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Avatar m tn Dr. Allen Frances, M.D. was the chair of the DSM IV and has 45 years experience in psychiatry. Here are some of his thoughts on the new DSM DSM 5 Is Guide Not Bible—Ignore Its Ten Worst Changes APA approval of DSM-5 is a sad day for psychiatry. Published on December 2, 2012 by Allen J. Frances, M.D. in DSM5 in Distress This is the saddest moment in my 45 year career of studying, practicing, and teaching psychiatry.
Avatar f tn Annie, The following link will take to the DSM-IV Criteria for ADHD...the same scale is used for adults as it used for children....with the only difference being that on criteria such as getting out of one's seat and such are usually more internal for adults....adults tend to have the self-discipline to stay seated and just fidget...move their feet, tap their fingers etc. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I have posted the diagnostic criteria under DSM IV for autism and have asked parents to post examples of their child's behaviour that meets the criteria. You might find that helpful in seeing what behaviour the professionals would be looking for. If your child had no speech delay or disorder but has problems processing language, following instructions, takes language literally etc then you might like to google DSM IV for Aspergers just to see what the difference is.
311086 tn?1224732518 I started Strattera after being diagnosted with Adult ADHD (Severe) on the DSM-IV by my Psychologist. My MD (family doctor) has since confirmed it. He put me on 40mg / day (taken at around 11am every day, without food). For the entire first week, I was fine. I didn't really see any improvement, i'm still hyper, find it hard to concentrate, etc. He then told me that on Wednsday (10/1/2008) that I am to upgrade to 60mg per day. I took my dose on 10/1 and then on 10/2. And all seemed normal.
Avatar n tn I have put together a Health Page that you can access by clicking on the Health Page icon on the top right hand side of this forum page. This is taken from DSM IV for autism and people have added examples of behaviour that fits the criteria. You may find that helpful. Then you can google DSM IV for Aspergers and read the criteria for that.
Avatar n tn Have you googled Aspergers and looked as the DSM IV criteria for a diagnosis? It sounds like in certain situations she loses it and gets overwhelmed with emotions and cannot bring them under control. I think you and your husband need to agree on the tactics you will use and stick to them.
Avatar n tn The former is medically Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR), while the latter is DSM-IIIR. ADHD is also called AHDD or attention hyperactivity deficit disorder. So the basic difference is the presence of hyper-activity along with attention deficit in AHDD. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn The person who diagnosed your daughter was he experienced only in ADHD? Have you looked at DSM IV for autism/aspergers/ADHD to see what the difference is in the criterias? If you google DSM IV you can look at the diagnostic criteria for the three different disorders. Start to keep a daily dairy and make notes of all her behaviours which you think are Aspergers or ADHD.
124426 tn?1239931600 I won't go into the specific diagnostic criteria here, because you can research these on your own. If you seacrh for DSM-IV Criteria, you'll find the prevailing diagnostic criteria for the various mental and emotional disorders. It is not unusual for doctors to prescribe medications for so-called 'off label' uses. Limited trials are accomplished when a drug is under development, and drugs are approved for use only in the instances which have been specifically studied.
Avatar f tn You dont say what Meds these children are taking they are sometimes the c ause of more behavioral problems I would suggest you take a look , put in side effects and the name of the Drug and see if you get any input from it.
Avatar f tn Patients with POTS (n=21), ADHD (n=18) and normal control subjects (n=20) were assessed for DSM-IV psychiatric disorders and completed a battery of questionnaires that assessed depression, anxiety and ADHD characteristics. Results: • Patients with POTS did not have an increased prevalence of major depression or anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, compared to the general population. Patients with POTS had mild depression.
Avatar f tn For a child to be diagnosed by the DSM-IV (1994) Criteria, they must have ADHD problems in two or more places. If the only person they asked was the parent, both you and I know that a lot more kids would be diagnosed as having ADHD due to poor parenting skills. The problem is what other choice is there.
Avatar n tn (cited from the ICD-9-CM) - Fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork (the rest of this list is cited from the DSM-IV and a child needs AT LEAST 12 of these symptoms in order to be given a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD) - Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play (in combination with 11 other symptoms) - Does not seem to listen when spoken to directly (in combination with 11 other symptoms) - Does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish scho
Avatar n tn You can google DSM IV Aspergers and see what the characteristics are. It is also common for child to have bits and pieces of different disorders. For example my son's main diagnosis is autistic spectrum disorder and he is considered high functioning because he has above average cognitive ability. But he can also be impulsive sometimes and have problems with focus and attenton which may be down to ADD.
Avatar m tn OCD, ADHD, ASD. The last is a new one called autism spectrum disorder in the old DSM-IV it would've been called Asperger syndrome. Since the age of 11 they threw SSRIs such as Prozac and benzodiazepines such as clonazepam at me. This was to help call me down but all it ever did was call my body down and my head still would race I ended up on an extremely high dosage of three different types of benzo's. We have kept the Suboxone at 16 mg.
Avatar f tn Look at the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) and see if what you are seeing matches up with the symptoms or criteria for ADHD. Also, a Developmental Peditrician will be able to guide you through this process and/or help you find resources for your child. Although it may take a while to get an appt. it should be worth the wait.
Avatar n tn You can also look at the diagnostic criteria yourself. It is DSM IV for autism. I think the code no is 299. Spinning or flapping or typical behaviours for children on the spectrum. Also having a specific interest that is to the point of obsession is typical. Trains seem to be particularly common. In your post you have mentioned something in each of the areas required to get a diagnosis. Ie.
Avatar f tn Theoretically IF you have unknowingly been Autistic (high functioning or Aspergers) your entire life, you may not of been fully aware whilst growing up that you were socially inept, eccentric etc etc but just about everyone who'd interacted with you throughout your school years would of picked up there was something oddly different about you, even if they couldn't exactly name it Keep in mind your actually saying you changed after doing drugs, possibly seizing and passing out so ASD would be v
Avatar f tn (These are just a few diagnosis listed in the DSM) The DSM gives a listing of symptoms for each of these disorders and the time the symptom must be present and distressing for the person to be labeled with the diagnosis. A person's symptoms are used to match up a person's diagnosis. A psychiatrist and other mental health clinicians work together to determine a concrete diagnosis. With early intervention, therapy and medication these acute disorders can be managed.
Avatar f tn It's hardly a "dumb" question, because I didn't even know it existed until I stumbled across it completely inadvertently a few weeks ago. OCPD = Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. It's related to OCD, but differs in some significant ways. People who have OCD have compulsions to do ritual behaviors to ward off anxiety regarding possible harm; they know that these compulsions are not "normal" behavior, and are usually helpless to stop them.
Avatar n tn What country are you posting from? You can google the DSM IV criteria for Aspergers to see what behaviours the professionals are looking for. But getting a diagnosis should be free if you go through your GP or daughters paediatrician. A Special Ed teacher will be able to look at certain criteria for Aspergers and may/may not identify which of her behaviours are down to Aspergers, but she is not a professional who is experienced in diagnosing this disorder.
1725558 tn?1309741096 Child bipolar consists of a child having anger issues and chronic tantrums, for adults to be considered bipolar/manic they must have 3 or more of the following symptoms lasting for longer than one week. Criteria for Manic Episode (DSM-IV, p. 332) A. A distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood, lasting at least 1 week (or any duration if hospitalization is necessary). B.
506438 tn?1210649293 His diagnosis is supposedly severe ADHD & ODD. I don't believe that's what he has because all the ADHD meds didn't work on him. In my opinion, if you have x disorder and take a med made to remedy that particular disorder, and the disorder is not remedied, than maybe you don't have x disorder after all. For example: Once upon a time, I started coughing so I took some cold & cough meds, The coughing continued and got worse, so I tried other cold and flu remedies.
Avatar f tn When one or more of these functions is disrupted, symptoms can result. These symptoms can interfere with a person's general functioning, including social and work activities and relationships. What Are the Symptoms of Depersonalization Disorder? The primary symptom of depersonalization disorder is a distorted perception of the body. The person might feel like he or she is a robot or in a dream. Some people might fear they are going crazy and might become depressed, anxious, or panicky.
Avatar m tn However, I have posted the questinaire from the soon to be published DSM V, a long anticipitated update on the DSM IV(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV). The following questoinaire is used as a preliminary diagnostic tool meant to help physicians/medical professionals identify addiction. As his spouse, you may be able to answer many of the questions on his behalf and possibly draw your own conclusions with regards to his substance use/abuse?
Avatar f tn There are huge disagreements in the international psychiatric community about how young is too young to have bipolar. America would be the only country that would accept diagnosing 5-yr-olds (or even 10-yr-olds for that matter). America therefore prescribes mood stabilisers and stimulants and anti-depressants at much earlier ages than other countries.
Avatar f tn why is it if we take adderall we feel normal? I feel like im too old to become adhd. Does ADHD and/or adderall sometimes go hand in hand with major depression?
1528371 tn?1294017962 Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD/ADHD, is a psychological term currently applied to anyone who meets the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for impulsivity, hyperactivity and/or inattention. The diagnostic criteria are subjective and include behavior which might be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from brain defects to allergies to giftedness.
Avatar m tn OCD, ADHD, ASD. The last is a new one called autism spectrum disorder in the old DSM-IV it would've been called Asperger syndrome. Since the age of 11 they threw SSRIs such as Prozac and benzodiazepines such as clonazepam at me. This was to help call me down but all it ever did was call my body down and my head still would race I ended up on an extremely high dosage of three different types of benzo's. We have kept the Suboxone at 16 mg.
Avatar n tn If you are researching the connection between ADD/ADHD and lying, you have to start with ADHD, even if your daughter displays none of the "H" symptoms. Why? Because the DSM IV does not even list a condition called ADD. The latter is merely a popular abbreviation and sometimes people will use it to indicate that their child is not hyperactive. Psychiatrists speak of thre kinds of ADHD: predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive, and mixed type.