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Avatar n tn How do I explain best to teachers how to handle my children in school and get them to cooperate?3.Since germany seems to be ages behind on research about ADHD where do I find most valid information about ADHD or literature which I can translate and forward to schools and doctors?
4194487 tn?1370049744 I personally agree that we make our children ADHD to some extent.
Avatar n tn I have a child with adhd with anxiety, and a sleeping problem. He has been doing well. on strattera, and trazadone. he is growing. but now he is getting again "kicked out of daycare". he is killing me. Iove my son to death, but I don't know what else to do. It seems he does this on purpose to get to be picked up by mommy to be be brought home. I have read, listen and watched everything out there. The one that works the best is Magic 1-2-3... but he is good at home....
Avatar f tn // . This site also a a ton of good information that you might want to read. If you have other questions, I monitor the ADHD forum more frequently and would certainly see your post there. Best wishes.
5066424 tn?1363139169 There are sites out there to help you learn the latest research about treatments for ADHD.
Avatar f tn My husbands father does suffer from mental illness and jokes that my 8 y/o gets it from him. He has many ADHD symptoms. Pedicatrician mentioned Aspergers. The Dr. doesn't even know about his sisters diagnosis. He tried him on Ritalin LA. He had a big improvement in the first month. Second month not as much of an improvement. Dr. questioned it being a a 'bad batch' of pills, but it is too expensive toget a bad batch so then we tried genericritalin and his heart beat out of his chest.
Avatar f tn my 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD, disruptive behavior and a mood disorder, and possibly depression and anxiety. he has been prescribed ritalin, medidate, depakote, and zoloft. all together. That seems to be alot of medication for a small young child. Im very worried for him, is this safe for him?
Avatar f tn does anyone have a child with these symptoms? I looked into ADHD and it could be that but he is well behaved at school even though he hates it so I am not sure it is the right condition...I prefer to look into it before going to the doctor again because my son would have to come and he would hear all the things being said which I am not sure would help at this point.
Avatar n tn He has been a heavy bed wetter his entire life though in the past 6 months or so it has become more and more infrequent to the point where he only has an accident once every few weeks now. My wife has mentioned ADHD before but my son has never been hyperactive in any way. In fact its just the opposite, he is beyond mellow. Recently I read about ADHD PI and this seems to describe my son perfectly.
Avatar f tn I have ADHD and my son has ADHD. It runs in my family from way back before ADHD became rampant and misdiagnosed. My son also has a very high IQ - and had the same difficulties as your son. I also work in the school as a speech pathologist. Request an obsevation by either the School Psychologist or a Teacher Consultant, if they have one. They can also give you a checklist that can be filled out by you, the teacher and your son.
Avatar n tn I am currently doing a course in child care, i have been asked to research behaviour disorders. Is there a difference between ADHD and ADAH or are they both the same disorder?
Avatar n tn Maybe google I do know that some research by experts has shown that supplemnts of antioxidants BComplex and Vit C can have the same efficacy as Ritailin....Fish oil Omega 3 has also shown to be useful.
Avatar f tn As he grows and matures we have to change his meds periodically. He did well on Adderrall but after a while pulled his eyelashes out. Any suggestions for time released meds that I can research would be helpful.
Avatar m tn Doc put me on depakote for mild bi-polar and adhd issues. I did research on this drug and not sure if i am going to go on it. I have a job that requires me to sit for 2-3hours at a time and work on laptop. There is no way i can do that. I once took my family to disney world and the lines were so long i went back to the car and put ac on and went to sleep. But didnt get mad just frustrated. I dont have highs or low lows. Iam in the middle and its wavey.
1453183 tn?1287852619 I would give anything to go back in time and not take Ritalin. I have nightmares about growing up on that horrible drug. I had so many crazy, scary thoughts that disappeared as soon as I got off of it. I do read the studies and articles I quote. The Pelham quote you mentioned is one opinion regarding the studies. Here is another quote from the article from the woman who did the study: "There are two possible explanations," Lambert says. "Kids self-medicate.
Avatar f tn Some research claims that OCD (and ADHD) are due to dietary issues, slight allergies, etc. Some say a lack of a B vitamin (research done by a doctor), and some say other things. The herbals we used were on nativeremedies ******* and they have some for ADHD (brightspark) and for OCD (MindSoothe Jr, and also --- most helpful for us was the Nerve Tonic). Good luck!
Avatar n tn My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD last week. The pediatrician prescribed ritalin. She said to start with half a tablet (which would be 2.5mg) and increase a 1/2 a tablet until we got to a dosage that seemed to work for my daughter. which ended up being 3 1/2 tablets (37.
Avatar n tn The 2-3 grams is what my psychiatrist told me to take. I'm an adult but most research on ADHD is on children so I'm sure the amount is fine for a 12yr old. If she doesn't tolerate fishoils she may get loose stools as a side effect. There is no problem taking fish oils with either vitB or C but I don't know Focus Fast. What's in it? And in what amounts?
Avatar m tn I am now trying to get a college degree and I am having extreme difficulties. I have done tons of research online and I cant find one thing that my symptoms point towards. By what I have been reading i am leaning more towards an anxiety problem. I cannot afford health insurance so I cannot see myself going in for another long set of random test with no guarantee they will figure it out so I am here hoping someone may have an idea. - I have constant uncontrollable thoughts.
Avatar m tn Now just as a side note, I don't know any of his symptoms, but I will say I have and still am conducting research on children being labeled or diagnosed with ADHD when it is really bipolar. Alot of docs say you cannot diagnose a child until age 18 but for me as a child, the signs were there. Especially if a child also has depression with ADHD. So if these meds are not working that may be a sign he needs medication for another issue.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and my 15 year old son is possibly too. He has classic traits of ADHD but has never been told he has it.If you need any more information let me know. Thnaks in advance.
Avatar f tn Stimulant safety concerns Beyond the potential side effects, there are a number of safety concerns associated with the stimulant medications for ADD / ADHD. Effect on the developing brain — The long-term impact of ADD / ADHD medication on the youthful, developing brain is not yet known. Some researchers are concerned that the use of drugs such as Ritalin in children and teens might interfere with normal brain development.
Avatar f tn I have been doing alot of research on ADHD lately as I think my daughter probably has it. While I was searching, I kept coming across sites about adult ADHD and I'm starting to think I have it as well.
Avatar n tn I have only recently learned of the ODD. My daughter has been diagnosed with "mild" ADHD. Her pychologist also told us that she is extremely bright. She is doing well academically in kindergarten; her teacher said she is above average in most areas of learning. Our problem is her behavior. She not only falls into four symptoms of ODD, but exhibits all six of the criteria.
Avatar n tn I have done a lot of research in ADHD, ODD, OCD, and Bi-Polar Children and they will become more disruptive if the discipline is not carefully developed (it's a process) What happens is usually there is so much inner tension because of the lack of ability to process stimuli around them, and they will turn inward and more staunchly hold their ground. At this point the child is unable to translate what's happening to anything but building tension until they explode.
Avatar f tn All of the things that you have listed - I have seen in ADHD kids. What you need to do is to start to research what ADHD is and how to deal with the consequences of it. Understanding ADHD really makes a big difference in how you deal with the child. I mentioned the following books in a post below. Its worth your time to check them out. - "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table," by Blake Taylor.