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Avatar n tn She had been on Adderall for ADHD, went into a hypermanic event and was involuntarily committed for treatment. After her release she went back to her original Psychiatrist who again prescribed Adderall for her. Is Adderall ever used for bipoplar disorder. Everything I have read says no. How can I convince her Dr. to not prescribe it anymore? Please help us.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed with adhd a while ago. One time i was taking adderall unperscribed. A family member had it who also has adhd, not sure if she lyed about it just to get the drug, but whatever. I took it and it really helped me focus and i could actually remember things. I talk to people and in mid story and I forget what the hell I was saying...also, I can't read very well because i will skip sentences even pages because i lose focus, but not on the adderall.
Avatar n tn Two months ago, he was given Adderall and Clonitin to help w/ADHD however, we had to stop the Clonitin since it lowered his heart rate and was making him very ill. We continued w/Adderall (1/3 of the time release capsule)sprinkled over apple sauce only ONCE a day. My son is extremely sensitive to medications. Now he has developed these tics -- he licks everything and I mean everything; he also clocks like a chicken!
305005 tn?1358728290 hi, my boys both have adhd. they just put them on adderall trying it out. can anybody tell me anything on first hand about it. they was one the daytrana patch and i think that made there symtoms worse. thanks!!
Avatar f tn I am to the point where I take the ADHD stimulants, (VYVANSE - 70 mgX1 or 2, or 3 during the day) and/or Adderall. This is obvious signs of drug addiction/dependency/abuse. I know. Again - Without ADHD medications or antidepressants I still feel as terrible as I do while taking the ADHD medications. I understand this seems like I am being impossible, but I really cannot help but express what I have been feeling and thinking for the past who knows how long. Everything I say is completely true.
Avatar n tn i have a 4yr old she was diagnosed with adhd and she has been taking adderol for almost a yr now and it hasnot work sence the begining. now her doctor want to go from 1/2 pill in am and 1/2 pill in pm to 1 whole pill in am and 2 pills in pm. i refuse because she sees things that arent there when she was taking 1whole ill before. now im scared to give her more because we had so much trouble in the begining. and i dont know wht to do.
Avatar f tn t realize my depression was caused by untreated adhd symptoms. Once those were managed my quality of life increased exponentially.
Avatar n tn Adderall (a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine) is a prescription stimulant used to treat adults and children (over the age of six) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall was the second drug to be approved to treat ADHD, following Ritalin’s already long stay on the market. The FDA approved Adderall in 1996 and later approved Adderall XR Extended-Release capsules in 2001.
Avatar n tn I had a friend who recently tried an elimination diet and slowly added foods back that she eats regularly, she found out that she was allergic to wheat, rhy, some flour products, sweeteners, etc. that were causing the ADHD symptoms... She has since started eating whole foods and good fats and her symptoms have vastly improved... It could be something as little as the dyes in foods, or sweeteners, etc...
Avatar n tn I also take adderall for add and xanax for anxiety. The reason that you are experiencing anxiety like symptoms from the adderall is because adderall is a stimulant. It is a mix of amphetamine and dextoamphetamine salts. It is a schedule II drug. Schedule I drugs are the worst classification and it goes down to schedule V. This is not uncommon, I have this problem as well. The question is can you live with the extra anxiety if the adderall is really helping you?
Avatar f tn Have you tried Strattera for the ADHD because, unfortunately, most other medications that help the symptoms of ADHD are stimulants and will exaserbate the symptoms of BP.Good luck with your quest. I'm still trying to get the balance right myself.
Avatar f tn I am on an antidepressant and adhd medication (adderall). I have a h/x of depression and I don't think it is fully treated or I am at the age where it may be becoming more pronounced. I am in my late 20's and I want to have children but my obgyn always reminds me that I will have to come off of my meds when I start trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding. Due to the number of depressive episodes I have had I am going to be on meds for the rest of my life.
Avatar n tn I have adhd and I am 43 yrs old. I take adderall for my symptoms,adderall is an addictive drug right? w/ side effects. For a couple of years I stopped taking the adderall because I became addicted to oxycotin and I liked how it made me feel, I was able to concentrate, stay on task,my moods were stable and I always got my work done....SO,why is one addictive drug better than the other? now Im back on adderall and the oxy worked better.and there are withdrawl issues w/both drugs.
Avatar f tn iknow i have been biting my lip but i didnt think i bit my tounge but it hurts...i know u guys have adhd but do u know why adderall wouldnt give me the energy other people get.......
492527 tn?1212175672 I have adhd and abused adderall for the last 6 years. I have been off of it for about 10 months and do not know what 2 do. I tried straterra and it doesnt seem to help.
Avatar m tn Im a current addict (i abuse it) of this drug and Im struggling to get off it. Adderall can have many many side effects. If your son keeps having those symptoms try and talk to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I recently started taking Adderall for ADHD (was diagnosed since I was a child but could never swallow medication until early adulthood), and I thought it was really going to mess with my heart. Funny enough, I tolerate Adderall very well with a nominal increase in BP every so often. But my question is, why does 20oz of soda or a cup of coffee make me jittery with heart issues and Adderall does nothing of the sort?
1304850 tn?1273215493 I question the possibility that I may have adult ADHD but those symptoms might also be due to depression or bipolar disorder. I know it sounds stupid but I'm hesitant to see a doctor because if it were nothing, I'd feel like I was wasting their time or just trying to find an excuse for my faults.
Avatar f tn s only the adderall, or a combination of adderall and zoloft. I felt they added the adderall a little quickly after only being on zoloft a month. I am just praying this behavior was due to the medication and will go away.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone here diagnosed with adult adhd could share with me a few things please in regards to focusing and staying focused whether it's reading or driving television any activity does medication help you stay focused? and does the ability to not be able to focus extend to everything regardless the level of interest you hold in it?
Avatar n tn however I think with the anxiety my chest always felt that same way. One thing I have noticed is when the Adderall wears off those symptoms disappear, or if I take the Ativan they disappear. Anyway, I'm wondering if perhaps I should just quit the Adderall altogether and request a different medication. I have only been taking it about 2 weeks now. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/550406'>Constant chest pain for 2 months after taking Adderall</a>.
Avatar n tn My doctor has recently put me on 10 mg of Adderall to treat my ADHD (I am an adult). I only take it in the morning. I'm wondering how long Adderall stays active in my body. I go to graduate school at night and I'm wondering if I should be taking it later in the morning so that it will continue to be effective late in the evening. I'm concerned because I know with the Ritalin it leaves the system in approximately four hours.
1182411 tn?1265321044 For example, it may take, say, 40mg of Dexedrine a day to successfully treat symptoms of ADHD in a particular 25 year old male who is 185cm tall and weighs 85kg, Though another male of exactly the same age, height and weight may well find that 40mg of the Dexedrine is wholly inadequate and that his adhd symptoms do not. respond to anything less than 80mg (or even more perhaps) a day of the same drug.