though and will eat regardless of the meds.
Avatar m tn my 8 year old son was diagnosed with Adhd when he was 4 since then things have changed with him or things i thought was because of his Adhd but now realise they arnt he is on a very high dose of medication which do seem to work for the Adhd symptoms but now you notice the strange things he does ie collects paper, stones shells anything like this he puts everything in bags or boxes and carrys them around, he doesn seem to understand danger will run in a road jump of things things you know will/ca
Avatar n tn I'm recording with ADHD meds but it's actually vyvanse