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Avatar f tn However my ex husband took him to the appt. The doctor is a pediatric neurologist who is also seeing him for the headaches and ADHD. My son actually hasnt been taking his ADHD for awhile because he has no appetite when he takes it. So i didnt push him to take it either. He was diagnosed at an early age of 5 as borderline ADHD but the pediatric psychologist at the time didnt push meds and i didnt want to give him meds. Things slowly got worse with his behavior and I think our divorce.
Avatar n tn which may very well not be the case at all. Whilst I am not saying ADHD doesnt exist, the rate of children being diagnosed with it for behaviours that come well within the normal range is clearly wrong. I work in a child care environment and actually witness this on a weekly basis.
Avatar m tn I am a 51 yr old female, who has been treated for the same symptoms of depression, lack of motivation etc....I learned about ADHD because my daughter was diagnosed as a child. After switching jobs and experiencing problems hat mattered, with my new occupation... I started relating them to the same characteristics of ADHD. As a result I sought treatment. My first experience with a doctor, was alarming. She flat out told me ADHD drugs are addictive!
Avatar m tn My 16 yr old son was just diagnosed with severe depression (all this time we thought it was ADHD)....the pyschiatrist started him on Cymbalta and 1/2 of a 2 mg Abilify......I am very scared about what I am reading about these two drugs......especially about coming off of them :-(......and so far I have only read that Abilify is only approved for teens with bipolar or schitzophrania. So far the dr has not answered my questions regarding the use of these two meds. I am very concerned!
602796 tn?1219877065 Yet I know his behavior is just the joy of life or the intensity of emotions. As for the reason of ADD/ADHD being diagnosed as often, I only have two thoughts: if this disorder is indeed on the rise, it may go hand in hand with the feeling of many adolescents and teenagers that life is overloaded with choices of all kinds, leaving them confused, seemingly bored and restless. Dietary factors may contribute to this with the large amounts of sugar that is often consumed.
Avatar n tn So I was taking about 10 norcos a day 10/325 I am about 22 hrs clean I have tappered a little for 2 days. I have read and heard if you take a med thats for ADHD (Vyvanse) I got some I was told to take 2 30mg tablets a day for 5 days and I will be fine. As I said before I am almost 24hrs into this and I actually feel pretty good not great but ok. I have heard the first 24-48 hrs are the very worst is this true? I have always had medical detox so I never felt anything.
Avatar f tn I am obviously on a combination of medications but I am prescribed Modafinil for my ADHD symptoms, they won't even try usual ADHD medication as in my case the repercussions could be dangerous. I find this medication has really helped with my attention and concentration, as bi-polar and ADHD symptoms can overlap I'm realistic with what the medication can do in my case but it has certainly helped.
Avatar n tn I'm still looking for ways to lessen the intensity of these symptoms, but for me I've found that maintaining physical activity helps, as well as not oversleeping, or overeating. The rest of my family takes folic acid suppliments regularly. God, puberty was a nightmare, but I am much less groggy and more in focus now that I am no longer growing. I'd like to hear other peoples' experiences with this.
Avatar f tn Texas Medicaid data obtained by The New York Times showed a record $96 million was spent last year on antipsychotic drugs for teenagers and children — including three unidentified infants who were given the drugs before their first birthdays. In addition, foster care children seem to be medicated more often, prompting a Senate panel in June to ask the Government Accountability Office to investigate such practices.
484698 tn?1208823583 My 7 year old son, has suffered from anxiety, night terrors, and phobias for about 2 years. Recently, it has ramped up to the point where he is barely sleeping at night and wakes up screaming and begging for help not to be afraid of stuff. Having anxiety myself I can't stand to see him like this anymore. I took him to a therapist, he's been going for several months. She suggested a psychiatrist. I took him to the pediatrician who concurred that he should be put on Zoloft. I've agreed......
Avatar m tn The tics occur many times a day nearly every day, or intermittently for a period of more than one year. During that time, the patient is never without symptoms for more than three consecutive months. The severity of the symptoms and functional impairment is usually much less than for patients with Tourette's disorder.
Avatar m tn Typically hyper boys get noticed early in elementary school, but if you are intelligent - its easy to get overlooked. Lets start with ADHD symptoms. Here is a very straight forward list of symptoms - Now here is a more involved list that looks specifically at teenagers. I think that some of the behavioral and friendship parts will seem familiar.
Avatar f tn As a former Marine and a person diagnosed twice with ADHD, I know the difference.Someone with a disorder like ADHD/ADD doesn't have to be angry..Im not.But, i get very impatient, drive fast, never listen to the same song for more than 30 seconds, always flipping through channels and books, always asking questions about irrelevant things because i'm always thinking of 1000's of questions-that's how people knew I had ADHD.
Avatar f tn She has just got her learners permit, and I am so nervous driving with her, and cannot help, but worry what it is going to be like when she gets her license. Having a child with ADHD is challenging, having a teenager with ADHD is pure hell. Her anger issues have escilated and her social relationships continue to be negative. She is poor at relationship building. If it dosen't have the word"me" in the sentence, she is uninterested in anything.
Avatar f tn They can assess a person/child against a list of symptoms that are collectively named ADD/ADHD - for lack of much better understanding. When they test for the flu, they can list the symptoms and check them off (temp, ache, cough, etc), but they can also TEST for a virus and yes/no its there. But in medicine those symptoms alone can mean many things. Same for attention and hyperactivity. 2.
Avatar n tn My 19 year old son is complaining of difficulty focusing in studies. For the past three years he has complained of trouble focusing on school tasks such as studying, paper writing, etc. Because he has always been good in school, I blamed this difficulty on his penchant to stay up late playing electronic games. He made a C in Organic Chemistry this semester and stated that it was because he could not focus on his studies and it is getting worse. He has also admitted to depression.
598237 tn?1225647072 which is your doing more harm than good if you choose not to medicate a child that needs it, i am happy for those parents that feel their child has enough self control that meds are not needed, but for the kids that have severe concentration, impulsivity, hyperness,that is not an option and parents are all to frequently blamed for bad parenting skills. but with all the adhd kids in the world today, maybe it's time to look at the food's kids eat...
Avatar f tn Did you know that anxiety is a very common co-disorder of ADD or ADHD? Has he been evaluated for ADD? And if school is one of the major causes of anxiety, there are things that can be done for that (besides either ADD or a lighter anxiety med). Did he do pretty well in elementary school, and then as he hit middle school or high school did his grades begin to slip and the anxiety worsen?
Avatar m tn So they take me off that and put me on Toprol XL with the Rhythmol (plus I'm on Liptor for cholesterol, Cozaar for high blood pressure and Synthroid for hypothyroidism). So I'm feeling pretty good the first 3 weeks, then it starts just a few seconds every other day, then every day, then longer, to last night doing it from 6pm to 9am this morning. I do not want to go back to this guy and tell him it isn't working again, he makes me feel like I'm crazy, but he is the top guy in this area.
Avatar n tn I have seen several studies that show kids with lack of sleep show ADHD symptoms. Since she does like to read so much. Make sure she is not reading well into the night and thus losing sleep. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I wanted to say, my son's Early Intervention Therapist (for Down syndrome) has a daughter who was diagnosed ADHD, and also my 11 yr old step daughter has also ADHD. The thing that stuck out at me was your son's defining symptom of "fuzziness". This struck me immediately because that is exactly how my EI (also my personal friend named Jenn) 's daughter describes how she feels when she hasn't taken her medication.
702147 tn?1289835970 I would like to share with you my story as it is shockingly similar. I have been suspicious of ADD/ADHD stimulants for a long time now. I am currently 20 years old (female), started taking Medicin for ADD when I was 9 years old. A few years later I was diagnosed with vasovagol syncope as I faint when people touch the back of my head or ears too much (like playing with my hair, changing my earrings, blow drying, ect).
Avatar f tn It doesn't help any that it's quite popular these days for teenagers to feign these symptoms - I couldn't even begin to tell you how many kids my daughter goes to school with claim to have been cutting themselves (to find that it's only marker) or who constantly use suicide threats to manipulate their friends or discuss violent/morbid ideas - even kids who claim to hear voices.
Avatar f tn That would belong in a seperate forum for parenting but I've seen children with adhd grow out of it. It seems unlikely but the episodes that appear to be "acting out" end. So its a matter of coping with it and behavioral management and talk therapy and then in all likelikehood he may overcome a good part of it as he gets older. Some people with adhd need medication all their lives though but it depends.
Avatar n tn So, well, anyways, I had trouble fitting in socially too (many teenagers do for some reason or another), and I found my niche by socializing with kids who liked sci fi and joined a sci fi book club through one of the libraries near me as a child. Most of the members were adults. I'd suggest getting him to join some sort of group where the people are smarter or older. I don't know what sorts of things would be like that... a chess club, a book club, a debating team.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, you still are checking out this site. First, he does have many of the symptoms of ADHD- check out symptoms here - And if he does have ADHD, it is possible that he gets so involved in doing something that he doesn't get to the bathroom in time. That is somewhat common. The playing with it is kind of unusual.
Avatar m tn Double Vision Square Wave Jerks Bradycardia Hair Loss Dizziness Numbness/reduced sensations in Tongue, feet, neck Difficulty Swallowing (Comes and goes) Brain fog/speech issues (come and goes) Chest burning, (comes and goes) Sleeping issues Waking up with an internal Tremor that decreases with activity Headaches/Migraines (off/on my whole life) that increase in pain after eating sugar Frequent Urination/Urgency (off/on for several years) Anxiety issues (several panic attacks in the last 9 mon
Avatar n tn Would you consider the above behavior typical for a 7 year old boy or could he possibly have symptoms of ADDHD?
Avatar f tn I think it's going to take a little longer before we see any results. LOL !!! So, if this does help his bipolar symptoms ... then what advice do you give for fixing the ODD behaviors??? Because he is VERY defiant !!!!!