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1453183 tn?1287852619 My son has been diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD and was put on Atterall and then a year ago the doctors took him off the medication and his schooling has suffered because of it. My question is would home schooling him help him or hurt him in anyway? And What else can I do to teach my child how to help control his symptoms?
Avatar n tn Please let people know that the Feingold diet has been used for 25 years as a treatment for ADHD and other behavioral disorders, as well as helping many of the physical symptoms that frequently accompany ADHD such as asthma, bed wetting, chronic ear infections, migraines, etc. There remains a pervasive myth that the diet has been "debunked" and that it does not work, or that it is "unproven" or has "no scientific support." I repeat -- this is a MYTH.
329950 tn?1194801117 I am not a doc but I feel like the bipolar medscould really help alot ofg the adhd symptomes. when I am manic I eschibit alot of adhd. also have you had your thryoid checked recently? bi polars have a high rate of thryoid disease and a malfunctioning thryoid will give you all the things you are experiencing.In themeantime exercise like a brisk 30 min walk, eat right and get regular rest. alos keep a journal and write down all your rage and anger in it when you feel it coming on.
342425 tn?1241383064 This could explain what is happening with your boy. I have seen the pictures of functional MRI scans of brains with and without ADHD. The ADHD brain uses so many different little pieces of the brain to do tasks that non ADHD brains use one large piece to do. So, to a non expert it may appear that the brain funtion is abnormal but it is perfectly normal for an ADHD brain. Sugar plays NO role in hyperactivity unless a child, or adult, has a sensitivity to it.
Avatar m tn I have a 4 year old son who is full of energy. He has been diagnose ADHD & ANXIETY problems from a child wellness center. My question is there are large amounts of times he is very clingy to me or my wife. When he is talking to one of us he is always touch or rubbing one of us. I really don't like it, but i have issues with people in my private space. I do not know if this is normal or is there a problem here.
1393879 tn?1288729049 html And this doesn't even get into recent research showing a close relationship between pesticide exposure and ADHD. What bothers me the most about alex's quotes is that he offers no helpful suggestions about how to deal with ADHD. AIDS was ignored for years, said not to exist by heads of countries, and look how that turned out. Its always easy to ignore science, if its the easy way out.
17568 tn?1424977159 I'm sure it would be no problem to change your child's name if you prefer, and a fact checker from the magazine will contact you after I turn in the article to fact-check your quotes with you. If you're interested or know anyone else who may be, please contact me at linda-***@****. Thanks so much! Linda Formichelli http://www.lindaformichelli.
Avatar n tn I am concerned with my 10 year old son. He chews on everything, sometimes even eating it. Clothing, plastic, his fingers and fingernails, paper, erasers, pens & pencils. If he picks it up it will at some point go into his mouth. He has been tested for ADD & ADHD both were negative he also has been tested for food and environmental allergies along with Celiacs all have come back negative. We are also have hygiene issues, lying, aggression and he is very reactionary. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn It's common to also add an ADHD med like Ritalin, it will actually calm down an ADHD child. As far as I know, SSRI's like Prozac aren't given as readily as they don't work as well as a mood stabilizer as Advocate mentioned, like Lamactil. You might want to speak to your doctor about that as Prozac can end up being activating to either more manic or depressive features. I spoke with my pdoc about this drug because I was still having low level depression, and she wouldn't consider that drug.
6530778 tn?1456887401 Bob Marley i love quotes and poetry to my wife adhd is a gift i can read or see a video and fix almost anything it takes a long time for any disorder to come to this point its a point of loving you and f the others i get banned all the time 4 in one week wow they cant stand me my posting English skills hey it became a game how long and what excuse i to am her for the op and anyone else in the forum who wants confusing hard to read strange messages Loyalty Above All Else Except Honor ya
Avatar m tn I don't follow that end of it, because my spouse would never accept my suggestion to get checked and the nasty son has grown up and moved out and is able to control his outbreaks toward me as long as his girlfriend is present and we keep it really simple and I don't disagree with him or correct his occasional illogical conclusions about something I say - to anyone else he seems like a calm, laid back, overly happy person who bores me to death with his renditions of comedy movies he has seen inc
3086120 tn?1340851223 I started with my pediatrician, tried 2 different adhd medications and was referred onto a pediatric specialist who treats adhd and autistic children. Once we finally made it to our first visit, the doctor knew right away what was going on with my little guy (he was in 2nd grade at the time). My son has some aspergers traits like 1.) perseveration, when he tends to get stuck on certain issues and can't let it go. 2.
Avatar m tn The quotes from Wikipedia made my post super long, to the point I'd look at it, think there's no way I'm reading that... and I'm sure everyone else will think the same too.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm sixteen years old with Aspercer's syndrome, insomnia, ADHD, and I think to, anxiety. Throughout the years I've tried every medication for ADHD imaginable. I've also tried a wide variety of pharmaceuticals for sleep and anxiety. The only legal drug I've had success with is Adderall (Rapid Release) but with many negative side effects. I feel even more of a loss of social skills, a great appetite loss, increased insomnia, increased anxiety, and minor tics.
Avatar m tn This started after I said the word medication which my developmental pediatrician (you know, the one with the PHD) said might be necessary depending on his condition (he may have absence seizures, irregular brainwaves, or ADHD). She immediately said she didn't want him to be on meds and then proceeded to tell me he needed to spend less time in front of the tv because he quotes shows he likes. That biotch, doesn't know me. She doesn't know that I have a degree in education.
607502 tn?1288251140 Reference : Sanity Check Location : Brisbane Result : Dont ask Image : Insane Clown Posse are so my band right now, aural violence Ok so today. Yeah. About today. I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from fellow traveller Stephen Fry. "As I say I don't want to kill myself, I just wouldn't mind dying" Or to sum it up perfectly a quote from Adrian Edmonson as Eddie Hitler in Bottom "Well Oh **** Really!! Attempting to be funny never works for me.
Avatar f tn Hi-- I bet you were waiting to hear from the DR on this one, but I recall your post from last week. You could work with the teacher to develop a behavior chart that rewards him for following directions and being obedient to the teachers. I use one with my child-- his behavior is rated each day and I get notes on what happened. If things go well, he gets rewarded. If not, I know what I need to work on. It helps.
971877 tn?1247810667 I would say crazy as in "you're crazy!" is not right. I don't really like the words "normal" and "crazy." That's why I always put them in quotes because they put us into boxes. If you do have depression or bipolar or anything else like that, you're not "crazy." You're really not even that different. Look at how many people are here on this board. The population for depression is huge! You are not alone.
Avatar f tn I know a few uni lecturers with ADHD that hold a clickable pen, standing still is harder for them so they use the clicker of the pen to distract their kinetic impulses to physically move, their still moving but in a less obvious and a more appropriate way for the situation of public speaking. I think the clicking can be distracting to some, but things like mini bean bags, squishy balls, knobbly objects can be useful if you need tactile and or kinetic stimulation to keep you grounded.
Avatar n tn My older sister has been diagnosed with a lot of things, ADHD, anxiety, depression. My sister has always been my father’s “princess.” He coddles her. If I make a loud noise I get yelled at, if she makes a loud noise she is asked if she is ok. Since she has a few conditions, also she has learning disabilities, they baby her. I’ve always been told that I’m independent and that I don’t ever really need help, I shouldn’t need help.
Avatar n tn // I am wondering why you chose to post to the ADHD site as we also have autism and aspergers sites. Do you suspect something like ADD? And by the way, this is an interesting link from the Aspergers site - .
Avatar f tn About what stage one is in -- chronic, late, early, whatever -- I wouldn't worry about it. The sooner any infection is caught, the quicker the cure, but Lyme is always's just a matter of how long it takes to track all the bugs down and annihilate them. The longer the time of infection, the more entrenched the disease, but that's true of a lot of things. Bottom line, there's no point at which I would not try to treat and get well.
Avatar f tn Hi Bran_Bran, How are you today? I'm doing okay. I'm in the US, near Boston, and it's been very hot over the past week. We finally got some cooler weather yesterday and today & I'm happy for it. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colored leaves, the crisp air, how cozy it feels when I snuggle in a sweater or under a quilt and have tea or hot chocolate. Do you have a favorite season? So, you mentioned that you decorated the back of your binder with some C. S. Lewis quotes.
Avatar n tn I thought I was just experiencing bad anxiety with a new twist--that of inability to concentrate. I thought I had suddenly acquired ADHD. I agree with my doctor's assessment, but it came out of left field. I was shocked. I had never thought that I could be bipolar because I can't remember any hint of hypomania in my life. I've been experiencing doubts as to whether I am truly bipolar II. I'm 27 years old and have never experienced these symptoms before now.
Avatar m tn NA meeting and buy the Big Book, and the 12 Step Book, and maybe a book of Inspirational Quotes, and send them to him. It would be a nice "Care Package" and maybe after he reads the material , he might have a change of heart. In the interim, you could read them yourself, so that you know what the program is about, and you can help to keep him accountable, in NA english. There's another thing that might help. Him getting to talk to an Addictions Therapist.
Avatar n tn There is no denying that michael is correct in the facts he quotes,but one thing i have learned in my life is that there are people who get it=and people who dont,even if you spell it out(sad i think)I think that right now I need to spend my energy on postive things that matter and so if I remember I think that the thread was about helping someone who doesnt think they have a problem,aml wants to know,and as many people who were trying to help,took the time to point out,there is no point to t
1275919 tn?1279839604 i'm gonna try and help you trouble shoot through this sentence by sentence b/c my adhd medicine wore off a couple hrs ago and this is a lot going on (which is fine with me....your posts read similar to mine when i'm 'worked up') bare with me... first of all, i just started posting here a few days ago so i could be called a 'rookie' addition, i hope i can offer advise that you can use if not just disregard.....which ever u think... twinsmommma- fyi..
Avatar n tn I have been looking on other forms about it and there is the odd comment on them saying that it has something to do with wanting attention. I have ADHD but around the time learned about this, it was at its peak. Now this may seem crazy, and it probably is, but how many of you can shake your eyes? A comment above stated that it is like man kind has just completely forgotten about its past.