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5856747 tn?1403352282 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD. Prevalence. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is today largely accepted as a bona fide psychiatric or neurobehavioral disorder affecting some 5-7% of children and adolescents. The prevalence will depend on the diagnostic criteria used. It was once thought to be three times commoner in boys than in girls though not all studies support that figure. About 50% of ADHD children will carry the condition into adulthood.
Avatar m tn Doctor: ADHD Does Not Exist Dr. Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Avatar f tn We formally assessed patients with POTS for psychiatric disorders and inattention and compared them to patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and control subjects. Methods: Patients with POTS (n=21), ADHD (n=18) and normal control subjects (n=20) were assessed for DSM-IV psychiatric disorders and completed a battery of questionnaires that assessed depression, anxiety and ADHD characteristics.
748543 tn?1463449675 Mild snorers , snored less than 25% of the time, moderates snorers, snored 25-50% of the time and severe snorers snored more than 50% of the time. The prevalence of carotid artery hardening increased along with the severity of the snoring. Non of the volunteers showed oxygen desaturation. A previously published article in JAMA, reported that snorers have a 300% increase in motor vehicle accidents.
Avatar f tn the liver filters toxins and if i got the info right, something called Kupffer cells in turn release IL1 IL2 somehow in turn the spinal cord and brain get over excited and we perceive pain. here are some links if anyone suffers from pain..
Avatar f tn Good question on the large increase of ADHD. Part of the increase is probably due to coverage of ADHD under the Individual Disability Education Act of 1990 (ADHD was not included in the list of covered services until 1991). This made a huge difference for parents who were struggling to get help for their kids.
Avatar n tn With families with CFS there seems to be an increased occurrance of other conditions like adhd, bipolar, anxiety disorders, in other words other brain chemistry disorders. That too is more annedotal than proven. There is one pretigious doctor who beleives many biopolar and schiz cases are actually dysautonmioa (which are common in cfs such as neurally mediated hypotension) which are being treated incorrectly.
627816 tn?1349241716 According to estimates of the fragile X chromosome prevalence, 1 in 800 men is a carrier but not affected. Autism and fragile X also have in common attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 70-90% of males and 30-50% of females will be affected by ADHD as well as sensory problems. Such as sensitivity to light, touch and sounds. Females have less mood instability, aggression and hyperactivity. More often shyness, and social anxiety causes withdrawal or even the reluctance to speak.
Avatar f tn Parent report, the basis of the CDC data, is known to overreport the prevalence of ADHD and so it may not really be that high. So it may very well be medically unreasonable to think it is that high. However, the clinical guidelines are very specific in stating that : "How long have the symptoms been bothering you or your child? Symptoms must have been going on for at least 6 months before ADD/ADHD can be diagnosed. When and where do the symptoms appear?
Avatar f tn Hi, How is your daughter feeling now? Tourette syndrome (TS) is a lifelong condition with the prevalence of approximately 1/2000 that has onset between 2 and 21 years of age. TS in most cases are autosomal dominant and the gene has been mapped to 18q22.1. TS is diagnosed in children who have multiple motor tics in different parts of body with atleast one vocal tic beginning before age21 and waxing and waning over the period of ore than a year. OCD behavior and ADHD are also frequently present.
1310633 tn?1430227691 Researchers, whose findings appeared in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, said those numbers are similar to the prevalence of lifetime suicidal thinking and attempts reported by adults, suggesting that the teenage years are an especially vulnerable time. "What adults say is, the highest risk time for first starting to think about suicide is in adolescence," said Matthew Nock, a psychologist who worked on the study at Harvard University.
Avatar n tn Because of the prevalence of pre-school experiences during the past decade or two, children often do develop some 'academic' skills earlier than used to be the case. However, there should be no onus for them to do so, and we needn't view our children as somehow deficient if they are not reading at kindergarten age. Relative to autism-spectrum disorders, speech delay in itself is not indicative of autism. What would be of concern is a child's not displaying the capacity to relate.
29837 tn?1414538248 In a cross-sectional study, coffee consumption was also significantly related to a lower prevalence of transaminase enzymes (markers of liver damage), with a stronger association for those who drank large quantities of alcohol. Tea drinking was not related to cirrhosis, but the numbers of heavy tea drinkers were small in this population. The authors speculate that the active principle may be caffeine.
712961 tn?1229537851 As noted in abstract below there are reports of an association between ADHD and bed wetting at night and both associated with brainstem inhibition deficit, as noted below.
Avatar f tn (clinically) diagnosed with ADHD or not, they'll prescribe Adderall if grades are poor, assuming that ADHD is the cause of the poor grades. Is that about the long and the short of it?
Avatar n tn Smoking during pregnancy has been well documented as being associated with a higher prevalence of autism and other psychiatric symptoms (e.g., Rizwan et al., 2007). If there is a known mechanism, in this case smoking, for some environmental "trigger" to autism, it is not necessary (and perhaps self-serving) to suggest an unfounded mechanism such as vaccines. NECC has closely followed the autism-vaccine hypotheses and research related to it.
16202199 tn?1446067125 She did ask me a few weeks ago if she could be tested for ADHD because she is having a hard time paying attention. I did see concentration problems can be a symptom. When her doctor called this morning I asked if they still think her cough is related. We have tried over the counter and prescription cough medicines and currently she is on a steroid inhaler. While it has gotten less frequent she is still coughing until she vomits and then air gets stuck in her throat.
12832842 tn?1448732401 // Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in MS and general population. Correlation of psychiatric symptoms with MS features. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
674555 tn?1272603976 I get paranoid sometimes and need to research the heck out of something to set my racing mind at ease. An affect of my ADHD. I think you’re right about a short run of bigeminy; as it was likely a PVC every other beat instead of 2 in a row, a couplet. I might disagree with you on one part though, the PAC.
Avatar n tn I am the mother of 4 children ages 16, 14, 4 and 9 months. My two teenagers are both ADHD adn are medication for this and depression. I wonder where I went wrong? All of my children are loved dearly. To put it bluntly problems and all they are the light of my life.
Avatar n tn I am the mother of 4 children ages 16, 14, 4 and 9 months. My two teenagers are both ADHD adn are medication for this and depression. I wonder where I went wrong? All of my children are loved dearly. To put it bluntly problems and all they are the light of my life.
Avatar f tn Couple of thoughts. Kids of his age don't like to go in school. The bathrooms can be a nightmare - particularly if you are one of the younger kids. Thus, he could be holding it all day, and then just can't control it once he gets home or on the way home. Also wonder how he does at school. Sounds like he is a very sharp kid, but if his grades has lately begin to fall that could be an indication of ADD. There is a good link between AD/HD and wetting accidents. See http://www.
Avatar n tn anyways, she took the benedryl about 35 minutes ago now i guess, also, she has ADHD and took one of her meds for that since it is a stimulant; trying to negate the drowsy effect; not sure if this will work but she is still awake but the pain is there, although more manageable at the moment. She is playing a video game but it is cay=using her wrist to hurt a bit.
1390055 tn?1365618655 I have major depression, anxiety disorder, a lot of stress, ADD, ADHD, Hypochondria and/or Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), and panic disorder (or paranoia). Here's my sexual history so far. - My last sexual contact was on May 5th, 2010 (or somewhere around there). - May 12th, 2010: Tested positive on both HSV-1 and HSV-2 IgG and IgM. - I had a RPR, HIV-1/2 Anti-Body, and Hep C RNA test ran on July 28th, 2010, all 3 were negative.
Avatar m tn The scorecard evaluated multiple indicators of health outcomes, including mortality, life expectancy, and the prevalence of health conditions that limit the capacity of adults to work or children to learn. The average ratio score for the United States was a 69 out of a possible 100.[7] The United States ranked 15th out of 19 countries with respect to preventable deaths before the age of 75, with a death rate more than 40% higher than the benchmark countries of France, Japan, and Spain.
Avatar f tn It started when I was 10 I thought then it was because I had adhd and was taking adderal for it. When I was older I started smoking and that would relax me and stop the episode when I would have one. Now that I had quit a year ago the episodes are frequent and severe. I want them to stop.
Avatar n tn Sure, fatigue can be a common symptom, but let's not get carried away with its real prevalence. I really do not buy into the typical doctor's line that we have the same symptoms as everybody else. Not by a longshot! If that were true, then the HCV infected out there would be having a glorious time living and working just like everybody else! Or am I missing something?
Avatar f tn Patients with bipolar disorders face significant risks of morbidity and mortality and present medical practitioners with considerable diagnostic and management challenges. The lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorders is estimated at 1-4% of the general population.1 Suicide is attempted by 25-50% of sufferers2, and overall 15% of people with bipolar disorders die by suicide.3 Accurate diagnosis depends on recognising often under-reported symptoms of elevated mood.
Avatar f tn 4% of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis had celiac disease, and the prevalence was only 0.6% and 0.25% among the control groups. The study also found that undiagnosed celiac disease may actually be part of the process that triggers an underlying autoimmune disease. In their findings they wrote: "We believe that undiagnosed celiac disease can cause other disorders by switching on some as yet unknown immunological mechanism. Untreated celiac patients produce organ-specific autoantibodies.