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Avatar f tn he even hung his cat with a string and hanger to a doorknob. and he was pretty mean to me. he ended up having adhd. see if there are online quizzes or tests for free that can help you determine if thats what he has. they will ask you questions and see if he has the same behaviors and stuff as adhd kids.
Avatar m tn // - It should give you a pretty idea if its possible you have or could have it. If this stuff sounds like you could have AD/HD, then your next step is to inform your self as much as possible about AD/HD and then find a good professional to help you. Remember that something like meds are only part of the answer. If you are still in school, talk with your counselor. Many colleges are very used to dealing with this and have good resources.
Avatar f tn So I was bored and took one of those gender quizzes to determine the sex of ur baby. Has anyone else taken those quizzes? How accurate were they?
Avatar f tn Okay, so I am only 7.5 weeks along, and the curiosity of my baby's gender is driving me crazy, lol. I know I won't know there true gender until about another 9 weeks or so by an ultrasound, but I've been taking multiple gender predictor quizzes on google just for fun, & each one of them says I'm having a boy, even the Chinese chart. Some of the old wives tales the quizzes included was; cravings, husband gaining weight, appearance, morning sickness, etc.
568659 tn?1256139982 // www.justmommies .com/ quizzes/ labor_prediction_quiz.
1258062 tn?1299842031 the calender and quizzes i took said girl. I bet you cant wait to find out what it is, it was driving me crazy!
Avatar f tn before I found out I was pregnant..I would take online quizzes to see if I was...I took one a few minutes ago just for fun and it said I wasnt pregnant..thought that was funny...
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Avatar m tn I have 7 year old daughter and last quarter of last school year I had a hard time dealing with her regarding her subjects i may say that is the worst. all of her quizzes, major quizzes and exams are not good, she got a lower score that is not usually happen to her. when i ask her what seems to be the problem she always say nothing. i was worried for her this coming shool year, how can i handle her properly? and also there were a time that she never listen to me anymore.
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Avatar n tn Thanks for using the forum. I would recommend retesting again. If the result is still inconclusive, then I would make a doctor's appointment so that they can do a blood test. The home pregnancy tests check for the presence of hCG in your urine. It is not present if you are not pregnant. This makes false positives unlikely, however, if the test was inconclusive it could mean a defective test. I hope this helps.
689265 tn?1251130087 i went on bounty last year they said i was having a boy and i did
Avatar f tn com/pregnancy/am_i_pregnant where you can go to QUIZZES and chose Do You Speak TTC? and will help you to understand the terms.
Avatar f tn re asking about the gender old wives tales? i just googled up quizzes on that, and they were right, it said i was going to have a boy, and i did...and now i'm preg again, and its telling it will be a girl...
Avatar f tn and have you done any gender charts or quizzes? if so plz let me know the outcome. everything ive done said its a boy but sono said girl. I have two girls and a boy and wanted this baby to be a boy so I hope the sono is wrong. lol.
1794093 tn?1357930759 So i just did 8 online gender quizzes/tests... my resullts so far are Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy! im starting to see a pattern! lol so when i started to "predict" the gender all signs were leading to boy, and then it started to lean towards girl... and now its about 50/50! lol too funny! with my daughter about 90% of the tests did say girl so i was interested in what it would say for this one....maybe there is 2 babies and one is just a really good hider! lol joking!!!
Avatar f tn My last period was on sep 17 and me and my boyfriend had sex on the 26. I took online pregnancy quizzes and they said it's a possibility I'm pregnant. Am I pregnant and do I have to wait till I miss my period to take a test?
193137 tn?1367880063 Saw this article from Berkeley and thought it might be of interest to those in the ADD/ADHD community. I actually worked at Professor Steven Hinshaw's ADHD camp one summer while I was at Berkeley and it was a great experience.
Avatar f tn There are plenty of online quizzes, but there is really only an evaluation by a qualified mental health professional. And even that's not 100%. Some people are really obviously bipolar and some are really obviously not, but everyone else has features that could look like it, but the average person can't be sure. Self diagnosis is a bad idea. If you have things that are bothering you, make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist and bring your issues up with them.
2021990 tn?1398838140 and have you done any gender charts or quizzes? if so plz let me know what you have done and the outcome. everything ive done said its a boy but sono says its a girl.
Avatar f tn Same here..
Avatar f tn ve tried the Chinese calendar several times and it keeps saying girl and takes several gender quizzes online and they all say girl except for like 2 and everyone says its a girl and I feel like it is a girl ! :) tomorrow I find out what I'm have having !! =D what u guys think ? Boy or girl ?
Avatar f tn Yes and every test I did (Chinese gender chart, pendulum, stupid quizzes) said I was going to have a boy n I found out Friday I'm having a girl...
Avatar f tn mine fizzed like crazy! And all the online gender prediction quizzes and chinese gender predictor said boy as well! So we'll see :) I have my apt in a few hours so I might be finding out then!
Avatar f tn One of the most fun ways of learning is through games and quizzes. If you do a quick Google search, you can find quizzes on just about any topic, including math, grammar, the U.S. Constitution ... you name it. Also try flashcards for effective learning. Art a day. If you'd like to learn about art, one of the best tools is Your Daily Art. Subscribe to the feed, and every day you'll get a famous piece of art, along with some notes to help your contemplation. Podcasts.
Avatar n tn i took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative so whats going on???
12009625 tn?1423404734 I thought it was gonna be about bedroom fun too!! Lol... I took quite a few quizzes online for gender prediction and they were all right, so maybe there is some truth to the wives tales after all. Lol... of course I didn't really take them seriously but they were fun to take.
Avatar n tn Gas pain with sudden urge to go. Lots of gas pain during BM. Pain gone for a few minutes after BM, but usually returns within 20mins or so. Repeat cycle 3-4times. Then I'm fine. The BM is thin, soft and "sticky". Light brown/green. I guess it's time to go to a GI.