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Avatar n tn As far as the connection to adhd- I have adhd and I can see how the frustration might make a person seek a way of control- which the cutting might serve to do temporarily (we do not test for adhd in the prison system, unfortunately), but I do not think you will find it is what causes the cutting- think it is more than that. You and your friend and in my prayers.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a college student and I think I might have add. My brother has been diagnosed with adhd but I don't want to resort to medication so I'm looking for self help advice. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn hate my crazy drunk loud adhd self !
Avatar f tn I am on an invega shot for my schizo affective disorder but cannot find a doctor that will treat me for adhd and because of the symptoms of my adhd I have developed a substance abuse problem in an attempt to self medicate and fight the anxiousness and boredom that I always feel....I need help but no doctor is willing to help me...
1211960 tn?1272974502 I have been diagnosed as bipolar and ADHD. I took a self test to deterime which kind of ADHD I had ( there are 6 different kinds.) The test results showed that I had Ring Of Fire ADHD. I was researching this specific type of ADHD and this is what I found: Type 6 -- The Ring of Fire. Cross between ADHD and bipolar disorder. Characterized by moodiness, aggressiveness, and anger. Anticonvulsants or newer antipsychotic medications tend to work better than stimulants.
Avatar n tn There have been quite a few studies about the connection of ADHD behavior and certain foods and additives. The studies have, for the most part, found there are no links between the two. Some of the foods believed by many to have an affect on ADHD behavior are: artificial flavors and colors, some preservatives, sugar, caffeine, and some fats. I know many ADHDers, and many of them have been on diets that cut out foods with those ingredients. The diets made no impact.
Avatar n tn Much more likely that the dad has ADHD and is self medicating. ADHD can be passed on by genes of the parents.
Avatar f tn My 5yr. old kindergartner has a problem with impulsiveness & cannot keep his hands to himself; he always has to be touching other students which is distracting. The teacher put a separate desk/chair(that is wood desk/chair-the students all sit at a metal desk/charis) in the classroom just for him; hoping that separating him from other students would help his focus/attention. I am concerned about his self-esteem & hope he doesn't view himself as different from the other kids.
Avatar m tn Does he have anything like ADHD? Does this consistently happen (daily), or only once or twice a week? Has this been a problem his whole life - or just recently?
Avatar n tn s behaviours of some who were getting into serious trouble with the law (I am an active Police Officer of 13 years) that this kind of activity makes remarkable changes due to working with motivating self image, self esteem and of course as I mentioned discipline. It works in ways that are fun, healthy and also useful (for self defence).
1628438 tn?1299557322 Dear whom ever reads this. Im 21 years old 5.7 in. tall and have add and adhd,and have a problem with lying. I constently lye every day about everything, even the most littlest things i lye about. It has screwed up my whole life with everyone iv ever known.. Im asking for anything i can do to cure or even try to brake it. im willing to do anything to stop or atleast controle it. plz help.. i seem like everyday i feel a lil less of my self in side ty..
Avatar n tn today and spoke to a psychologist who asked if I ever considered medications, I asked her if there were medications for sensory intregation and she told me that neurologists like to use the term self-regulation. She also told me that sensory intregation children usually have behavioral issues as well. I'm very confused?? Are there medications for sensory intregation or does my son has ADHD??
13415927 tn?1430701518 Wonder if your meth addiction had any thing to do with not knowing you had ADD and self treating yourself? Anyway, You might want to try Buspar first as it is probably the least likely to cause any side effects and is the most gentle. After several weeks if that is not working, then Cymbalta would probably be the next to try. Hopefully, your doc will agree.
Avatar n tn All 4 of my boys went through the same thing, or close....thay call it tarouble 2 for a reason....the repiting thing i think thay do becuse thay find a phrse thay like....all of my boys are now normal happy not ADD,or 6 months this will prob be over..and thay will move on to another fun phase....Good Luck!!!! Merry Christmas.....
Avatar f tn Do you ever take a test - look back at it and kick your self for mistakes you made on material you knew? I have seen posters who only take medication before a test, so they don't make those kind of mistakes - especially on a timed test. Also, if you do get an ADD diagnosis, it means that you also could get a 504 plan which could include more time on tests, etc. Here is a link to info on adult ADD that covers a lot of ground. The site is http://www.additudemag.
Avatar f tn The oldest was diagnosed with severe ADHD at 3. At 11 he is also bi-polar. He is a talented artist, and has trouble with language, math, and reading. He makes friends easily, though he is the size of the average third grader. He is addicted to scary movies, and has broken bones in both his brothers more than once. He is intrigued by fire. He sees a professional. His 8 year old brother has no apparent problems other than sleep.
6658361 tn?1384717351 If your question is do they test for adhd in new borns, the answer is no. The only test I know of is a brain scan - which is expensive and not something that you would want to put a young child through. Furtermore, I am not sure how accurate it is. You do have reasons for concern since ADHD is hereditary. But, if neither your or his dad have it, your chances would go down.
Avatar n tn Before just accepting this diagnosis for your children, have all other causes investigated.
Avatar f tn Help- Does Anyone know how to treat a Child who can't control self and RUNS across the street? Do You know good websites for newly Diagnosed ADHD Families? Thanks for any Help!
Avatar f tn Please let we warn you, however, that ADHD left untreated can cause massive problems in a persons life beginning with low self esteem. Although your child is currently thriving academically, as he grows older he will face more difficult challenges both socially and academically.
Avatar n tn Before the doctor should prescribe meds, you need to have an evaluation done by someone who is certified to test for ADHD. My child's doctor wouldn't prescribe meds until a full academic and psychological test was done.
Avatar n tn Any suggestions about this medicine, we have been to 2 different doctors, one says ADHD/Anxiety/Substance the other says Mood Disorder/ADHD/ possible Mania Can prozac and adderal make someone more anxious without having a mood stabilizer if they do have BP? He does not have the depression but he does feel like his life sucks but then 5 minutes later is on a new topic and happy...
1388785 tn?1279770764 If you want - just click on the ADHD in blue at the top of this page and get a list of symptoms for ADHD and that might be helpful to you. Best wishes.