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Avatar n tn I haven't taken the drug in 10 days but I'm going to start again after new year when school starts. How can I tell when I'm addicted? Is it normal for people with ADHD to enjoy the high that Adderall gives? Is it normal to feel tired without it? Will I always have to take Adderall to make me focus? Last question: is there a way to deal with the severe decrease in appetite? Can I drink liquid calories instead of solids to keep my weight up? Thanks in advance.
193137 tn?1367883663 children from kindergarten through the 5th grade who were diagnosed with ADHD. It then compared the scores of the students who were on ADHD medications with their non-medicated peers. Researchers analyzed data from the U.S. Education Department's Early Childhood Longitudinal Study that included the academic progress of U.S. elementary school students from 1998-99 as well as information on each child's family and medical background.
Avatar f tn he even hung his cat with a string and hanger to a doorknob. and he was pretty mean to me. he ended up having adhd. see if there are online quizzes or tests for free that can help you determine if thats what he has. they will ask you questions and see if he has the same behaviors and stuff as adhd kids.
Avatar m tn // - It should give you a pretty idea if its possible you have or could have it. If this stuff sounds like you could have AD/HD, then your next step is to inform your self as much as possible about AD/HD and then find a good professional to help you. Remember that something like meds are only part of the answer. If you are still in school, talk with your counselor. Many colleges are very used to dealing with this and have good resources.
Avatar f tn He hasn't ever suggested any type of NA or AA and now he has presribed him Adderall (with a a diagnosis of Adult Adhd)!! WHY ON EARTH WOULD would you ever prescribe a highly addictive stimulant to someone who is addicted to stimulants?? Now perhaps the ADHD diagnosis is correct (hints the addictive personality,etc.) but EVERYTHING i have read on Adderall says "you should not take Adderall if you have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse".
Avatar n tn I think that I may know what my moms problem is. A month or so ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Can you believe that? At 31? I was put on meds for it and since I have been taking them, I don't feel the need to pop those Hydros. I have been doing some investigating whether this is valid or not. I have found many sites claiming that a person with ADHD alwys have problems that go with them. I f they are not diagnosed, many turn to substance abuse as a way to relieve some symptoms.
Avatar f tn Nowadays, not only does he refuse to do his day to day work and homework, but he will sit in class staring into space and blatantly ignoring his teachers or disrupt the class by talking with other students. What frustrates his teachers and me is the fact that he makes near perfect scores on any tests, quizzes or exams. Going to conference night is like listening to a broken record as we go from teacher to teacher... he's absolutely brilliant, aces his tests, but refuses to do any work...
17956761 tn?1461825278 I also have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2, Depression, GAD, ADHD, PTSD (all the medical stuff) and BPD. I feel like I should also mention I have GERD, Scoliosis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I've had my Cecum and Appendix removed when I was 12 due to the Crohn's (pentasa pills were lodged in my intestinal wall undisolved and caused a blockage), many kidney stone removals, gallbladder removed, and many exploratory laps. I've been on two TNF drugs: Remicade and Cimzia.
Avatar n tn I was exhausted even if I slept 10 hours the night before. It was the hardest thing for me to concentrate. I had no motivation to show up for quizzes, take exams or turn in home work. Often times, I told myself "I don't care, I'm not going to take that final. I'm too tired." I failed or received D's in classes I would have otherwise received an A in. At one point I was so depressed I burst out in tears for no reason apparent to me. I sought the help of my university psychiatrists.
Avatar n tn She does not get her morning work done on time. Her tests and quizzes lately have been disasterous. But, the grades are over the place. She will get a B, then do horribly and get F's. I am talking in the 30% range. She can read well, but I don't think she is comprehending all. When she writes her answers for homework, she will answer in a one word sentence. Just enough to get it right.
Avatar n tn Not bragging here- but I have a high IQ, and was always a sharp thinking person with a near photographic memory- never had to 'study' for quizzes/exams in school- only had to very quickly skim the reading material and could recall the pages, paragraphs and words- could see them in my mind just as htough I had the book open infront of me.